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Published on March 21, 2014

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1513 questions given on php

1. What Is PHP ? 2. How can I disable the output of error messages inside the HTML page? 3. Can I return other file formats (like Word, Excel, etc) using PHP? 4. Is there any way to force PHP to do garbage collection before the end of the request? 5. Why does require($file_name) in a loop just include the first file repeatedly? 6. Can you include and call C libraries in PHP scripts? How? 7. What's the best way to start writing a PHP program? 8. Passing variables with REQUIRE function (part II) 9. I use a /cgi-bin/ad.pl for displaying rotating banners at the top of my html files. How can I insert the output of this cgi in an "included" file ? 10. please tell me how to let a html document read content from a .txt file, spit this out in a table, and how to update the specific file with a form 11. How can I add authentication to my site with PHP? I have authentication working only with one page. 12. Where can I get documentation for the Zend API? 13. Does Php have anything similiar to Perl's $string = <<END_OF_DATA ...(some text over multiple lines)... END_OF_DATA? 14. I would like to create a user authentication system, but when they log in, how would i make it personalized. 15. Is it possible to do a multisite hit counter that runs on a PHP enabled server but is accessed by non PHP servers? 16. To offer users a direct download of a file that is a valid MIME type 17. How can I display a number with thousand separator querying an SQLServer 7 table (number_format does not work with PHP 401 - error: unknown function) 18. environmental variables such as query string are not passed to php code i.e. INCLUDE file="showacct.php" 19. Lost Last-Modified when set apache to use PHP4 module for all .htm/.html files. Can one have PHP4 parse .htm/.html and keep the Last-Modified header? 20. When i include a txt file the html page ignores the end of lines. And i get one long line with text. I would have multiple lines with hard breaks.

21. Why does PHP4 (windows) tell me that my module doesn´t exist when it does? I´m talking about php_mssql70.dll. 22. In windows PHP, when I load php_mssql70.dll as an extension, PHP stops working. why? 23. Can a local PHP page be parsed using a remote installation of PHP? 24. Looking to create resizable tables based on viewer screen size and amount of text to be displayed. Used on php.net, but can't find code to do this - ? 25. Why do I receive a message "cant fork ..." if I try to execute an external program (PassThru, System, Exec) - running PHP4, WinNT SP 5, PWS. 26. using a LAMP setup with a Flash interface. How do I set up a chat using PHP that updates all the browsers viewing the chat page? 27. How can I get in PHP the value of variable coming from a WML < input > or < select >? 28. I wrote a script, but when searched brings only one set of results. How do I make it so if there is more than one result, it will display them all. 29. Is it worth creating files, like a log, for each new member or simply pull from a database. 30. How can I call a command line executable from within PHP? 31. Where can I get a documentation for creating my own dll for php3 with VC 6.0? 32. running php4 on a Data General Unix platform, and getting the same error, any help for this prob 33. Unable to execute linux command="pppd call isp&", using exec() and system(), consider that httpd.conf configured as nobody. 34. How to erase $REMOTE_USER in the browser created with the htaccess authentication scheme 35. What does PHP stand for? 36. How do you convert this perl code unpack('s', pack('s', hex($x))) to PHP 37. Is there any possible method of creating a dialogue box as a help option similar to the one in Microsoft Word Help dialogue boxes with keyword search 38. about "php3?id=xxxxx" OUTPUT RESULT TO HTML ... 39. in Non_Server Client Site to get a variable from Server Client Site e.g. HTML get a result from PHP

40. How do I handle frames and window openings in PHP, for instance if I have a frames page and I want to eliminate the frames, how do I do this using PHP ? 41. How do I call and pass variables to a compiled C function using PHP? 42. Why do multiple echo and printf functions, used to display a table, display newline charachers before the table in Netscape but not in IE? 43. How do I stop a previous url?mode=del&cust=name being repeated when the user hits their back button? 44. I know this next/previous script (http://px.sklar.com/code-pretty.html?code_id=77) but, is not there any easyer way/script? 45. Is it possible to make a yahoo-like site without MySQL or any other db, but plain text? Something like Links 2.0 in Perl. 46. How to extract data from database and display it in the list box? 47. Is there a mean to get the entries of an EXCEL sheet with PHP (to include this in a database, by Example 48. Does PHP support document objects (similar to javascript) 49. Is it possible to have MySQL and Php run with one provider and the "database driven website" with the other ? Say with the help of only SSI / CGI? 50. Hello, does anyone know where we can find a course on php for beginners that can be taken via the internet. We are just getting into php from scratch. 51. How i can set a time expire page in PHP. 52. is it possible to search newsgroups with php 53. Does anyone else have problems using the n newline escape character? why is not it rendering for me? 54. What is the scope of a global (page, session or otherwise). 55. How do I present a form with two buttons - each doing a submit for different things (ie - log in or change password). Can I call PHP from an onclick. 56. How do I insert a user loaded < input type=file> image into a database table (&& checking for size constraints). 57. Why wont PHP 3 excute shell commands??? I have tried $string = system("/bin/tar - cf /home/www/backups/backup.tar /home/www/functions"); 58. How can I populate a pull down with with a few data fields from one table and then

upon selection then intire row fills out the apropiate form fields? 59. How do I insert a user loaded image < input type=file> into a database table (MYSql or M/S SQL) 60. What is the best policy? Connect once, store the query results in several arrays to use later or p_connect and query at the moment I need the results? 61. Is there some PHP code that takes the output of one file, and placing it in another? 62. When i press the submit button,the selected name in the list should be displayed in the new popup window for further processing.How to do this?. pl 63. Do member functions within a class incur any memory penalty when an object of that class is instantiated. 64. Can someone show me how to extract information from another site and put it on my webpage... Thanks 65. What does parsing means in PHP? 66. How can I use plain txt files instead of a database for a backend of a site, ie managing news posts, uploading files, message boards etc... 67. How can you include the same information you would normally call via SSI in a .shtml file in PHP? 68. how do i include a remote file using php 69. Can someone explain me how PHP interacts with Java ? 70. How to make a GoBackButton with a picture? 71. how can I take a list and make each row a value in an array? 72. can i simulate php on windows(not a server)? 73. I am using PHP4. I used to draw gifs in PHP3, but now I get an error (i think because PHP only supports PNGs). What should I do? 74. How can I prevent re-"post"-ing data when a user returns to a posted page using the back button? 75. Is their a way, in PHP, to strip-out the content of a web page of bad JavaScript? ex. Javascript that open a new window when you juste closed one. 76. How can I display the output of passthru or system with newline chars? i.e. passthru("ps ax") 77. I try to display a word document which is stored in a blob field in a mysql db-I get

