10 proven Gala Fundraising Tips for Your Nonprofit

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Information about 10 proven Gala Fundraising Tips for Your Nonprofit

Published on October 26, 2018

Author: donorbox

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1. 10 Proven Gala Fundraising Tips for Your Nonprofit


3. GALA FUNDRAISERS Opportunity to gather some of your nonprofit’s supporters and donors in one place and present to them your achievements and successes

4. Best Gala Fundraising Ideas and Tips

5. 1 ENSURE YOUR GALA WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS Goal setting Healthy fundraising campaign

6.  Review your strategic goals and objectives  Look at your fundraising goals and objectives  Clearly ensure that organizing a gala fundraiser fits with those

7. Specific – The goal should deal with a specific area of performance or a specific KPI Measurable – The goal should be measurable, not subjective Attainable – The goal should be ambitious, but remaining within the realm of possibility Relevant – The goal should be connected to the overall mission and vision of the organization Time-bound – The goal should have a deadline SMART method

8. 2 PUT TOGETHER AN EVENT TEAM Distribute tasks Commitment and hard work

9. CONSIDER ALLOCATING RESPONSIBILITIES BY ZONE  Venue and logistics management  Speakers  Marketing and PR  Sponsors  Attendee/delegate experience

10. 3 THINK ABOUT THE VENUE Finding the right venue Christmas and New Year’s holidays

11. Book early while carefully considering the location and access, the type of venue, the dates, the type of your agenda, the food and beverages

12. 4 DO MORE WITH LESS – OR NOT? Spending Saving

13. Set a budget that balances smart spending and providing a great environment for your attendees

14. 5 GO DIGITAL Technology Outsourcing

15.  Registration and payment  Displaying schedules  Sharing information about and around the event  Seating and table arrangements  Reporting and analytics tracking

16. 6 DECIDE HOW TO ACCEPT DONATIONS Raise funds Accepting additional donations

17.  Text-to-give  Cash-only  Donation kiosks  Mobile-optimized donation forms

18. 7 ENRICH YOUR PROGRAM WITH ACTIVITIES 7.1. Auctions 7.2. Raffles Raffles can either be run as part of a fundraising event, or as a dedicated fundraiser outside of an event Auctions are a staple when it comes to gala fundraisers and nonprofit fundraising in general

19. Make sure you read up on rules and regulations when it comes to holding a raffle in your respective country

20. 8 MAKE THE GUEST EXPERIENCE YOUR PRIORITY Stay away from the ‘me, me, me’ approach Talk more about your nonprofit

21. Gala fundraisers should be about celebration too. Get that spirit across through your decorations, your words, and your agenda

22. 9 FUN, FUN, FUN Fun is the essential Spread good words about your nonprofit

23. Wonderland (a grownup tea party with scones) Masquerade (masque ball with a live band complete with mask competitions and fireworks) Magical Garden (a gala in a botanical garden with bold patterns complete with organic and healthy appetizers)

24. 10 DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE AFTER Logistics, speakers, locations Thank you Emails

25. Thank sponsors, speakers, VIPs, etc. by mail, phone call or e-mail – whatever is most appropriate for your specific relationships

26. Organizing gala fundraisers can be a stressful and resource-consuming endeavor In addition to being a great platform [DonorBox.org] for raising funds, gala fundraisers are also an opportunity to build strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships with donors and supporters

27. https://donorbox.org/nonprofit-blog/gala-fundraising-tips/ READ THE ENTIRE BLOG

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