10 Tips How to Proofread Like a Pro

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Information about 10 Tips How to Proofread Like a Pro

Published on September 21, 2017

Author: MyPaper_Proofread



Презентація PowerPoint: 10 Tips How to Proofread like a Pro Презентація PowerPoint: Do you need to write a lot of papers or articles that are very long and it is hard to check them for mistakes? Proofreading your writing before you make a final draft is really one of the most important things. Презентація PowerPoint: Paper proof reading can take a lot of time especially if the text that you have written is very long Презентація PowerPoint: When you are writing some paper of a very long length, for example, a thesis, you are likely to make some errors. Nobody is excellent when it comes to grammar. Презентація PowerPoint: Checking your text on your own usually takes a lot of time and you still can not be certain that you noticed all of the mistakes. Презентація PowerPoint: This is why you need to proofread your paper by yourself or to hire a paper proofreader to do it for you. A lot of students of MIT or Princeton are using online services to do it. Презентація PowerPoint: If you are studying at an institution like Harvard or Yale you may look for check and correct my paper services. Презентація PowerPoint: Using an edit my paper online service will help you to save time for your writing and make sure that your paper doesn't have any mistakes Презентація PowerPoint: You can also find a lot of information online about paper proofread . This book can help you to understand how to proofread your paper correctly . Презентація PowerPoint: And of course, we are going to give you some tips in this presentation. Презентація PowerPoint: Revising a paper should be done in a separate time after writing. Having a day between writing and proofreading will help you to determine mistakes easier and faster Презентація PowerPoint: You should also write your work in a simple language that is going to be easy to revise. Avoid complex sentence constructions. Презентація PowerPoint: One of the most important things is to properly review your references list. Make your sources were properly cited in your bibliography. Презентація PowerPoint: Also, the titles that you cited need to be mentioned in your text Презентація PowerPoint: One of the most useful tips, when you are proofreading your text, is to do it from a printed paper, not a computer screen. You will find errors in your text faster and easier this way. Презентація PowerPoint: But if you are proofreading on the computer you will be able to use a search function to find similar mistakes faster. Презентація PowerPoint: You can also find many proofreading tools online that will do it for you. But sometimes the quality of an automatic tool can be not good enough so hiring a professional proofreader is also a good idea. Презентація PowerPoint: You can also ask another person to read your paper. They might spot some mistakes that you have missed . Also, make sure you are using a correct tense for a specific part of your paper . Презентація PowerPoint: For example, an abstract should be in a past tense, introduction in present, a literature review in a past tense, methodology in past, results in past, a discussion in a present tense and conclusion in present. Презентація PowerPoint: Hopefully, now you will be able to find mistakes in your texts easier. For more please visit our website :

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