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Published on January 30, 2008

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Slide1:  Highland Light Truro Project Radon:  Project Radon Project Radon is one of the many activities of the Senior Environment Corps. This group of “active retirees” is composed of RSVP volunteers and Senior AmeriCorps members and is sponsored by Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands Geology of Cape Cod:  Geology of Cape Cod Radon? On the Cape?? Beginnings - 1996:  Beginnings - 1996 Project Radon began through an association with the Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement The project was picked up by the Senior Environment Corps in partnership with the Mass Department of Public Health RSVP volunteers are also participants in the project. Impact of Project Radon:  Impact of Project Radon Nearly 2500 homes throughout Cape Cod and the Islands have been tested. The myth, “There’s no radon on the Cape” has not been entirely dispelled. Results to date indicate that 18-20% of the homes tested have elevated levels of radon. Test Volume:  Test Volume 1996/7 - 200+ 1997/8 - 300+ 1998/9 - 300+ 1999/2000 - 400+ 2001/02 - 950+ 2002/03 - 470+ Goal for 2003/04 - 750?? Trained Volunteers:  Trained Volunteers Mass DPH trained new volunteers since the inception. 2002 Training offered by Project Coordinator. Training of Volunteers:  Training of Volunteers Highly motivated individuals Dual purpose of training session Discover those who do not want personal contact Other opportunities to help are available “AmeriCorps Gets It Done” Highlights of Training:  Highlights of Training Radon basics Health effects Testing methods Sample collection Quality control “Know what you don’t know” Highlights of Training:  Highlights of Training Close house conditions Placement emphasized Lowest livable area Defined areas Some consideration to lifestyle of client Weather conditions Highlights of Training:  Highlights of Training Timely Scheduling Professionalism emphasized Awareness of concerns Courteous contacts General aspects of customer service Reporting Process:  Reporting Process Client receives only report Data compiled by zip code Client questions referred to Technical Coordinator or State Not all questions technical – some complaints Repeat testing strongly suggested Mitigation process described Referred to State Radiation Office Promotion:  Promotion “It's colorless, it's odorless and it can kill you. But don't worry. Harvey and Shirley Cronig, along with other members of the Senior Service Corps of Elder Services, are on the case.” Barnstable Patriot, 12/00 “It’s The Old People’s Peace Corps” Personal Contact:  Personal Contact Selectmen’s meetings Most have public information section Presentations for Groups Kiwanis – other like organizations Chambers of Commerce Civic Associations Senior Centers Condo Associations Libraries Media Promotion:  Media Promotion Letters to the editor PSA’s in weekly newspapers Interviews on local cable programs Talk programs and local rolling screens Opportunities seized Reporter inquiries Articles in national media Washington Post article stirred CC Times article Literature Placement:  Literature Placement Posters – Flyers Volunteers cover the Cape Post Offices Town Offices Senior Centers Libraries Banks Super Markets Retail Establishments Malls Radon Brochure:  Radon Brochure New promotion for 2002/2003 season CRCPD grant used for printing Designed in-house Typical content using EPA information. Specific info regarding Cape Cod Seen as a key to the 2003/2004 season The High Season Probable Cause:  The High Season Probable Cause Serendipitous article in major daily newspaper (Cape Cod Times) Photos of mitigated home Interviews with local residents Published early in the year 400 calls generated in a week Nearly overwhelmed the system Surprise – 2002/03:  Surprise – 2002/03 Observations in the CRCPD report of May 2003 were correct. Calls to state continued Requests for testing lower than expected but higher than baseline of previous years Economic downturn on the Cape 2003/4 Season Promotion Plan:  2003/4 Season Promotion Plan Earlier start mid-October to end March Attempt to capture “Snow Birds” No extensions into March Strict limitation on R/E transactions More personal contact Local Boards of Health Some misinformation may have been communicated 2003/4 Season Promotion Plan:  2003/4 Season Promotion Plan More speaking engagements Senior centers and civic groups Use of Mall space for booth Health Seminars Extensive use of brochures Use brochure more extensively with flyer Volunteers to monitor placement and re-supply as needed Needs for Continued Success:  Needs for Continued Success Human Resources Volunteer pool is adequate Technical support is adequate Financial Resources $15.00 fee can’t be increased Mileage may become an issue Low cost test kits critical Public education is critical and costs the most See You Soon:  See You Soon

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