10 Ways To Use Sound Files

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Published on March 24, 2009

Author: purplecast

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10 Ways to Use Sound Files for Language Learning
What can you do with a hand-held digital recorder or recording software on a computer? Marsha will present 10 ways to use teacher-recorded and student-recorded digital audio files to enhance pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and coherence in traditional and online language learning.
By Marsha Chan, a member of the "Innovative uses of digital technology for teaching oral skills" TESOL 2009 Intersection Panel: CALL-IS, SPL-IS, DVM-IS.

+ CALL-IS: Innovative Computer- uses of digital Assisted technology for Language teaching oral Learning skills Interest Section VDM-IS: SPL-IS: Video & Speech, Pron Digital Media unciation & Interest Section Listening Interest Section 10 Ways to Use Sound Files for Language Learning Marsha Chan Mission College and Sunburst Media California U.S.A.

+ Equipment Option 1: Portable digital recorder  Small  Battery-powered  Easy to use  No editing  Option 2: Computer w/ sound recording software  My favorite sound editing s/w   Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  GarageBandhttp://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/ Microphone and speakers   Stick microphone and speakers  Headset with earphones and boom mic

+ Raw vs. edited files No editing – Some editing – Much editing  Digital recorder

+ 1. Record students’ voices Record what?  How do students hear the  recordings?  Sentences  Stories  Lend the recorder to students for playback  Dialogues  Speeches  Burn files to CD to distribute  Panel discussions  Copy files to students’ USB  Debates flash drives  Transfer files to student Benefits  computers in a lab  Small and simple  Email attachments to  Students can be responsible students for recording themselves or each other.  Upload to a password-  Teacher can focus on protected online class site instruction and assessment.  Upload to an open website

+ 2. Record your voice (teacher) During class, record:  How do students hear the  recordings?  Any of the previous  Lecture Raw audio, as previously   Instruction mentioned  Class discussion Edited audio, after using   One-on-one software on your computer (more on this in a moment) Outside of class, record:   Comments to students  Rehearsals for model speeches  Rehearsals for academic presentations  Presentations

+ Recording and editing sound No editing – Some editing – Much editing  Computer &sound editing software

+ 3. Teacher records words  Aural word recognition  Sound-symbol correspondence  Pronunciation practice SOUND FOCUS 1: /∫/  Listen and underline the letters that make the /∫/ sound. she ash wishing shade dish special show crash machine shoe wash Washington Chan, M. J. (2009). Phrase by Phrase Pronunciation and Listening in American English 2 e, Sunburst Media

+ 4. Record connected discourse for listening comprehension, as speaking models Dialogs  Stories  Announcements  Reports  Songs  Poems  Lectures  Example:  Laughter, Part 5 Chan, M. J. (2006). College Oral Communication 1. English for Academic Success series, HeinleCengage Learning

+ 5. Students record for assessment (quiz or homework)  What  How Using recording software in a Words   lab Sentences  Language Player tiny mode  Dialogs  records mp3 Oral compositions  Using recording software at  home

+ 6. Teacher records comments and corrections for SPL students How do students hear the   How to record recordings? comments Transfer files to student  On a separate sound file  computers in a lab On a second track in the  Copy files to students’ USB  same file flash drives To learn how, access my  Email attachments to  podcastUsing Audacity to students give comments on a Upload to password-  student’s oral recording protected CMS http://web.me.com/purplecast (Angel, Blackboard) /podcasts/edupod/edupod.ht Right track vs. left track (See  ml my podcast)

+ 7. Teacher records for online grammar students What  Where  Intro to textbook chapter  Upload to password-  protected online class site Selected exercises  Example: Advanced Grammar  Why  & Editing class Gives sense of teacher’s  http://wvmccd.angellearning.com/se presence – if not f2f, then v2v ction/default.asp?mode=content&id Gives students an oral nudge  =12354 to do homework Guides students thru chapter  Meets need of students more  auditory than visual Reinforces what students read 

+ Questions and Commands 1

+ 8. Record narration for slide shows  PowerPoint  Keynote  Articulate Presenter Interactive intro to the online advanced grammar virtual  classroom http://missioncollege.org/depts/esl/faculty/chan/970G/angel_i ntro/player.html

Intro to online advanced grammar virtual classroom

+ 9. Record podcasts  What  Where Anything your heart desires Podomatic.com   Simple audio OurMedia.org   Enhanced (music, multi- MyPodcast.com   track, images, links) iWeb Apple’s mobileme   Why Example: Clear  Communication in English Accessible online  for Healthcare Workers anywhere anytime http://web.me.com/purplec Download & transfer to  ast/podcasts/eslhealthpod/ iPod eslhealthpod.html

+ Sample podcasts

+ 10. Record narration for movies  DVD  CD-ROM  iMovieto DVD, QuickTime, Flash, YouTube Best Practices in Distance Learning  http://missioncollege.org/depts/esl/faculty/chan/DLpanel2008.html or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOCbtVUTabA&feature=channel_page Chan, M. J. (2006). College Oral Communication 1. English for Academic Success series, HeinleCengage Learning

+ Q & A / Marsha’s contact info marsha_chan@wvm.edu  Mission College Santa Clara, California marsha@sunburstmedia.com  Sunburst Media for Language Learners Sunnyvale, California Skype: marshachan  Visit me in the TESOL Exhibit Hall  at S u n b u r s t M e d i a Booth 833 Marsha wearing several hats

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