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Published on December 5, 2012

Author: muhammadsazhar9

Source: slideshare.net

CHALLENGE ASSUMPTIONS 2 100 Solutions for Sleeplessness Submitted by SASOur Problem was…“If tomorrow never comes…a real strange fear of not waking up next morning keeps me awake all night.I haven’t lived long enough to leave my loved ones alone. As I close my eyes movie of my life startsplaying in my mind as I keep remembering key moments of life. There are many more moments to comeand I have to live to be a part of them. I cannot let myself fall asleep and deprive myself of preciousrelations and belongings that I have. . I adore my family, my friends, my books, my pet ,my work, myneighbors, my home, my car and the list goes on and on and on… I love everything around me. Life is toobeautiful and people around me are gems that I don’t want to lose. The fear of departing this worldwhile sleeping is what keeps me from sleeping”

1- Sleep through Meditation to avoid sleepless nights2- Start counting stars to put your mind off bad scary thoughts, keep counting till you sleep3- Get cozy, get as much comfortable as possible. Take care of room temperature, sleeping position and clothes to wear while sleeping4- If you are afraid of darkness, make sure that there is one lit night bulb in the bedroom5- Start reading a book till you fall asleep6- Start watching some interesting movie till you fall asleep7- Start playing PS-3 or any game on your cell phone, it would definitely help you to fall asleep8- Deep breathing will help you in relaxing which will eventually put you to sleep.9- Go into an imaginary world, paly with your mind, think of impossible things. This mind exercise will made your mind tired enough to fall asleep10- Try self-hypnosis to release your fear and put you to a comfortable sleep.11- Avoid taking naps during the daytime12- Take a warm shower before going to bed13- Taking care of diet will also help you to sleep properly14- If nothing seems to be working out for you, it is better to get professional help15- A cup of warm milk always helps to put you to sleep16- Dont keep on worrying after lying down about your sleeplessness, Rather close your eyes and think of a good deeds you did during the day passed.17- Observe the movement of fish In the fish tank as it proves that observing fish movement of fish helps in reducing tension.18- Brush your teeth before sleeping19- Listen to soothing music20- Reduce nicotine/caffeine intake21- Sleeping with someone else. Likegf, bf, spouse, mommy or dad22- Take a walk before going to bed23- Workout before going to bed will definitely help in sleeping.24- Change working hours. Start working in night shifts n sleep in day time.25- Get drunk26- Get high on some drug. (weed would work)27- Start sleeping with a stuffed toy.28- watching boring movie before bed29- try to go on parties at night so that feel tired n sleep without thinking much30- counting sheep31- ask someone to sing lullabies32- ask someone to tell u a bedtime story33- Making future plans and thinking as if you are already in the future.34- watch picture albums35- Log on to your Facebook and starting wandering around on different friends’ profiles . Eventually you will be bored and will go to sleep.36- Start having a conversation on your cellphone with some friend37- Start texting your friends.

38- Sleep in group of people when they are talking n awake to avoid the feeling of fear.39- Sleep with your TV on, voice of TV will keep your fear minimal even if you are not able to sleep.40- Start talking to yourself41- Start talking to your imaginative friend42- Think about polishing your positive traits43- Think about getting rid of your negative traits44- Start taking sleeping pills45- Recall the events that took place during the day and judge yourself in the light of that event if you did good deeds more or bad deeds more, if there are more good deeds, which will definitely help you relaxing and eventually sleeping.46- Start watching your favorite sport on TV47- Keep staring at the fan moving right above your head, will make your brain tired enough to put it to sleep.48- Try to listen to your own heartbeat, or start feeling your pulse.49- Change your sleeping position if one position is not working for you.50- Writing down all your worries on a paper so that you can go to bed with peaceful state of mind.51- Put a pillow under the knees to relieve lower back pressure.52- Close your eyes and roll it upwards three times. This happens naturally when falling asleep and evidently triggers some sleep chemicals in the body.53- Massage your feet with warm oil. That will give you relaxed feeling.54- Keep a regular sleeping schedule.55- Start thinking about dating your favorite celebrity.56- Go for head massage before going to bed to relax.57- Put cucumber on eyes to relax and sleep.58- Put a nice painting on wall in front of bed. Start observing that painting till you fall asleep.59- Watch a comedy show to relax and sleep.60- Imagine yourself as a “sleeping beauty” ;). A prince will come and will wake you up feeling will help in sleep.61- Start thinking about getting promotion in job next day and sleep happily.62- Learn dancing salsa or tango. Practice it before going to bed.63- Aerobics are helpful for meditation and sleep relaxed.64- Don’t sleep at night; go out on late night movie with friends. This will help in relaxing.65- Go on long drive late night to pass time and get tired enough to sleep.66- Start singing and sleep while singing.67- Start writing and sleep while writing.68- Start using social network chats at night and sleep while chatting.69- Read boring newspaper in bed.70- Start talking to yourself and talk till you fall asleep.71- Write down your woes.72- Snack on cheese and crackers73- Start studying your course books, will always make you sleepy.74- Spray a sleep inducing scent

75-Turn on the white noise 76-Stop Smoking 77-Stay Cool 78-have a high-protein snack 79-Learn relaxation techniques 80-Catch the sleep wave 81-Let go and go with the flow 82-Eat an apple a day which will keeps you healthy hence there won’t be fear of death during night. 83- You can sleep under your bed to deceive the angle who will come to claim your life ;) 84-Keep the lights of bedroom on if you are afraid of dark. 85- Keep the door and windows of bedroom shut so that nobody comes in to take my life. 86- Listen to patriotic songs which will give you strength not to lose hope and will give you the faith that youwill wake up next morning to serve your country. 87- Get blessings and love from your mother prior to bed. 88- Give candies to some kid and make him wish for your long life. 89- Change your sleep timings, start sleeping during day time. 90- Pray to God for your long life before sleeping. 91- Meditation or prayer time is always a helpful idea right before bed. It gives the brain a task to occupy it as you slow your breathing and then your brain relaxes too, calming and preparing to rest the body. 92- Eat cherries, scientists discovered thatcherries are full of melatonin which helps in regulating sleep 93- Balance your blood sugar level. 94- Think positive. 95- Set smaller goals on daily basis. 96- Slip on some socks to make yourself warm. 97- Soothe your worries 98- Take a whiff on oranges, the smell of oranges help you feel less anxious, more positive and calm. 99- Dunk into the tub. When your feet and hands are warm, blood vessels dilates, allowing heat to escape and body temperature to fallwhich guides the brain into sleep mode.100- Last but not the least, start working on creativity assignment, you will feel so sleepy that not even angel of death will scare you.

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