the document always with binary code pieces-how can I avoid this? 78. Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function page_open() ? How do I fix this please...? 79. Is it possible to access the Active Directory of a Windows 2000 Server with PHP ? Maybe via LDAP ? 80. I was sent a php file and am unable to view it. What software will run it? 81. How could one php-script call some other php-script and how could give the first one to the second one the values of the variables? 82. I want some while cycle in one script to call (x-times) the other script and give him the values of variables (which are each time other). 83. Is possible to generate, send & receive back ICMP messages directly in PHP instead of external execution of ping? 84. I have images on my site that when a thumnail is clicked the larger image appears In a pop-up. Is there a better way to do this in PHP instead of html 85. I have PHP under Windows and Apache . How can I send some file to STDIN of PHP script? 86. How to insert in a javascript array the elements of a php array ? 87. I am using PHP4 and a MS Access DB for my website. My provider tells me that the IIS-Server (NT) does not support PHP. Is that correct? 88. How to run execute files on client machines? 89. What is the error access violation? Why does it happen? 90. How can I pass information from a membership database (text file) into the Chat Client. Using PHP? 91. How can I save php output to the browser and a file? 92. Can PHP be malicious like Javascript? As a surfer do I have any security concerns? I can disable Java, can I disable PHP? 93. I need to know if there is a program that you can write code in html and convert it to php. I run windows 2000 94. How can i add the First,Previous,Next, Last,Update,Delete,Modify buttons in the same form?(I am using MYSQL as a backend in my server) 95. Is there a limit to the size of a PHP script plus included() and required() scripts that it loads? How can I change this limit?

96. Why am I getting a "/" added at the end of a PHP generated HREF link? 97. How I get XSLT support with PHP on Windows platform? 98. I am new to PHP, and would like to know if there is a code snippet for emailing a lost password to a customer. Thank you! 99. How can I write a web page (program) to check that does webserver support PHP, ASP and PERL ? 100. Can the PHP include command be used with a virtual path? 101. How do I write a php script within a php script to a file without escaping everything? 102. How can I create a dropdown for date field showing past 3 months, present month and the 12 months in the future? 103. Can I read NT registry info from PHP? How? 104. How and when to use $php_self and $query_string???? 105. Can i define $QUERY_STRING? Meaning when the query string is menu/news, it will display just news. 106. How can I list files in a specific directory and hyperlink to them? 107. Warning: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in Unknown on line 0. What does it mean? 108. If I have developed a dll using Visual Basic which contains the Application logic, how can I create objects of the classes in this dll in PHP? 109. How to handle special char&#39;s like É , Ü . I am passing company name in a system command but when there is a special char like Ü then command fails. 110. How can I open with fopen() a file in an machine of local networks. Ex.: fopen(machinesharing name,...,...)? 111. How do i save php output sequentially by date so that i may move forwards and backwards in order by date of creation "next/previous etc" 112. Is it possible to make PHP output a gif/png (eg a photo) as well as the desired data output? 113. How to post binary data in write() with PHP socket?

114. How can I use PHP to create XML documents with data from a database e.g Sybase, Mysql. Does it exsist any tutorials on this ? Thanks. 115. Hello, I have an error: unable to load dinamic library &#39;c:php/php_oci8.dll no se puede encontrar el modulo especificado. I&#39;m beginning with PHP. 116. How can I run SSI commands like #INCLUDE etc. in my PHP pages? 117. How to call from within a PHP extension other extension&#39;s functions ? 118. how can you insert a mysql field into a link tag using php? 119. how can i pass 2 variables from php and include it in a hyperlink? eg: <a href=($variable1)>$variable2</a> 120. what the difference behind the implement mechanism between the common CGI and php_based application? 121. Diffrence in outcome of formula 1.08^12 PHP=13 Visual Basic=2.51817011681898 122. How to covert web input (PHP) to XML format? 123. Switching an input from web (built using PHP)to XML format 124. Is it possible to run a php script from an .swf and then return a few variables back to the .swf. 125. Can PHP send an update signal (popup screen) to other users when a user makes a request on a game? 126. Can anyone offer advice on making a web poll that has a different no. of answers for each question? 127. What is PHTML ? Is it the same thing as PHP ? 128. How i can pass variables to a cgi usin passthru?, i need an example 129. How do I link in an external file containing common php functions for calling from within the page? 130. How can i cut tags from getting into a database 131. I wish to call a /usr/local/bin/pgp program and then put the output into a variable, which way best? 132. A php game. How to broadcast a message to other players when one player make his selection? 133. how can i make an html form that will search a mysql database?

134. how to redirect from php page to another php page? 2. how to refresh a page? 135. i want to make a place where users must supply their username and password, i havent found anything. 136. using the header function to redirect a script to a PDF file I am getting junk characters? 137. How can I generate redirect to other html page from PHP page when the PHP server is down? 138. I tried to load Blob Image from MSSQL using php but the 25% of the image is displayed only? 139. How do I include a .jpg (from outside the web srvr docs dir) in a page with other html content? 140. How do you make a page expire after it has been idle for a period of time? 141. How do I make make a session counter without using a database, aka using application level variable? 142. How can i save an image from a remote web server to my web server? 143. Is there a place to post *really* nice ASP apps in hopes that people convert them to PHP? 144. Looking for ideas on how to include file "color.txt" but only if it contains the word "green". 145. How do I get a page to automatically print its contents when it loads? 146. how do you "protect" a page using .htaccess file 147. how can a session be destroyed when user closed window without logging out? 148. Question about settings of using PHP under Windows platform??? 149. How to do attachment if I want to use a file as background? 150. How to pass a string that contain character "&" between words that display on the url 151. How can i sort asc, thereafter desc by click on the same button (like in excel) 152. how can i convert a php file to exe format 153. How can I search a different site & show the results in my site,with out giving links to the orginal

154. Can you use PHP to acces databases over the internet? 155. I can only get the last record from a database to be displayed, how do I get all records to display? 156. Is there any way that i can show the content of a mysql DB into a excel file using php? 157. How to call a remote procedure in PHP?(like RPC) 158. How can I generate graphs in PHP? 159. I&#39;m writing a news posting script, and my sessions aren&#39;t working! Somone explain how to use them!!! 160. I need to create a customer id for a mysql database from the info contained in the html form. 161. How can I insert a snipet of code in my table and then echo it on a page without it getting parsed, 162. Can anybody suggest a logic to parse an html page to get the news titles using PHP script? 163. I´m new to php and would like to know if theres a script that automatic updates and shows cpu uptime 164. How can I write visitor&#39;s screen resolution to a log file (text file) with PHP? 165. How do I forward a GET/POST request to another file without notifying the users browser to redirect? 166. How do I read data from a windows .txt file and display it on a web-page ? 167. Can you set up MVC using PHP like in Servlets, JSPs and JavaBeans? 168. How do you redirect from one PHP file to another without notifying the user&#39;s browser to redirect? 169. how can I redirect a user with wildcards like 213.* or hostname like *.isp.net 170. how can i archive a set of remote files, about 10 on my own server? 171. How can I query MX Record from DNS Server for particular domain ? 172. How do u explode a string of content and then call each individual bit by it&#39;s own, new, variable??? 173. How can I use apache to set PHP Environment variables?

