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Published on July 31, 2009

Author: The_GOLD_Room

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Historically, Gold has acted as a hedge to inflation. If you are not convinced that inflation is headed our way, check out www.gold2hold.com.

There are 10 compelling reasons why gold isgoing to do well this year. www.goldtohold.com

The Stimulus Effect:Including $1 trillion in cash infusions, thestimulus plan will pump $9.7 trillion into the economy, according to Bloomberg. As the Globe & Mail reports flatly,“Many believe that the monetary stimulus efforts will cause a spike in inflation,” driving gold higher. www.goldtohold.com

COMEX Traders Predict $1,600 Gold… by December: If gold trades at or above $1,600 byDecember, some 100,000 call optioncontracts will be “in the money.” Big- money players Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are reportedly helping to drive the action, ahead of a huge purchase of gold futures contracts. www.goldtohold.com

“Big Money” Inflows:In 2008, NYC-based hedge fund Paulson & Co’s flagship fund returned 37%, as theworld markets burned. Paulson’s bullish on gold, big time, including the Mar. 17 purchase of 39.9 million shares ofAngloGold, worth $1.28 billion. Other major hedge funds are piling into gold, too, including Eton Park Capital, Greenlight Capital and Hayman Advisors. www.goldtohold.com

China’s Doubling Down!China just revealed that it has doubledits gold holdings to 1,054 tons. Yet that still only equals 1.6% of its overall reserves. As China moves out of U.S.Treasuries and into gold, this will help fuel the next leg of the run-up. www.goldtohold.com

Demand Building across the Board: Worldwide demand for gold jumped by $29.7 billion in the first quarter, a 36% bolt, according to the World Gold Council. Demand for gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) rocketed 540%... another trigger for the coming gold boom. www.goldtohold.com

The Paper Dollar’s 30% Drop:Since 2001, the U.S. Dollar Index has tanked 30%... while gold has risen 300%. With all the downward pressure on the dollar, and inflation on the way, this trend is about to pick up steam. www.goldtohold.com

Gold/Dow Ratio Signals $8,000 Gold: During major gold bull markets (and corresponding equity bears), gold and the Dow converge at a 1-to-1 ratio. During the last gold bull, the Dow sank to 850 and gold rose to $850. The Dow is now over 8,000… But even if it fell to 4,000, we could see $4,000 gold before this bull run is over! www.goldtohold.com

U.S. Treasury Dept. Signals $5,468 Gold: Currently, the U.S. government holds about 286.9 million ouncesof gold. It has printed about $1.569 trillion worth of paper dollars. If each dollar were backed by gold, that would put the price at $5,468.80 an ounce. www.goldtohold.com

Riding the “Commodity Super Cycle”: Jim Rogers expects the Commodity Super Cycle to drive commodity prices higher for another eight years… including gold. And he’s stockpiling the yellow metal by the day. Every pullback, says Rogers, is another buying opportunity. Considering he’s been dead right on every major trend of the past 40 years, we wouldn’t bet against him. www.goldtohold.com

Historic Model Predicts $6,214 Gold: During the last gold bull, the yellow metal ran from $35 an ounce to $850, a 24-fold increase. This bull started with gold at $255.95, meaning that if historic trends hold, the price target would be $6,214 an ounce. www.goldtohold.com

Visit www.goldtohold.com or call 866-406-9012WHAT IS THE CONCLUSION?• Warren Buffet has been quoted to say; “I recommend that 25% of your investment strategy should be placed in the metals.”• Gold and Silver will provide a hedge, or ‘insurance policy’, against pending inflation.• Contact Brendan Burns at 469-644-9998 or visit www.goldtohold.com to learn what you can do to protect your financial wealth. www.goldtohold.com www.goldtohold.com

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