10 Tasks for L&D Departments in 2014 - Learning Insights Report Webinar Feb 2014

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: KineoPacific

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Technology is shaking the foundation that L&D was built on. Nowadays, learning is becoming more collaborative, continuous connected and community-based. In this webinar, we’re identifying 10 emerging learning technology trends that learning and development professionals need to look out for, and 10 practical ways to implement them in the workplace.

Learning at the Speed of Need: 10 Tasks for L&D Departments in 2014 26/2/2014 Presented by: TO DIAL IN: Australia: +61 3 8644 7030 New Zealand +64 4 974 7248 UK +44 20 7151 1848 US +1 (516) 453 – 0014 Access Code: 785 699 807 Twitter - @kineopacific #kineoinsights Zack Harvey 1

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What challenges, trends, issues?

Learning at the speed of need 10 Trends & Opportunities in 2014

1 Learning is pervasive Learning is continuous, collaborative & connected. Lives outside a learning management system. You can’t control it.

70 : 20 : 10 33 : 33 : 33


Learning always taken many forms: - problem solving - watching - trial and error - imitating - coaching - feedback - conversation - helping others - enquiry - critical thinking - listening - writing - reflecting - competing

Informal and user generated learning content expanding e.g. Google, ebooks, videos, podcasts, blog articles, slides, webinars, etc. Social learning expanding through online networks, that allow commenting, ratings, and sharing.

2 Assessment is different in a pervasive learning world “As learning becomes social and fluid, the 10 question test just won’t cut it any more”

Open Badges- show you know, keep it fresh

Example - Good Shepherd Microfinance

Example – Open2Study

3 Design and delivery challenges Content and learning needs to be pervasive across all devices

Workforces more global, more mobile Speed of change - legislation, products Technology - multiple devices

How many devices do you use in a typical day? (Desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets) 1. 2. 3. 4. One Two Three More than 3

We live in a multi-device world

We live in a multi-device world

Reality is not desktop v mobile but multi-device delivery

Web moving from mobile design to responsive multi-device design Volume of Google searches Mobile web design Responsive web design http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_Web_Design

From multiple versions to a single responsive version www.shell.com

New Scrolling Navigation Driven by scrolling on phones and tablets More elegant More exploratory No navigation Becoming a web norm

Scrolling Designs http://www.dangersoffracking.com/ http://titanic.q-music.be/

Scrolling Advocates Amazon. Each product has a single page. The Kindle, the product page was 17,244 pixels long. Amazon clearly does not have a problem with using long pages to sell its best selling product. Amaze redesigned Volvo site using long single section pages. Whilst not all people scroll all the way down, 46% of users see the majority of the content. In the past, the typical user only saw 18% of the content of the relevant car chapter.

Implications for E-Learning

Old World Delivering to Multiple Devices Publish to or produce: - native iPhone app - native Blackberry app - native Android app - Flash version - HTML version for iPads Even single source publishing still means different versions to update and track. Can be further complicated with languages.

One version that responds not multiple versions Fluid design, not fixed screen sizes Is it a dream? Let’s see a demo

Kineo’s Adapt Framework

Intelligent Responsiveness • Simplifies content for smartphones • Changes interaction for smaller screens • Reduces image size or removes for Smartphone

Benefits of Responsive E-Learning One version works on all devices One version to track and maintain Distribute from a single LMS Accessible content Searchable content More cost effective Allows sequential screening

Adapt Delivering learning content to multiple devices.

4 Design higher empathy learning Adaptive and personalised learning and engagement models

e.g Compliance course High system Contribute & collaborate Efficient but impersonal Immersive & real Low empathy High empathy e.g. Coaching Mentoring e.g. Resources Books Not organised, self directed Targeted & personalised Low system Personal but hard to scale

The web is moving this way Amazon and Google are highly personalised based on your behaviour Amazon knows what sites you visited, what you looked at, prices you were offered, where your mouse hovered.....

Learning Sites We track and record learning, mostly so we can report on activity, progress, and completion Commercial Sites Track activity so can change what is provided to us on the next visit eg adverts, offers, relevant content Would you rather deliver an LMS or Amazon experience?


