10 Tips fdcx for Writing Professional Bio

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Published on October 17, 2017

Author: biographer4you

Source: authorstream.com

Презентация PowerPoint: 10 tips for writing professional bio Презентация PowerPoint: A professional bio is an essential piece of writing which indicates who you are, what you do, in what professional areas you’re the best, and what your main achievements. It is the first look at you as a specialist and a person . Презентация PowerPoint: Bio’s ingredients Add to your bio such elements as experience, education, awards and main accomplishments, photo, contact information, etc. But first, begin with a short catchphrase which defines you as a professional. Then, include everything you think is relevant . Презентация PowerPoint: Don’t make it too formal An easy-to-read and conversational bio is more winning than a traditional list of person’s accomplishments and experience which is full of professional jargon and terms not everyone can understand. Make it clear and sweet . Презентация PowerPoint: Define your goal Think about your audience and how you can grab their attention. Start with the introduction of who you are. Then, move to pleasantries. Use professional bio writing services if you have any troubles with writing . Презентация PowerPoint: State yourself as a professional From the very beginning indicate your occupation and professional achievements. For example, say that you are an SEO-specialist who has doubled web traffic for a major client which ended by 150% rise in online sales. This information will be like music to the ears of any recruiters. Презентация PowerPoint: Keep it engaging If you just list your awards, medals, trophies, and achievements – it will be quite boring, especially when you’re using industry-specific terms. Презентация PowerPoint: Professional biography writers make bios engaging, interesting and even fun. So, always think about your readers and speak their language . Презентация PowerPoint: Look at samples Do a research and find well-written and appealing professional bios examples. It is a great way to get an inspiration. However, don’t copy information from these templates but look what techniques these authors used to make bios interesting. Презентация PowerPoint: Don’t forget to update your bio It needs to be fresh and includes the latest information about your professional success. So, update it from time to time and be honest with your readers . Презентация PowerPoint: Provide links to your works Let your audience find out what you’re capable of: show real examples of what you’ve achieved. But don’t be monotonous: play with words, engage the audience and be original . Презентация PowerPoint: Write in the third person Writing in the first person about your accomplishments will sound like you’re simply showing off. Not everyone likes to read something like that. So, “third-person perspective” is the most appropriate here . Презентация PowerPoint: Demonstrate your personality Keep your bio positive and make your readers smile. For this, add a bit of humor, witty twists, unexpected info or just something your audience might be interested in. Think about biography writers for hire If you can’t come up with a bio on your own . Презентация PowerPoint: Be real Be honest about who you are. It doesn’t mean you have to keep your emotions and be as succinct as possible. Just show the audience you’re a normal person and a good specialist who are ready to help them out (especially if your audience is potential customers ). Презентация PowerPoint: Include in your bio both professional and personal details. Your readers should feel like they know who you are and actually like you. Only in this case, they can trust you with their business . Презентация PowerPoint: Stick to the word limit Respect the limit and don’t be too wordy and lengthy. Quite often, catchy and witty two-paragraphs-long written piece makes a greater impression than 3-pages vague bio. A short text is more likely to get read and remembered as well . Презентация PowerPoint: When you are writing professional bio , make every word count. Besides, don’t rush but keep calm and work on the first draft. Write something which makes you proud and helps others to find out more about you . Презентация PowerPoint: Contact details are essential Provide your contact information (email, LinkedIn profile, etc.) at the end of your bio. People need it to get in touch with you . Презентация PowerPoint: Proofread Before publishing your written piece, make sure it is free of errors, well-organized and easy to understand. Ask your friend, to proofread your bio and give you feedbacks. You can find even more tips in this Google book . Презентация PowerPoint: Still need help with bio writing? Check biographer4you.com Right away!

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