10 tips for Better PowerPoint Presentations!

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Information about 10 tips for Better PowerPoint Presentations!

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: LibraryLessons

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10 tips for high school students to help them do better power point presentations.

10 Tips For Better Power Point Presentations…

#1 • Your first step is to research thoroughly and write your speech. Become an EXPERT on your topic. • Only when this is complete should you start constructing your presentation.

#2 • The Power Point slideshow is NOT the focus of the presentation. • It is there to support YOU, the presenter.

#3 • Never, never ever, ever just read directly from your slides! • Know your topic – use the slides as prompts for yourself that highlight key points to your audience.

#4 • Don’t overload your slides with information

#4b • An extra slide costs nothing 

#5 • Make use of visuals! • Pictures! • Graphs! • Diagrams!

#5b • Use High-Quality Pictures – if it’s pixilated, don’t use it. • Use simple diagrams and graphs – don’t use diagrams that are overloaded with data and information – simple, clean lines are best.

#6 • Don’t go over-the-top with Colours, Fonts or Animations. • Choose a theme and stick to it.

#7 • Use a large Font size • Nothing below 25point • Make sure your text can be read easily • Don’t use background colours that interfere with the delivery of your message.

#8 • Make sure everything works! • If you have a video or website to show, make sure the connections work on the equipment you’ll be using during your presentation. • Nothing worse than a video that won’t play at the crucial moment 

#9 • Mind the Time • Don’t ramble or go off-book • Don’t speak too fast.

#10 • Practice! Practice! Practice! • You can’t practice too much – The more you practice the better you’ll know your topic and you’ll present more effectively. • Read it out loud to the mirror, to your mum, to the cat… • Learn it, so you can speak it, without sounding like you’re saying it by rote.

Good Luck! Library Lessons 2014

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