174. How can I use apache to set PHP Environment variables? 175. I&#39;m running PHP&#39;s on a IIS Server... The server is limiting the number of sessions 176. How do I set a text field so that it outputs the inserted text to a PHP variable? 177. How can I check remote file dates, to later use to print how old a file is? 178. Why won&#39;t my php script see the variables passed to it from the previous page in the url? ie: http://yoururl?arg1=value 179. how do i make a var set in the query string available to another file ?? eg to a css 180. How can i execute and php with javascript and how should be the php code? 181. is it possible to launch an executable(C++) from excel on remote cluster via PHP? 182. How can I get user via PHP after .htaccess login? 183. How can I get users via PHP after .htaccess login? 184. I want to store the contents of a directory(.jpg files) in an array then echo the values. HELP! 185. How can I fill in fields in WinWord from PHP variables 186. Without using <pre>, how do I get textarea to save format of entered text into MySQL field? 187. How do I include pre-formatted text into a PHP page? 188. How do I get (ctime & mtime) on a remote file (http) without downloading it. "fstat", didn&#39;t help 189. How do I populate an array from a SELECT string? 190. how to rctify this warning Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent 191. how do I refresh and redirect a page using PHP? 192. Is it possible to multiple web application platforms on the same server? ex: PHP and JSP on Apache 193. How do I get the Windows NT $DOCUMENT_ROOT? The variable is blank. 194. How can I search in Excel file for a specific keyword and then print in a HTML format ? 195. How to make included htm use the correct path for showing images?

196. In what way can I use "namespaces as in C++" in PHP? 197. I have an exe file on a server, can I launch it with PHP with command line parameters?If not, how? 198. How do you refresh a PHP page into itself? 199. How to export table data from browser to local disk in .rtf/.txt format? 200. How can be avoided the popup dialog with htaccess passing the login and password with PHP? 201. What is the PHP equivelent of ColdFusion&#39;s <CFHTTP> tag? (Both GET and POST operations) 202. What I do wrong to connect to a mysql DB-> Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect() 203. When I create a file/dir the owner/group is "www" is there sonthing I can put in the .htaccess file 204. I did exactly from the book. It comes up as " Undefined variable." What&#39;s going on here? 205. When i click on a link, it believes that the address is e.g "http://bob/php4/php.exe?mode=admin" 206. will testing with dreamweaver work or do I have to upload the page to the server? 207. What achine is local when using ftp-commands in PHP on a web server? 208. Is there a program to convert PHP script to another language? 209. How do I acsess NetBIOS with sockets (PHP server is running on Windows) 210. how to input data from txt file into table where columns are separated with pipe ? 211. How and you split string into different arrays and save what they were split on? 212. How do I retrieve a single variable value from another file? 213. How to automatic download/upload a file from client machine to server with using FTP function 214. Is there a way to use php to embed html in e-mails? Can you do this without php 215. I need copy from urls inserted on my site using php - sites link will be present 216. Warning: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at

/home/fishing/publi 217. "Parse error: parse error in /var/www/html/results.php on line 20" -- Why? 218. Does anyone know if there is any way to pull info from an "avery" scale connected to the serial port 219. How can I get the remote PC&#39;s MAC Address? 220. i am calling an external C file but the output doesn&#39;t appear. Sometimes it does but it is incorrect 221. How to Make an RTF Document with PHP 222. How do we execute .cpp or .c file, ( stored as BLOB in db) upon reading them 223. how do I call class method: $func="SomeClass::someMethod"; $func() 224. How can i catch into a variable an error message of a server? for example 404 File not found 225. How can I do to not use session_start() in every page where I redirect a main page with "redirect"? 226. I can&#39;t display display images retrieving from a database. Can somebody help me? 227. Can I get path-informations of a frame (getcwd())....? 228. Displaying Excel files in PHP 229. How can I avoid getting a error when I click a link in a page while it is loading a big record list? 230. How do u pass a variable (multiple select) from a pop up window to the main window? 231. *how do u you pass a variable(multiple select) from a pop up window to the main window? 232. I have the error 403 when I try to run a PHP script. How can I fix the problem?? 233. How can I pass an array of randomized elements through back and next button without repeatation? 234. is there a function to echo unique variables from a db when there are multiple similar entries? 235. is there a function to echo unique variables from a db when there are multiple similar entries?

236. solved or not?? zend entry point and php_sablot.dll 237. I have a &#39;recent news&#39; page that I would like to be able to update via the browser. Any ideas? 238. Is there a way to email the actual HTML form (same format) after a visitor has completed it? 239. How do I retrieve pasword protected area with PHP? 240. How can I pass a variable with a button(in objective question--A,B,C,D)? 241. Using PHP, how do I send a http POST without using a form? 242. How can I set a time limit for a form made by PHP (i.e.the value will auto transfer after a time) 243. In my search engine result outputs, how can I make it to show page title? 244. How do I lock and unlock tables using PHP and Access via ODBC? 245. Any hints for implementing forms in a wizard style, where answers influence subsequent questions? 246. How can windows (XP Pro) be shut down/ restarted via PHP? 247. Can I fopen a remote url that requires form variables to be POSTed? 248. When I start PHP 4.1.1 it return error "the PHP4TS.DLL file is linked to mising export OLE32.DLL..." 249. ODBC32 not found (win95 & php 4.1.1) what shall I do? 250. if i want to use a c function in php programmar ,what should i do ? 251. What is the essence of PHP encryption(using crypt(),mcrypt(),etc)if data on transit isn&#39;t safe? 252. How do you run a script as a certain user such as root? 253. Why cant I get my session..the session is there but the browser dont collect it! 254. How do I display an error for a signup form in the same page instead of having user to click return? 255. Get 404 error when trying to use .php file in browser 256. How can I add text (const or var) in a textarea by click in a image or Href ?.

