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Published on April 8, 2008

Author: Vital

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Draft of Policy Statement of Standardization for Smart Home:  Draft of Policy Statement of Standardization for Smart Home 2006-9-XX TC100 AGS Slide2:  The scope of TC100 is to prepare international publications in the related fields of audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment. These publications include specifications for consumer and professional systems and equipment including methods of measuring performance, interactive applications of audio, video and data for production, processing, display, transmission and storage, and network protocols for interconnecting these systems and equipment. Regarding to the following reasons, TC100 would like to make a concept of “Smart Home” by considering for not only “Consumer’s (End-user) benefit” but also “Manufacture’s implementations” to create AV based ubiquitous home. Note: Multimedia is the integration of any form of audio, video, graphics, data and telecommunication and integration includes the production, storage, processing, transmission, display and reproduction of such information. Background Slide3:  -that recent digital audio, video and multimedia equipment (A&V equipment) has connecting capability to high speed IP network for transmitting and receiving audio and video streaming; -that IP network provides lots of multimedia and data contents in addition to audio and video streaming; -that A&V equipment has sometimes a similar hardware architecture of personal computers; -that audio, video and/or multimedia content may require a content protection mechanism for copy right protection; -that recent digital television broadcasting content requires TV receivers to communicate with a port defined by an URL to interact between a broadcast content provider and TV viewers; -that recent A&V equipment may access an external video server that is outside the home network to which the equipment is connected; Technology aspect Slide4:  -that A&V equipment can be controlled by a remote controller and/or a keyboard as human interface devices; -that multimedia home gateway function is most likely embedded in a digital TV receiver and/or a home server; -that most A&V equipment has less computation power or/and rewritable program memory area while almost of all personal computers have much more computation power and rewritable memory area than A&V equipment; -that the specifications related to home network functions should be considered carefully in order to balance costs and functions in case of A&V equipment; -that IEC TC 100 has many experts for A&V systems and equipment, Slide5:  Conceptual model for Smart Home A Smart Home is an integrated multimedia information system to support all the activities taken by all the members (human beings and companion animals) within a home. The Smart Home consists of the following subsystems: -Object identification subsystem to carry out unique identification of all the objects within a home. It includes the management of location, status and other attributes of each identified object. -Personal information management subsystem to support a personally optimized information service. -Home equipment control subsystem to support centralized or distributed controls of all the apparatus/devices located within a home. -AV and multimedia support subsystem, by which AV and multimedia information can be created, interchanged, stored, rendered and/or processed. Slide6:  -Home environment measurement subsystem -Home security subsystem -Multimedia communication subsystem which connect all the smart home subsystem to realize an integrated system and provide gateway with other network systems. Those subsystems could be implemented within a multimedia home server and/or other distributed equipment. The interfaces, data formats and some functionality of all the above subsystems and equipment are to be standardized for information interchange between smart homes and sophisticated operation for smart homes. Some of those technologies have already been under development by IEC/TC100. Slide7:  TA9 Audio, video and multimedia applications for end-user network To develop international publications relating to applications, protocols, software, system interfaces, application programming interfaces, modelling for the system structure, functionality of audio/video, multimedia and data applications for end-user networks. End-user networks may include all end-user premise networks, e.g. home networks, vehicular networks, etc. for audio/video, multimedia and data applications. Approach of TA9 TA9 starts to discuss by focusing AV related equipment, systems and home appliances from the view point of end-user benefit towards a few years future. The next step is to consider home network as an infrastructure and social networks connected with public services for long range. Standardization in TC100 for “Smart Home” Slide8:  図1 Figure 1, Architecture of Smart home in Ubiquitous network Slide9:  Figure 2, An example of Multimedia Home Network structure

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