10 Things You Can Start Now To Become A Successful Digital Marketer

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Information about 10 Things You Can Start Now To Become A Successful Digital Marketer

Published on February 1, 2014

Author: markdelgado

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Bloggers Corporate Business Graduate Studies Digital Marketing Undecided ??? PowerPoint Presentation: Mark Delgado Founder of Mediactiv8 Go Neg Technopreneur Digital Marketer Blogger MarkProf Batch 4 PowerPoint Presentation: WOULD YOU WANT TO BECOME A DIGITAL MARKETER? PowerPoint Presentation: Did you know? PowerPoint Presentation: Did you know? PowerPoint Presentation: Tons of opportunities PowerPoint Presentation: A letter from Bob Ong PowerPoint Presentation: Go Negosyo Technopreneur Awardee 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Building my own business from a humble blog PowerPoint Presentation: Chance to work with accomplished people PowerPoint Presentation: Speaking engagements PowerPoint Presentation: WOULD YOU WANT TO BECOME A DIGITAL MARKETER? PowerPoint Presentation: 10 THINGS YOU CAN START NOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL MARKETER SOMEDAY PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Start a blog. PowerPoint Presentation: Blogging platforms PowerPoint Presentation: Digital Marketing Personal Travel Food Events Many more! PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Your blog’s USP 2. Target readers 3. Timing When planning for your content, these: PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Create social media pages for your blog. PowerPoint Presentation: Top Social Media Sites in the Philippines SOURCE: WWW.ALEXA.COM AS OF JAN. 31, 2014 1. Facebook 2. YouTube 3. Twitter 4 . LinkedIn 5. Pinterest PowerPoint Presentation: Engage your community. PowerPoint Presentation: 1) Timing 2) Copy When posting via social media, consider these: 3 ) Call To Action PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Post photos. 2. Ask a question. Tips to get higher engagement: 3. Fill in the blank. 4. Caption this. 5. Quotes 6 . Like vs. Share PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Attend blogging events. PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Build your blog first. Tips in joining blogging events: 2. Grow your community. 3. Look for blogging groups. PowerPoint Presentation: 5. Get a LinkedIn account. www.linkedin.com/in/markjosephdelgado PowerPoint Presentation: 3 . Don’t use your “cute” email addresses. 1. Use the right keywords and then describe your accomplishments. 4. No selfies please. 2. Connect with people you know and look up to. PowerPoint Presentation: 6. Learn basic SEO. PowerPoint Presentation: 7. Develop your blogging style. PowerPoint Presentation: Essay Feature News Literary Photoblog Vlog PowerPoint Presentation: 8. Create your database of readers. PowerPoint Presentation: 9. Create your own digital marketing campaign. PowerPoint Presentation: Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 PowerPoint Presentation: Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 PowerPoint Presentation: Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Where am I now? 2. Where do I want to be? 3. How will I get there? When planning for anything, consider these: PowerPoint Presentation: 10. Persevere. You won’t regret it. PowerPoint Presentation: Career tips, anyone? PowerPoint Presentation: Have a career plan. PowerPoint Presentation: During your application, be sincere with the job. PowerPoint Presentation: Pray hard for your first job and your first boss. They will set a lot of things for you. PowerPoint Presentation: On your first day, do not change the world. Not right away. PowerPoint Presentation: Dreams do come true. PowerPoint Presentation: Remember the people you will meet along the way. PowerPoint Presentation: Flee from sin. Don’t just avoid it. PowerPoint Presentation: As you dream, include the ones who had always been beside you. PowerPoint Presentation: God will always be there to meet you. Deuteronomy 31:6 PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Don’t lose heart when it seems like nothing’s happening during the first few months. 2. Don’t stop learning. PARTING WORDS 3. Begin today. PowerPoint Presentation: February 15, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City PowerPoint Presentation: Let’s keep in touch via www.mediactiv8.com

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