257. How do I add text in a textarea by "clicking" an image or HREF? 258. Hi, How do I go about saving username and password values in the client... 259. How can I extract metatag keywords from pages serving longtext mysql column info? 260. Need a way to call a function only when the form is closed. Not register_shutdown_function. 261. Why is my webbrowser opening my php file instead of running it? 262. How do you use spaces in Question-Mark queries with non-standard browsers like AIM Profiles? 263. Before a form is closed down (close icon &#39;X&#39;) how can I send a message to another program 264. How can I run two PHP4 versions (ie 4.0.6 and 4.1.2) with two PHP-ini on IIS without recompiling? 265. Is there a way to determine the first time a page loads? 266. I want to to auth users, then show the rest of the page. What is the best way to do this? 267. How can you determine if another website is active (The server is running) or not? 268. I am having trouble installing PHP on my solaris 8 sun server. 269. Using the exec function, how can I call and start a java program. What is the command statment used? 270. What is the best way to send an &#39;unknown&#39; number of form fields and access them on the text page? 271. Can you send an array through a url (getting info without a form)? 272. how do you access/use other web pages on the fly?incorporateThemIntoYours?justPointMeInTheRightDirec 273. how do i get a directory listing on a server without displaying any of the subdirectories? 274. How do I make a news script that only saves/prints the last X entries with an admin section/flatfile 275. COM does not work with PHP... not getting any error messages... php just "hangs" 276. How can I add a file to the $data? As in a form containg an <input type=file>

277. How do i force PHP to flush already printed lines, on a script still running on the server? 278. How to install PHP in windows xp? 279. How to READ a directory of PDF files that display as links to open the pdf 280. *what is the pdf function to change text color?* 281. Binary files get couupted when uploaded with a php script - even if content-type is specified. Why? 282. How do I download PHP File from other site? I heard that it can be downloaded in it&#39;s source code. 283. does anyone know how I can work out the x,y coordinates on a map from a given postcode? 284. Does REMOTE_ADDR give the user&#39;s IP or proxy&#39;s IP? 285. How can I store an image path in PostgreSQL and dispaly it in PHP 286. Can PHP websites be co-hosted on Apache servers in the same manner that Microsoft ASP sites can be ? 287. How can I extract just the domain name out of HTTP_REFERER? 288. Security Alert! PHP CGI cannot be accessed directly 289. Simple PHP/MySQL page, all page data is displayed... but page won&#39;t stop loading- why? 290. When i do this why do i get the file content + 1 retuned : echo include("content/news.txt")? Fix? 291. This may be a stupid question, but why choose PHP over an Access database? 292. Hello, I have an error: unable to load openssl.dll but i can load such as zlib.dll(IIS5+PHP4.1.1) 293. can php load an image in place of a flash movie for users without the flash plugin? 294. Can I embed a PHP file in an HTML file. Similar to the <script src="abc.js"></script> for Javascript 295. PHP not seeing variables from WML 296. Why can&#39;t php 4 on my apache 2 server find the $HTTP_USER_AGENT variable (it says undefined)?

297. How can I sort data out of my MYSQL database in monthly Stats format and display it in an html page? 298. increment in date variable 299. Trying to configure php4 for apache 1.3.24 when i create my test page i receive an Error404. WHY? 300. Is there a company that offers a support contract to the PHP product? 301. How can I download the database tables from the server using PHP? 302. I need to be able to increase the count for defined field 303. How can i auto update php? 304. how to read pdf files stored on a LOB in Oracle? 305. Need a php script to post data to a host and get the response content from this host. 306. I have a table of users. Can I count how many males and how many females without multiple queries? 307. How to get print out for a remote file ? 308. under win XP (IIS 5.x) the function "filetype($file)" always retns "block" whatever it is, why?? 309. undefined symbol - mysql_field_count error - has nayone come across this and what is the solution? 310. How do you use a hidden field in wml? 311. How portable is php across browser and server platforms? 312. How to do Browser, JavaScript, and CSS detection using PHP? 313. How do I make a member area in my site? I have around 700 pages and don&#39;t want to change them all. 314. Sambar Server says:" File not found".where do you usually save php files?any change in php.ini neccs 315. Mysql: fetch and print the value of a single cell 316. help in building a meta search engine 317. How can I use the header: Location: method and open a new browser window with

a specific size? 318. How can i uninstall PHP4.0 ??DELETING folder, givesmeassge &#39;Cannot find php4isapi.dll,may be in use&#39; 319. mail() not working, I have just upgraded the php version and now mail() will not function? 320. Using session_start() to save/restore global vars, but SOMETIMES get error "....permission denied"?? 321. Is is possible use functions from the PHP library in a C / C++ program? If so, how? 322. What file path do I use to update (append) a file on the same server as my web server(/files/*.txt)? 323. What versions of Ingres II are supported by PHP ? 324. I have 100 sites on a 1 virtual server. I need to display all the images in a directory to each site 325. Can comments be added to a cell in an Exel file with PHP? 326. I&#39;m having problems to parse textarea values over more than 2 forms. 327. Why are my php apps slow in my Win98SE server than other website&#39;s? 328. How can I execute local programs as root from PHP? I want to use UNIX commands adduser and passwd. 329. I need php.exe to output the contents of a script without &#39;X-powered- by&#39; and the other headers. How? 330. using include_path for unix 331. How to generate &#39;base&#39; strings in PHP (base16 / base36 / base64 etc)? 332. How can I view my own php files on my Windows XP computer? I don have a web host... 333. Is there a way in PHP that I can run a script locally on a machine from a remote location? 334. I can&#39;t pass variables from an htm to php page - do i need to change a setting in php.ini? 335. I can&#39;t pass variables from an htm to php page - do i need to change a setting in php.ini? 336. When I process a form by a .php file, the variables from the form are not availbale

in the .php file 337. How can I start up the mysql server on my windows server using PHP? 338. How can I print to client printer by PHP? I can only print to server or share client printer . 339. permission denied when executing script from apache server for file open 340. How do i get a list of filenames from a directory? 341. working with PHP-Nuke. how do you setup a link to a CGi script, and have that show into a Nuke block 342. How do you push a url with PHP? 343. I have a string $string="Fred.html|Sanu|Sachin.html".I need to seprate the .html extensions?I 344. Can PHP automatically update auto incremented numbers in MYSQL? 345. Undefined variable error? Code runs on fine one site and not on the other! 346. I am selecting a userid from form and i want to display info from database, based on my selection. 347. is there a way to count the number of currently active sessions? 348. How to format an array so the variables on it have a <br> as separator? 349. How can i embed a .swf in a PHP script?? without using Ming 350. How do I create a self-advancing slide show of pictures in PHP? 351. How to get the name of the current PHP file? to print its modification date in a global footer. 352. How to get the name of the current PHP file? to print its modification date in a global footer. 353. I need to get a result of confirn() (Javascript function) to use it in a PHP function, can I do it? 354. When I use php script to create new file or folder, the owner of new file and folder is not me how I 355. how can I create a search engine to my MySQL database such as the existing in this web site? 356. how can i remove the www.pdflib.com when i use the pdflib function?

