10 Ways to Prepare for the Switch Between TEM Providers

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Information about 10 Ways to Prepare for the Switch Between TEM Providers

Published on April 25, 2018

Author: temnetworkcontrol

Source: authorstream.com

10 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR THE SWITCH BETWEEN TEM PROVIDERS..: 10 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR THE SWITCH BETWEEN TEM PROVIDERS.. By: network control www.network-control.com Copyright @ network control 1 Slide2: Create a list of what qualities you would like your new tem provider to have. Copyright @ network control 2 Slide3: Get your team together. Make sure each member has the time and mental space to adequately give the transition the attention it requires. Copyright @ network control 3 Slide4: Once you’ve designated a new TEM provider, meet with them to discuss their specific processes to follow to help you move seamlessly from the old Telecom expense management provider to the new. Copyright @ network control 4 Slide5: Reevaluate your new provider. If you don’t feel like your needs are being met while planning for the transition, jump ship before you sign an agreement. Copyright @ network control 5 Slide6: Gather all the data your new provider will need. Such as invoices, service agreements, and a comprehensive list of all your current vendors. You can get this from your previous TEM provider. Copyright @ network control 6 Slide7: Organize your inventory. Make sure you have documented all current inventory, or provided the essential authorization for your future provider to access pertinent information sources to organize your inventory for you. Copyright @ network control 7 Slide8: Notify all of your telecom and IT related vendors of your transition to a new TEM provider Copyright @ network control 8 Slide9: Work with the new TEM provider to streamline your processes. Copyright @ network control 9 Slide10: Notify your current TEM provider of your decision to move to a new TEM provider. Copyright @ network control 10 Slide11: Test all of the process with your new TEM provider before going live. Copyright @ network control 11 Visit us to learn more: https://network-control.com/the-solutions/network-inventory-management/: Visit us to learn more: https://network-control.com/the-solutions/network-inventory-management/ Copyright @ network control 12 THANK YOU…: THANK YOU… Copyright @ network control 13

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