10 Things To Know Before Buying An Email List

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Information about 10 Things To Know Before Buying An Email List

Published on October 17, 2016

Author: BlueMailMedia

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1. 10 things to know before buying an email list

2. Check the Authentication of the seller 1. Contact the seller a few times via phone number or live chat. 2. If you get an immediate & positive response, it means you reach a live person. 3. If you can't get connected with a live person then it’s highly anticipated you’ll receive fraudulent email addresses.

3. Avoid Business Email List 1. Try to avoid Generic Email Address as it brings out less response. 2. Double-check the email addresses aren’t compiled from web crawlers. 3. For an email list campaign to be successful, the important part is the email address of CEO /Surgeon rather than irrelevant information.

4. Always Go For 90+% Deliverability Guarantee . If the Deliverability rate is above, 90% it helps increase the email response rate. 2. If the Deliverability rate is below 90%, the ISPs will block “good-deliverable” email addresses or divert them to the SPAM box. 3. Thus making the email campaign successful, always demand a 90+ percent email delivery rate.

5. Money Refund Always Assures Quality 1. Purchase email lists that come up with a “money refund” guarantee. 2. You’ll be liable to receive a high-quality email list whenever there is an assurance of money return.

6. Full Name of Email Recipient and Direct Mail Address are must The email list should comprise of “full contact name” of the email recipient and the “direct mail address”. Double-check whether an email list is missing this vital data. Make sure the direct mail addresses have a 90+ percent delivery guarantee or money refund guarantee. Without having the “full name” of email recipient and direct mail address, you’re only beating around the bush. The full name of email recipient will help you verify if you’re receiving multiple emails addresses for the same person.

7. Easy Way to Verify the Genuineness of the Business Email List Whenever purchasing a business email list make sure to request phones for every record. Once you receive your email list, just call a random sample to verify whether the database is authentic or not. If the email list supplier doesn’t provide phones for the email list, then it is highly recommended you avoid buying the business email list.

8. Are You Getting the List You Requested For? To verify the potency of your email list there is another option called, ‘the Demographic Enhancement Report’. The report shows the age, income, gender, net worth, and other demographic profile of your list.

9. Give value for time Don’t opt for low quality, cheap email lists that consume a lot more time. The time and hassle in dealing with a low-quality email list can sum up a lot of dollars. There is also the risk of using low-quality email lists as your IP address may be blacklisted Besides, to the above there is the potential risk- harm to your brand or company name.

10. Comply With the Myth of Email List Success The Truth of the matter is that you need quality email addresses rather than quantity. 5,000 thoroughly targeted quality email addresses will generate more responses than that of 100,000 low-quality email addresses

11. Low-Cost Email List If a list seller wants to give you email addresses for a reasonable price, then it’s highly recommended that you review rules 1 through 9. If rules 1 to 9 receive a positive score, you should buy that email list

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