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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: Fortune_Affiliates

Source: slideshare.net


The team behind Fortune Affiliates is doing a challenge of committing to both acknowledging and sharing the smaller things in life that make us happy on a day to day basis. For a 100 days in a row we will be sharing photos of things that have made our day - and we hope you will participate!

We all have busy schedules

BUT Sometimes it’s important to take a …

And appreciate that…

Because, after all…

Therefore we, ,are

To share our #100HappyDaysFA

The whole team behind,  Are each sharing a picture a day of something that has made them: 1. Happy 2. Puts a smile on their face 3. Or warms their heart

The pictures will be shared on:

So give us a follow, like, pic..? On

Hope you are up for the challenge, and remember…

So if you see something you like,

For now….

Follow us on

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