357. How do I use, inline, the elements of an array returned from a function? ie. myFun()[&#39;returnedEl&#39;] 358. Is there any struts-like framework for php?? 359. "Parse Error: parse error, unexpected T_SL" What does that mean? 360. How do I use PHP to "print" data on an HTML page from a comma delimited text file? 361. How do I call a c program from php, it has to pass a string with it and have ti return a string? 362. how do I run a process in the background? 363. Can I write a 15 product database website in php without mysql? 364. how can I let the user specify his own "page id" in order for it to be defined as the "any string"? 365. How to disable HTML, Javascript, etc in a TEXTAREA ? 366. How to change the ? character in the PHP query string into / character? 367. How do I format a timestamp(length 8) date into YYYY-MM-DD when I display them with echo function? 368. How can i join two values to form a single value by using a seprator character? 369. How can i join two values to form a single value by using a seprator character? 370. Why using VARCHAR with BINARY attribute for a field within MySQL doesn&#39;t ensure case-sensitive? 371. How can I determine the client path of file uploaded through an html form ? 372. How can i join two values to form a single value by using a seprator character? 373. I can&#39;t display display images retrieving from a database. Can somebody help me? 374. how do I post an XML request to an external URL? 375. What is the mean of isset in this line: if(!isset($mainfile)) { include("mainfile.php"); } 376. How can I add .php extension to IIS5.1 as my OK button shaded out 377. can i use rsync in php

378. How do I save form data to a file, as with perl cgi.pm query->save(FILE) ? 379. How do I save form data to a file, as with perl cgi.pm query->save(FILE) ? 380. Does anyone know where I can find a list of supported databases? Please 381. I can&#39;t use the $REMOTE_ADDR variable: it just shows a 0. But in <?phpinfo();?> it shows up properly 382. Can somebody please tell me when to use fsockopen() etc...and when to use socket_create() etc... 383. Why might I be getting &#39;garbage&#39; characters before my output? 384. How to calculate the distance between two locations on the earth? 385. How to calculate distances based on latitude and longitude? 386. How to implement a "store locator" based on a user&#39;s ZIP code, which lists the closest dealers from our database? 387. how can i display different logos depending on the login after a user has logged on??? 388. How do I get php to display first 6 characters on third line of a txt file, and nothing else? 389. why this <a href="index.php?fuseaction=a_value">Link</a> doesn&#39;t work on php 4.2.3? 390. When looping with a mysql_fetch_array($result) how do I change the font and size of the results. 391. What does it mean -"php encountered a stack overflow 392. Making a third option in this code ($gender == "1" ? L_REG_46 : L_REG_47); i want to make 3 L_REG_48 393. how can i store php code & query in mysql database and get all to execute when retrieved 394. Do anyone know how much load a php script create on apache server when server runs it? 395. How can PHP access VSAM files?? 396. is there any standard user input available in php other than forms 397. I am sending emails one at a time using foreach. How do I outout to html as each

one is processed? 398. How do I access net pages behind the squid proxy by using php codes on my php installed computer? 399. PHP 4.2.3 Problem-Why can&#39;t I pass values via URL as in: href="page.php?var1=value1&var2=value2" ? 400. PHP 4.2.3 Problem-Why can&#39;t I pass variables with set values to another page.php? 401. How can i include a PHP PAGE on a non-php server?... I mean i want include a SIMPLE php page... 402. Why can&#39;t I get PHPSESSID to work (PWS on NT WorkStation 4.0, PHP 4.2.2)? 403. My next link won&#39;t go to the next page to view my mysql data record? 404. how do I have a php stand alone script call a new html document???? 405. How do i count the number of times a hyperlink is clicked using Php? 406. How can I reload a sql query in the same page without opening a new page and using a submit button? 407. Why can&#39;t I install php in windows2000? 408. How do I log an IP Address on site to protect against fradulant behaviour? 409. Line breaks in a PHP script 410. In the following script, how do I get hard line breaks? $GrabURL = "http://www.geocities.com/michael 411. How can I use the XML HTTP Request object with PHP? 412. How can I pass a value from php to php? 413. how to enable the ssl from php with apache 414. I have a PHP/MySQL web site that only works when accessed from computers outside my office! Help. 415. php installation problem - my_tempnam tempnam is dangerous 416. How to read just the last, let&#39;s say, 15 lines from a file? 417. Can PHP automate Form entries and retrieve the resulting data (as if someone pressed "submit")?

418. ColdFusion allows automated Form entry and retrieval of resulting data with CFHTTPPARAM--is there a 419. I am trying to use the UPS online tools. How do I post them some XML and get an XML response back? 420. What is this mean: Warning: Use of undefined constant 421. how do i make a link open a template and insert content into it from the peramaters set by the link? 422. Does PHP has something similar to the forward() method in Java? ( RequestDispatcher.forward() ) 423. How to encode my php code so i can distribute my code to other without seeing my code? 424. Using the same MVC model as J2ee how do you pass information to the forwarded php w/o storing the da 425. How do you get the HTTP_REFERER if the 404 page is set to be a php page 426. Is there a "goto"-like function in PHP like in Q-BASIC or VB or VBScript? 427. I need to read a text file & display the contents on the web page from which the php script executed 428. shell variables like $HTTP_USER_AGENT dont return value 429. How can I keep a part of an address such as ?id=blah from showing in the browsers address bar? 430. An example please of how to use the mail() function to include 2 or more file attachements 431. Can I call a PHP function from Javascript? 432. how do i get gettext support for a windows php based machine? 433. PHP - openssl_pkey_get_private - How to export public key to file or string? 434. Can i use PHP aplication wrtiten in Win2000 on linux ???? whats need to be changed??? 435. How input in the URL the "id"? 436. How to perform multiple records updates in PHP? 437. How to get an object result from web service

438. Block direct access 439. How do I block direct access 440. How to link 2 forms together by using a submit button? 441. How can i connect Oracle 9i with PHP? 442. how to Retrieve Information Using a Hyperlink with Parameters in PHP? PLease help me..... 443. I was send files w/ php extension, how do I poen them? thanks 444. Apostrophe in a database input - magic quotes or something? 445. how do I pass session variables to another page 446. How would it be possible to send a page (images included) from a form with the mime classes? 447. how to call javascript functions which are located different ip then php running. 448. How difficult would it be to use PHP/SQL to count when people click on an email or web link? 449. Is there a way to stop passwords from being POSTED in clear text? 450. Is CCSLIDE Database compatible with PHP or not ?? 451. How do I convert a hex longint(4 bytes, little-endian) as a string to a decimal integer? 452. How do I display the output of a .php file in a table on/within html in a table? 453. How can I direct php output to its calling html page? 454. Is is possible to redirect a User to another URL and send some variable with the post method? 455. Where is php.ini in the Mac OS 10.2.3 release? In PHP 4.3.0, the phpinfo() returns /usr/local/lib 456. How to do email read notification in PHP 457. How to recomplie php from windows 2000 458. Is there any way to execute a PHP file (like with include) but direct its output to a variable?