High system Low empathy High empathy Low system

5 Line managers remain critical

Higher empathy approaches - Coaching Mentoring Feedback Reflection - All rely on managers and coaches

6 Never underestimate the power of learners to help each other and learn from each other

Users forming their own groups and seeking help from their networks

Social learning Users adopting new technologies - Facebook Groups - Webinars Users not waiting

7 Danger Informal Learning Becomes Chaotic How can we guide learners? Provide resources not courses. Curate content. Provide guidance / templates / toolkits

Marketing to Support Learning But how do you get people interested in them? How do you make them feel it is something they MUST go through? How do you target messages to specific audiences? How can you keep the messages out there to help embed any elements of learning and behaviour change? How do you get learners to return to the learning? A marketing-style campaign can make the difference… 59

Marketing to Support Learning Parallel marketing campaign to: • Reach more people more quickly • Attract and convert learners into advocates • Involve the community and respond to early feedback 60

This worked brilliantly with the Brandon Hall award-winning Warner Bros campaign for Data Protection Programme Trailers Digital and Physical Posters E-learning Viral Videos

Content Authority. Authorship = new currency Google concerned with the author and their authority in the topic, now tracks authors and displays them.

Content Authority - Social Signals Number of shares signals how valuable content is. Learners rank relevance, not designers or admins

8 Internal staff development Recruit for attitude, motivation, …‘Will not skill’ Growth in Apprenticeships

9 More for less

More for less Business case Focus on benefits Align to strategy “Follow the money”

Utilise lower cost methods - Open source - Rapid tools -Free tools e.g. Google hangouts, Skype

Objectives: • Improvement in mystery dining scores • Growth in sales in cafés • Reduction in volume of customer complaints • Deliver to 8,000 people as fast as possible • Control costs and deliver a significant return on investment

10 Where web technology goes, learning will follow

Hummingbird – First new Google Algorithm for 10 years Semantic search understands meaning.... Users asking questions not searching keywords.... Predicts what you want.... That’s what we should be doing

If Google was building an LMS.... Provide what you need before you ask for it Instantly available on all devices Voice search Personalised results Guide you to resources based on author authority & social signals Content seamlessly works across all devices Content itself be immersive, adapt to your needs Assess and recognise learning wherever it takes place

In Summary The future is not what it was...

10 Suggestions for 2014 1. Establish a culture of pervasive learning Curate, champion, connect – don’t control 2. Increase empathy in your learning experiences Show people you care – diagnostic, support, manager follow through 3. Let Google lead – but don’t fall too far behind How can you personalise results in your LMS and systems? Can you offer meaningful suggestions to learners?

4. Improve systems, reduce their cost technology Open source / authoring tools Spend on distribution as well as content (and it’s cheap) 5. Make assessment an experience not an event Think beyond the test, continuous and multi-channel Social participation as assessment?

6. Follow the money and prove the value ROI still key but include Google Analytics in your measure too 7. Empathise with and enable your line managers They are your empathy agents – are they looked after?

9. Be a consultant It’s up to us to drive change - one project at a time “We need to make from taking orders for more of the same to saying let’s do it differently” 10. Become an authority “Design and delivery is a commodity, expertise is a differentiator” Show your expertise – share inside and outside via Social Media Be relentless – be pervasive – build your brand!

Thank you Report and lots more available at www.kineo.com/resources twitter @kineopacific zack.harvey@kineo.com.au

Thank you and please keep in touch… • Showcase Access (AU) Zack Harvey - zack.harvey@kineo.com.au (NZ) Nolen Smith - nolen.smith@kineo.co.nz • LinkedIn eLearning Professionals Group Kineo Pacific Company Page • Twitter @kineopacific • FREE Resources www.kineo.com/au/resources • Top Tips App iTunes App Store • Blogs Cammy Bean – Learning Visions Nigel Young – Nth Degree

Thank you Report and lots more available at www.kineo.com/resources twitter @kineopacific zack.harvey@kineo.com.au

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