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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: arthurthesolo

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10 simple yet powerful ways you can increase the traffic to your website. From SEO to content marketing, PPC, social media marketing and more!

fabric.co.uk http://www.fabric.co.uk/blog/10-tips-on-how-to-increase-website-traffic/ 10 tips on how to increase website traffic If you have taken time to build an amazing looking online home for your business, you will want to know how to increase website traffic. Depending on your business model, the quantity and quality of any online traffic will differ. For news and publishing websites looking to maximise advertising revenue, generating thousands of clicks to tempt advertisers is an essential. For brands looking to generate business through e-commerce shops and relevant clicks onto contact pages, then the name of the game is driving targeted traffic. Whichever strategy you are looking to impose, there are a number of ways you can increase website traffic by making both on-site changes and implementing off-site marketing strategies. How to increase website traffic through on-site changes 1. Search engine optimisation Still the most powerful source of website visits is organic traffic, website traffic from Google, Bing and other online searches will typically make up around 50% of a websites traffic, and optimising your website to win these clicks is fundamental when it comes to building a successful website. There are a number of simple things you can do to make sure your website is search engine friendly. The first place to start is with keyword research, and decide which keyphrase you want visitors to be searching when they visit your websites home page. For new websites it is a good idea to pick keyterms with 500+ monthly searches but are

low/medium competitiveness. You can then use this key term within your website. Include it in your websites title. A good formula for website titles is ‘Brand Name | Determiner + Keyphrase + Exclamation’. An example could be ‘Sports.com | Your home of sports equipment online!’. Use around 65 characters in your page title. Next is to include your keyphrase in your meta description, This is the the text that will appear under your title in search results which explains what your website does. Using the Sports.com example, you could have: Title: Sports.com | Your home of sports equipment online! Meta: Sports.com is a national brand that sells sports equipment online at great prices. Special offers now on! The last step is to include your keyphrase numerous times in the text on your homepage. Have a few paragraphs that explain who your brand is and what your website is all about, ensuring to use your keyphrase in H1 and H2 headings and alt tags in images too. If you get your on-page SEO right, then your website can climb up the search rankings and gain those invaluable organic clicks. 2. Consistent content/blog Content marketing has become an extremely popular and fundamental way to increase website visits. A simple way to promote your website through content marketing is including an on-site blog that talks about news and offers insights and opinions. Some good examples include the Twitter blog, Zavvi blog and dare I say the Fabric blog. Create interesting and relevant articles on a regular basis (4+ articles per week as a guide). If you are struggling for content ideas or really want to boost traffic, do more keyword research in AdWords on possible article headlines based on what people are searching for. For our Sports.com online retailer, there may be 100 people a month searching ‘what type of studs should I wear on different pitches?’ so do an article explaining this, with the search term included in the title, subtitles and content. You can then include relevant internal links to product or services pages. 3. Add internal links within articles and on popular pages

What easier way is there to boost the number of pageviews your website gets than simply getting your current visitors to look at more pages? Whether it’s within a blog post or on popular pages, such as your home page, add relevant internal links that direct the user to more information. If you are about to publish an article about football boots but remember you published a relevant article called ’5 products to help keep your football boots looking brand new’, include a ‘SEE MORE:’ or ‘Related Article’ link within the article so that the reader can easily navigate the the equally as engaging blog post. That one visitor has just become two pageviews, and the more articles you publish and the more relevant in-site links you add, that one user can generate up to ten pageviews to help boost your analytics data. 4. Add social sharing links There’s just no getting around it anymore. Social media is a tool that nearly all companies should be using to promote themselves online, but a great place to start is on your website itself. Social sharing is a great way to boost visitor numbers through social clicks, and there are even suggestions that links and shares from social networks can have an affect on search rankings. Make the social sharing buttons prominent on every page, or even introduce a pop-up once the user has been on the same page for longer than 30 seconds asking for them to share on Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social networks. 5. Add newsletter sign-ups Another easy way to generate further visits is to add newsletter sign-up forms to some of your key pages and use strong call to actions or promises of special offers to get them to sign up. Once you have a strong mailer list, you can start to send mail shots and newsletters to your fans and customers. If they like what they see, they will click back through to your website. One well-crafted email sent to a few thousand people can generate hundreds of clicks each time it is sent out. How to increase website traffic through off- site marketing 1. Social media marketing

Carrying on from adding social sharing buttons to your website, it is also important to generate your own active social media channels. Create Facebook and Twitter pages, and look into Pinterest, Instagram and other more niche networks if your product or offering is more creative in nature. Personalise each account with your branding (including background, header and profile images) and update it daily with special offers, links to your blog and do some promotional competitions to drive engagement. A must have social account is now Google+. Links shared on Google+ back to your website/blog will last longer and rank higher in search rankings than links from any other networks! 2. AdWords Paid advertising isn’t a sin, and it can be extremely useful and profitable. For large companies with bigger profit margins, spending thousands of pounds driving clicks and generating sales is a perfectly stable business model. For smaller brands, this cannot always be an option when it comes to driving website traffic. A good cheaper alternative to search advertising though is to implement a display campaign through AdWords. Such a campaign will display images and graphics on other relevant websites to drive clicks, and can be charged on a ‘cost per thousand impressions (CPM)’ basis. The result? Thousands of potentially interested website surfers will see your advert, and some will click back through to your website. Done the right way and display adverts can cost half the price per click as typical CPC advertising. 3. Publish articles on websites with higher traffic If you have been on a website that includes a ‘News from around the web’ section at the end of each article, you may have wondered why big news publications would offer to link out to other potential rival websites. The reason is that the website displaying the other articles from around the internet get paid everytime you click on one of the links. If you want to generate more visits and you think your content could be relevant, then this is a great avenue to look at for driving new traffic from more powerful websites. 4. Post on relevant forums and blogs in a helpful manor The key here is in the title. Posting comments on forums and blogs relevant to your own website is a great way to drive more clicks and website traffic, but you have to do it in the right way. Spam comments on forums for SEO purposes is becoming a real danger to websites rankings, so ensure what ever comment you do make is helpful and related to what ever topic the blog or forum post was about. Offer some further insights and tips, and mention your brand. Try and avoid linking back to your website at first as

webmasters may see your comments as a clear way to build links. Gain trust, post frequently and help as many people as you can with your industry insight, and they will start to click onto your links. 5. Improve search rankings for your keywords Off-site SEO is another major way to boost traffic, and that all important organic traffic too. Use the keywords you identified and targeted for your homepage, and gain links from relevant websites and blogs that include a mixture of that keyword and generic call to action phrases such as ‘click here’. An entire link portfolio derived of exact match anchor text links will set sirens ringing in Matt Cutts’ office, and your website may be punished in the rankings by Google and all that traffic you worked so hard to gain will be lost.

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