459. how to register the variables automatically by default in php? 460. To use ob_gzhandler() is zlib needed? 461. Does anyone know how to connect to Active Directory using PHP maybe with LDAP??? 462. How can I publish a php generated website on a cd rom? 463. Can&#39;t include or fopen: "http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/data/realtime/62107.txt? 464. why? -- Notice: Undefined variable: badExts & dirs 465. how can I refresh a page using a radiobutton???Just Clicking It.Without SUBMIT 466. I have a php site that works on IIS/Windows, I decided to move it to Apache/linux and it broke 467. how can I keep data on a php page that gets passed from a html form from, say, 4 different users 468. I keep getting this when trying to install Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in w 469. How do I get at $HTTP_SERVER_VARS[&#39;PHP_AUTH_USER&#39;] variable under Apache, PHP on WinXP? 470. i want to send via echo a formated text in php, how does this work? 471. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getmxrr() 472. how can I show a fake address on the address bar? 473. how I can set cookies for authentication 474. Force PHP-created graphic to be fresh/not cached? How? 475. Why can&#39;t IE6 in WinXP open any .PHP file? (by File->Open) 476. I get this error when testing with mysql ....Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ECHO 477. Is It possible to make text flash using PHP or any other language that can be embedded into HTML? 478. how to delete multiple records using a checkbox 479. I want to install a PHP library on my server. When I execute phpinfo the library hasn&#39;t been added??

480. Can I pass variables from one script to another? 481. I had encountered thi s error "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open()". Please help. 482. How do I pass a variable coming from a form to make up an sql query? (ie=create table <VARIABLE>) 483. How do I pass a variable coming from a form to make up an sql query? (ie=create table <VARIABLE>) 484. how to unzip or untar any .tar or .tar.gz file using only php script, no shell access? 485. how to unzip or untar any .tar or .tar.gz file using only php script, no shell access? 486. Passing a variable from one .php to another WITHOUT using require() ...is it possible, and how? 487. Passing a variable from one .php to another WITHOUT using require() ...is it possible, and how? 488. What is the PHP equiv. of the ASP Request.QueryString 489. How can i send a password using fsocketopen? 490. How can I pass values (images & text) from a mysql field with php into a javascript script? 491. 1 - How can i change win-1256 charset to utf-8 encoding? 492. How can I use CTRL+N (new page on IE6) whitout copying the session id to the new page? 493. How do I add an HTML link to a page with php graph? 494. When I run my php script everything works fine but it always shows the closing tag (?>). Why? 495. What does this mean "failed to create stream: HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections" ? 496. How should I configure my PWS (and/or php.ini) to see PHP-results in my browser? 497. Problems with Curl and Telnet.....please Help 498. how can i add pagging in php ??? is there any object like in asp ???? 499. How do I calculate the number of hours between two dates in PHP? 500. when calling urls from a mysql database how do you make them active links on

screen in php 501. How do I change this into a link? <?php echo $row_rsLocations [&#39;CODE&#39;] ; ?> 502. How can I calculate sha1 in raw binary format without php5? 503. How can I only collect information from checkboxes that are checked and then e- mail it? 504. How can I read from a cookie from within an included file? 505. EASY QUESTION. translation problem 506. EASY QSTION. php pages show up from local files as code, not translated to display. Apache,mysql,php 507. I edited php.ini, but does not changed that show in phpinfo? 508. How can I conect to an Informix database with ODBC in PHP? 509. I am wanting to call 1 script from another,then return to the next line of code in the 1st script ? 510. Formatting User&#39;s Input 511. Can&#39;t Get PHP on IIS5 512. Can&#39;t Get PHP on IIS5 513. Can&#39;t Get PHP on IIS5 514. How do I configure PHP (on my local PC) to connect to Sybase (on a Solaris server) ? 515. how can i send an attachment with my mail form to email id 516. Where can I find error information for "Fatal error Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded"? 517. does PHP do documentation, like javadoc creates documentation? 518. How can I display the output from <?php $output=system($command); ?> to an html textarea box? 519. how can i execute linux OS commands like &#39;adduser&#39; from a php web page 520. How to sort a multidimensional array ?

521. how can i update xml node values via php? 522. mkdir problem 523. what areDesign patterns ? 524. what areDesign patterns ? 525. How can I successfully return data from a CGI script? It works in HTML using Virtual Includes. 526. PHP: Is there an editor (like FrontPage is for HTML) for PHP? 527. PHP: Does it allow me to translate a website to another language at the click of a button? 528. how can i add objectclass to an entry for a ldap record 529. how can i add objectclass to an entry for a ldap record 530. how can i get Visual Basic&#39;s grid like effect in php 531. how can i get Visual Basic&#39;s grid like effect in php 532. How do you install PHP in CGI Mode??? There is no doco on the subject!!! 533. Can you tell me why I always get ?PHPSESSID=9ki86 attached to all my link on the opening page 534. How do I use a html form within the php script. I am using a form that gets the input from a PH GET 535. Javascript is not working in a php file on windows system. Why? 536. File security on an intranet 537. how do i get the info from my html form into a text file similar to my order form using php? 538. How do I turn a php script into index.html 539. How do I create alternating-color repeated regions with PHP? 540. What are all the common php file extensions? 541. I need to run an external command that it isn´t native of the operating system (AIX). 542. I get an error when i use SMTP server to send mail by php.I&#39;m using win XP

543. How would i make a simple counter with text? (ie visitors: 17319) 544. How can i prevent a php page being cached in browser? 545. How can I change a field name in mysql database by using PHP? 546. How do I correct error "Unable to parse configuration file"? 547. How to create a separate PHP-File to predefine a table to give my sites a similar look? 548. php.ini will not load 549. php.ini will not load/parse/process in Windows 2003 Server + PHP 4.3.3RC2 + MySQL v4.0.14b 550. Using mail () , how do do smtp authentication ? 551. How can I include a php file in to a html file so that it is shown in a table that is in the html??? 552. How to replace with pattern matching? 553. can i send FAX from php or using PHP script 554. Is there any file size limite with PHP for sending a file from client side to Apache server ? 555. I want to use imagecreate how do I get it to work? I have downloaded the gd 2.0.15 what do I do with 556. I want to call a user defined PHP function on buttons event like onClick. How can i do that ? 557. I am querying a mySQL database for names and addresses, how do I not pull any NULL values 558. How can a generate wed-based barcode, I want to use only the browser connecting to the backend. 559. Can php files be put in a directory other than the root dir.? 560. I get the error - Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() - what is wrong? 561. Detect "Too many connections" error and show alternate web page? 562. If i write the code for uploading in PHP, will the same code work on Windows, MAcintoshOSX, Linux?

