10 Trends - MCLS 2009 Presentation

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Information about 10 Trends - MCLS 2009 Presentation

Published on April 23, 2009

Author: Librarychica

Source: slideshare.net


This was a presentation of 10 important trends (developed with Michele Bowman and Sandy Burchsted) that are changing the way people are finding, creating, and using information. They are trends that libraries need to consider as they seek to create new information products and services.

Think Tank Trends with Stacey Aldrich April 21, 2009

Statewide Reference Project Update INTRO Over the past several months, we have been creating a plan for rethinking and retooling the Statewide Reference model. Our plan has been built on past surveys and studies, and is designed to gather more data to complete our understanding of information usage, and to create a process that will help us truly innovate how we can best provide information services to our communities. THE PLAN STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 STAGE 4 STAGE 5 APRIL 2008 CLA 2008 END 2008-2009 DEC-MARCH 2008 FALL 2008 THINK TANK PREP STATEWIDE INPUT BUILDING IT DATA COLLECTION THINK TANK •!Think Tank Creators •!Participants from •!Presentations at CLA •!A Builders Group will •!ZOGBY polls to group to meet with across the state will and other venues will be formed to analyze the understand how futurist facilitators to gather for 1 ! days to be given to share data feedback from the input Californians find design a statewide think about information and the 3 scenarios. sessions, and to develop and use info. reference think tank trends and data, and an action plan for creating process. create 3 scenarios for •!Input from participants the new statewide •!Poll I via email was what statewide ref. will be gathered. They reference model. completed in •!This group will also could become. will be asked to identify January 2008 look at all of the data what scenarios or pieces gathered relating to of scenarios they think •!Poll 2 link via library statewide ref., and would be most beneficial websites statewide NEXT develop new to all. to be completed in STEP combinations to help MAKING March 2008. the think tank be more IT HAPPEN informed.

? ? 5 Questions ? Scouting today for clues for ? tomorrow ?

Questions to ponder 1. How do people know things? (thank you Ann Feeney) 2. How do people find & use information? 3. What is community? 4. What is learning? 5. What is leisure and entertainment?

“The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” William Gibson


Global Local

This is Bob. He’s 4, friendly, = belongs to Betty at 410-9987

JARGON WATCH Patternicity n. “The tendency to find patterns where there are none. According to a recent study, evolution favors patternicity because it’s safer to detect false threat than to ignore a real one and become a bogeyman’s lunch meat.” Jonathan Keats(jargon@wired.com) Wired May 2009

What are the opportunities?

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