10 Steps Towards Practicing Health

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Published on February 18, 2014

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10 Steps Towards Practicing Health

10 Easy Steps Towards Practicing Health

#1 Health is a blessing from the Creator. We are responsible to maintain it.

#2 Your mind chooses your life. Mind is the root for all diseases. Change your mind to change your life.

#3 Early to bed, early to rise

#4 Prevention is better than cure.

#5 Treat not the organ but the body; avoid foods harmful to your body parts.

#6 Virtually divide your stomach into3 parts, Fill 1st part with food, 2nd part with water and keep the 3rd part empty.

#7 Start drinking water only, not colas. Water is the greatest purifier of the body.

#8 Fasting is the best alternative for dieting. Start 2 days fasting per week (Mon & Thu)

#9 Exercise gives health body and mind, especially for Men bearing physical strains.

#10 Having a happy Family is the best way to have a healthy life.

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