563. How do i recompile PHP, Apache on RedHat Linux 9? I am trying to connect to SQL Server using freetds 564. I can&#39;t find Internet Services Manager, pls help!! I use Windows XP Home Edit. 565. Is there a way to check if an e-mail address is not fake? 566. How can convert Java Servlet into PHP? 567. what is in_array 568. How do I code a link from a sql query, such as an email link? 569. How do I install 4.3.3 on Freebsd..step by step for dummy 570. Installing or upgrading php with CURL support on Cobalt Raq 571. How can I display a PHP hit counter within a HTML form input text box? 572. How can I create a function to return the nº of weekends in a time interval(beg and End:yyyy/mm/dd) 573. How do I validate a Windows user and password? 574. How do I change an NT password (IIS)? 575. I can get the PHP code to show in my html. Its correct and im using Apache and mysql, please help. 576. I have a problem with is_dir(): Is doesn&#39;t return anything! 577. can not loading php_oci.dll at php started 578. php_oci .dll loading at php start ( i remove the comment from php.ini of extenstion =php_oci.dll) 579. How can I tell if a script is running from the command line (cli) or in a browser? 580. How do you authenticate if you use NTLM (IIS, PHP) 581. How to check if a newer entry id in mysql db? If yes, use 1 field in latest record as a variable. 582. how com i can not add item to httpd.conf to make php work with apache on windows? 583. I want to know how to make a page accessible only by a password: url/page.htm?pass=PASSWORD etc

584. I want to know how to make a page accessible only by a password: url/page.htm?pass=PASSWORD etc 585. I keep getting redirected to the login screen whenever I install a php package and I try to login 586. What changes in the file-function from PHP 3 to PHP 4.3.4? 587. SHMOP_open it allows me to open only 128 segments after that it throws an error (HELP) 588. How to Fix Err: Variable passed to reset() is not an array or object. 589. How do I set the order of the output from a database to the display? 590. How can I calculate the load time of a page? 591. i Installed php4 on IIS 5. Whenexecute an php script, it just come as it as like IIS not parsing it. 592. What is suggested procedure for upgrading from 4.3.2 to 4.3.4 using Windows binaries? 593. Is there a limitation to the file size when using move_uploaded_file? Returns false with files>2mb.. 594. I´ve trouble with the debugger 595. I&#39;ve set up a php server, but it will not display any information through a web browser. 596. How do I send values to a mySQL database? 597. how can I execute .exe file(stored as blob in db) upon reading them 598. PHP setup with Apache Server - no errors but no display on browsers 599. How do I stop a space-seperated string from being truncated when it is passed using a form construct 600. I need to draw the plane of a house. I have data needed in a database table. Can I do it with PHP 601. Does PHP support foreign Language such as Thai, chienese 602. Can anybody answer me if exist a module for php which allows work with RAR archives like php_zip.dll 603. How to stream mp3s with out giving out the directory. I had it working except in Win Media Player 9

604. Are there generally agreed best practice coding recommendations for PHP? 605. Warning: fopen(../mycalendar.csv): failed to open stream: Permission denied in 606. How do I avoid having the SESSIONID come up in my links? 607. I want to define "$DROOT = $_SERVER[&#39;DOCUMENT_ROOT&#39;]" once only for all "include($DROOT.&#39;/&#39;)". How? 608. What is PHP ? 609. Can i use PHP in Zope? 610. i want a register script than stores peoples username, password for them to login 611. If I append to a file, but if I hit refresh, the same info gets appended again. How do I fix that? 612. How can I transmit the session information to a script opened using fopen("http://localhost"); ? 613. Can CLI and CGI modules of php be both installed ? 614. how to connect mysql database from pc1 and I&#39;m using php5 from pc2 on windows platform. 615. how to replace an image (possibly jpg ) with another one with out refreshing the browser 616. Can I use an image link that when clicked opens up a php file and inserts a specified image into it? 617. How can I access a JavaScript array with PHP?? 618. How can I make a voting booth / poll for my site that runs off my server, using PHP? 619. What is the difference between include() and @include()? 620. What exactly is the use of PHPSESSID in a URL??? 621. Will+the+mail+function+work+if+use+in+intranet+envirnoment%3F 622. how do i update mysql db with form variables using php? 623. How do I make a webcounter that I can call from a non-php HTML site ? (I can do easy mysql/php part) 624. How to change where sessions save to? Changing in php.ini doesn&#39;t work.

625. hi , can anybody tell me where i can download php_printer.dll 626. hi can anybody tell me where i can download php_printer.dll 627. how can i show the content of a mysql DB into a excel file using php (plz give code example) 628. O&#39;Reilly and PHP will not work 629. mail() 630. How can I insert dynamic info in my website (eg. exchange rate) taken from other site? Any scripts? 631. Is there any possibility to get the page from client browser? 632. Is there any possibility to get the page from client browser? 633. Why PhP does not recognize mysql_connect()Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() 634. How do I open a new form and display data base on a value of a pull down list on current form 635. How can I send XML Attributes via Soap? 636. Is there a tutorial for interfacing a PHP page with a cvs file? 637. PHP 638. Can&#39;t find php.ini to update file_upload size only find a directories under /opt/php/lib/php/pear so 639. how can I configure apache so that I can run <? php ...> commands in files that don&#39;t end in .php? 640. PHP mail() needs 40Sek to generate the mail. Sendmail works correct. System Cobalt RaQ550 641. How can I use InternetExplorer.Application to access the contents of specific frames? 642. How can I read data in from a USB Barcode Scanner using PHP??? 643. How do I get PHP on Linux to work with Oracle on Windows? 644. XML brainbuster 645. Dynamic Code

646. Dynamic Code 647. PHP not accessing MySQL 648. Installed Apache, PHP and MySQL all working but when I try to connect to MySQL through PHP nothing.. 649. I send a mail to a person. How I can keep track of when that person opens the mail? 650. How to convert decimal values to characters? 651. How do I get a submit button to print the current page? 652. define(&#39;DIR_WS_ICONS&#39;, DIR_WS_IMAGES . &#39;icons/&#39;); What does this means? It is from Zen-cart coding 653. PQescapeByte 654. have names as 2004aj,2004ad,2004A and need to list them but when do list 2004A it lists all the rest 655. How can make a Specefic MIME header 656. Are there any problems using COM functions with PHP5, WinXP and Excel 2003? 657. Can I reference PHP from a JSP page with <a href="filename.php>" 658. I&#39;m new to PHP, where should I start.? 659. Is there anyway I can specifiy in which frame to open a specific file using header(fileme),includ(f) 660. PHP: Operation:Get:Form: Variable: All: How to get all your form variables? [$_POST/$_GET/$_REQUEST] 661. Can PHP perform a scheduled task triggered without having a PHP page being loaded into a browser? 662. Is it possible to use PHP code in the onChange feature of the html select tag? If so, how? 663. Is any way to pass a variable from one .php to another WITHOUT using require()? How? 664. PHP: HTML: Convert: Where to convert automatically HTML to PHP print or echo text? 665. how to write code to access an AIML suing php

