10 things I've learnt about lean startup: It's f*****g hard that's for sure!

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Information about 10 things I've learnt about lean startup: It's f*****g hard that's for...

Published on November 22, 2012

Author: spookstudio

Source: slideshare.net


Slides from talk at Lean Startup Brighton event 'Applying lean: Tips, techniques & stories' Nov 21st, 2012, The Skiff

10 things wot I learnt about lean startupIt’s f*****g hard, that’s for sure!Laurence McCahill, Spook Studio

First, a bit ofbackground


Why goLean?

“Life’s too short to build somethingnobody wants” Ash Maurya, Spark59

Waterfall = fail?Chart by @lfittl

Agile/lean=wiggle it!Chart by @lfittl

“At least 2/3 of our ideas are never goingto work. The other 1/3 will take 3/4iterations to get right” Marty Cagan

Lean startup cycle

Lean UX cycle

Key principles of lean

Test yourassumptions

Focus oncustomer needs

Reduce cycle times

More facts,less intuition

Less documenting more doing

Right action right time

So, onto mylean learnings…

1 RFPs suck! (requirements = hypotheses)

“I don’t care how smart you are.Every design solution you put out thereis a hypothesis.” Jeff Gothelf, Neo

2 Egos and lean don’t mix well

© rhonda_liberman

It’s not about you anymore© rhonda_liberman

3 Context changes tactics

Startup prioritizerWhat’s most important for your startup?There’s a finite amount of resource available

4 Balanced teams make better products

businessdesign technology

6 Cust dev is hard (& founders should do it)

“Customers don’t care about your solution.They care about their problems.”Dave McClure, 500 Startups

7 Bad news gets worse thelonger you leave it

“How can I bounce my ideas off themarket cheaper and faster?”Rob Fitzpatrick, Dex.io/FounderCentric

8Opinions = guesses (& the founder always wins)

"Success is not delivering a feature;success is learning how to solve thecustomers problem.” Mark Cook, Kodak

9 MVP ≠ minimum viable pants

9 1 metricthat matters beats 100 that don’t

“Vanity metrics make you feel good butdon’t offer clear guidance on what to do.”Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

10 It’s ain’t no silver bullet (nor cheap/fast!)

In summary:How to get it right…

1 Rip up the spec and host a workshop

2Biz, design & tech around the same table

31 Decide on key priorities from day 1

4 Work with people you like (that trust you)

5 Kill your ideas before you build them

6 Talk with customers throughout

7Don’t guess, learn (there are no answers in the boardroom!)

8 Make your MVP minimum awesome

9 Find your one metric that matters

10 Own the process don’t let it own you

Lean© alykat anyone?

There are tons oftools out there…

But if you only use one…

The lean canvas

Some further reading


Thanks!Laurence McCahill @welovelean

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