10 Reason Why You Should Try Apple Cider Vinegar

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Information about 10 Reason Why You Should Try Apple Cider Vinegar
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: lquinanola1

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10 reasons why you should try apple cider vinegar. Discover its astonishing health properties for yourself!

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PREVENTS INDIGESTION If bacteria is the root of your stomach problems, take 2 spoons full of Apple cider vinegar. It’s pectin and antibiotic properties helps soothe intestinal spasms

CURES SORE THROATS Bacteria and other germs can’t stand the acidic nature. Take a spoonful and mix it with half a cup of warm water to kill those germs!

BREAKS SINUS AND MUCUS Clears sinus pressure with its antibiotic properties.

ALLEVIATES CANDIDA Candida is a yeast that develops into thrush in humans. Apple cider vinegar has natural enzymes that rids your body of Candida

SOOTHES SUN BURNS Add a cup to a warm water bath to feel its rejuvenating properties.

REMOVES TEETH STAINS Its Antiseptic properties helps to remove stains, destroy plaque, and kill odor causing bacteria.

AIDS IN WEIGHT-LOSS Apple cider vinegar’s main ingredient is Acetic acid, which inhibits the rise of triglycerides.

DETOXES YOUR SYSTEM Because of its acidic content, the apple cider vinegars helps balances alkaline levels and maintains homeostasis

SHINIER HEALTHIER HAIR ½ a table spoon mixed with some cold water in a shampoo bottle makes an excellent after shampoo rinse that makes your hair dramatically shinier and healthier

BRIGHTENS SKIN Dilute Apple cider vinegar in 2 parts water and this could be used as a leave in supplement to fade age spots, acne scars, and kills warts!

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