666. Instead of www.xyz.com/index.php?country=usa I&#39;d like www.xyz.com/usa 667. How can I echo the pagetop immediate, eg if php is doing a heavy job. 668. i need to use <a HREF=page.php?ref=13... how can i use the values 13 on the new page tha i call? 669. i need to use <a HREF=page.php?ref=13... how can i use the values 13 on the new page tha i call? 670. can i call an function in a executable file from php and get the result back to php 671. ASCII 672. why the <?php_track_vars?> did not work? 673. i need a php script that will retrieve information about a user just by clicking a name on the page 674. i need a php script that will retrieve information about a user just by clicking a name on the page 675. i need a php script that will retrieve information about a user just by clicking a name on the page 676. Error: Access denied for user: &#39;apache@localhost&#39; (Using password: NO) 677. how can I disable cgi in php 5.3.9? 678. System() command not executing. Error thrown is &#39;Unable to fork system () &#39; 679. If I enter a text of 21K long in a text area form, hitting submit button doesn&#39;t do anything. Help 680. how do i manually configure php with apache server?? and then how do i run my scripts?? 681. how to untar file using php script? <? system("tar -zxvf file.tar.gz") ?> not work 682. Is PHP based on orther languages,and are there any based on PHP?( research papper for school) 683. How can I put URL &variables= into php generated javascript? 684. can require() or include() contain Http path? How can we include files in http path format? 685. Is it possible to issue a command to windows xp command-line through a php

script? 686. What is PHP-GTK 687. Why is it not working with the browser/web server? 688. How do I install PHP-GTK on Win32? 689. Can I use Themes under Win32? 690. How do I know which GTK Classes are supported? 691. How do I use the buttons in GtkFileSelection? 692. How to install PHP on Apache? 693. How to install Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux 694. Test Question 695. can i get the full url of site (including the http:// and www) i want know if they came from www2 696. What is the relation between the versions 697. Can I run several versions of PHP at the same time? 698. What did the initials PHP originally stand for? 699. What is the name of the new scripting engine that powers PHP? 700. Name a new feature introduced with PHP4? 701. Where can you find the PHP on line? 702. From a UNIX operating system,how would you get help on configuration options(the options that you pass to the configure script in your PHP distribution)? 703. What is Apache’s configuration file typically called? 704. What line should you add to the Apache configuration file to ensure that the .php extension is recognized? 705. What is the PHP’s configuration file called? 706. can a user read the source code of PHP script you have successfully installed? 707. What do the standard PHP delimiter tags look like? 708. What do the ASP PHP delimeter tags look like?

709. What do the script PHP delimeter tags look like? 710. What function would you use to output a string to the browser? 711. How would you create a regular method within a class? 712. Which of the following variable names is not valid?$_value_submitted_by_a_user;$666666xyz 713. Which of the following variable names is not valid?$the first,$file-name 714. .What will be the following statement output? 715. How would you use the string variable created in the assignment expression $my_var + ‘dynamic”;to create a “variable” variable,assigning the integer 4 to it 716. Which of the following statements contain an operator?4;gettype(44);5/12: 717. How can you access and set properties or methods from within a class? 718. How would you access an object’s properties and methods from outside the object’s class? 719. What should you add to a class definition if you want to make it inherit functionally from another class 720. Which environment variable could you use to determine the IP address of a user? 721. Which environment variable could you use to find out about the browser that called your script? 722. What should you name your form fields to access their submitted values from an array variable called $form_array? 723. Which built-in associative array contains all values submitted as part of a GET request? 724. .How must you limit he size of a file that a user can submit via a particular upload form? 725. How can you ste a limit to the size of upload files for all forms and scripts? 726. What functions could you use to add library code to the currently running script? 727. What functions could you use to add library code to the currently running script? 728. What functions could you use to add library code to the currently running script? 729. What function would you use to find out whether a file is present on your file

system? 730. How would you determine the size of a file? 731. .What function would you use to open a file for reading or writing? 732. What function would you use to read a line of data from a file? 733. .How can you tell when you have reached the end of a file? 734. What function would you open a directory for reading? 735. What function would you use to read the name of a directory item after you have opened a directory for reading? 736. What function would you use to open a DBM database? 737. What function would you use to insert a record into a DBM database? 738. How would you access a record from a DBM database by name? 739. How would delete a named element from a DBM database? 740. How would you open a connection to a MySQL database server? 741. .What function would you use to select a database? 742. What function would you send a SQL query to a database 743. What does the mysql_insert_id()function do. 744. Assuming that yopu have sent a successful SELECT query to MySQL,name three functions that you might use to access each row returned. 745. Assuming that you have sent a successful UPDATE query to MySQL,what function might you use to determine how many rows have been updated? 746. What function would you call if you want to list all database available from a MySQL server? 747. .What function would you use to list all tables within a database? 748. How would you create a while statement that prints every odd number between 1 and 49? 749. .How would you convert the while statement you created in question 24 into a forestatement? 750. True or false.If a function doesn’t require an argument,you can omit the parentheses in the function call.

751. how do you return a value from a function? 752. What functions can you use to define an Array? 753. Without using a function,what would be the easiest way of adding the element “Susan― to trhe $users array defined previously? 754. Which function could you use to add the string “Susan―to the $users array? 755. How would you find out the number of elements in an array? 756. In PHP4,what is the simplest way of looping through an array? 757. What functions would you use to join two arrays? 758. How would you sort an associative array by its keys? 759. How would you declare a class called emptyClass( )that has no methods or properties? 760. Given a class called emptyClass( ),how would you create an object that is an instance of it? 761. How can you declare a property within a class? 762. .How would you choose a name for a constructor method? 763. How would you create a constructor method in a class? 764. What environment variable might give you the URL of the referring page―? 765. Why can you not rely on the $REMOTE_ADDR variable to track an individual user across multiple visits to your script? 766. What does HTTP stand for? 767. What client header line tells the server about the browser that is making the request? 768. What does the server response code 404 mean? 769. Without making your own network connection,what function might you use to access a Web page on a remote server? 770. Given an IP address,what function could you use to get a hostname? 771. What PHP function would you use to send an email? 772. What header should you send to the browser before building and outputting a GIF

image? 773. What function would you use to acquire an image identifier that you can use with other image functions? 774. What function would you use to output your GIF after building it? 775. What function could you use to acquire a color identifier? 776. With which functions would you draw a line on a dynamic image? 777. What function might you use to draw an arc? 778. .How might you draw a

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