10 Reasons Why Your App Will Fail

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Information about 10 Reasons Why Your App Will Fail

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: TestLab4apps

Source: slideshare.net


You probably know how many competitors your app has and how often the new ones appear. How not to lose your user under such pressure. Here is the answer to that question.

Have you tested your app for these 10 aspects leading to failure? Are you familiar with any of these issues?

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www.testlab4apps.com 10 Reasons Why Your App Will Fail

1. App versions for different OS differ too much www.testlab4apps.com It’s great to have the same app everywhere. Until you see there are no emoticons on PC client or there is no option to send a freaky photo to group chat from phone. Why not look for an alternative?

2. Your app is excessively active Should really every track listened, every place visited, every person met automatically be posted to user’s timeline? Annoying, don’t you think? www.testlab4apps.com

Many prefer multitasking (music player, IM and FaceBook in the background). Make sure your app doesn’t use 75% of device memory and almost all the CPU. www.testlab4apps.com 3. Excessive resources utilization

4. Think time is longer than average Do I need an umbrella today? Let me check my weather app. Oh, it wants to get my location, OK, I’ll wait. What? Can’t connect to the server. Retry? Yes, please. Acquiring data, are you kidding me? Faster, please, I’ll miss my bus. www.testlab4apps.com

5. Battery Draining Power consumption is an Achilles’ heel of modern mobile handsets. If 40% of energy is consumed for ads and sync, will your user be happy about it? www.testlab4apps.com

Why do you need my aunt’s address? Does your app require access to contacts, call logs, internal storage etc. Why? It’s just a calculator. Looks like it can’t be trusted. 6. Asking for data you don’t really need www.testlab4apps.com

7. And another crash... 5, 10, 20 minutes after the app starts, it crashes with no reason. It’s even impossible to define the cause. Was this tested before releasing? www.testlab4apps.com

8. As many ads as possible An ad takes half of the home screen, an ad appears on every further step, the user mistakenly pressed the ad banner instead of the button. No, thank you. Uninstall. www.testlab4apps.com

9. Need for too much data By buying the mobile a user also buys a data plan to use the device. Between one using 30 MB and one using 5 MB - which one would you leave in your gadget? www.testlab4apps.com

10. Free that is not really free So, the user installed your app for free. And here begins: buy this map/item/feature, and that one, and this also can’t be done without more money. Users are not eager to spend $5-10 per item in a free app. www.testlab4apps.com

Want to succeed? Here is a magic trick: Be the user of your app aim to bring the best experience to each person on the other side of the smartphone www.testlab4apps.com

Email: info@testlab4apps.com Phone: +1-212-7960791 www.testlab4apps.com

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