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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: matteocassese

Source: slideshare.net


Discover 10 simple actionable tips that can instantly make your next presentation a success. Presentation Hero is a framework to structure, design and deliver any kind of presentation. In this first document we focus on presentation structure: how to captivate your audience, how to structure your narration, how to start, how to conclude your presentation? Discover the simplicity and clarity of Presentation Hero and improve your presentation skills.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 10 PRESENTATION TIPS IN UNDER 10 MINUTES A sneak preview of PRESENTATION HERO

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc In fact you are working on one right now... You do presentations.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 1/3 & you have barely enough time. It’s due tomorrow

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Say you meet me. I’m Matteo by the way...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 1/3 I’m part visionary entrepreneur and part presentation freak.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc I have just 10 minutes. I’m also out of time

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc In just 10 minutes together, these are the 10 most useful presentation tips I would give you. Let’s start!

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 1. Know your audience

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc If you have the time to do one thing, then devote all of it to knowing your audience.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Put yourself in their shoes, imagine what they would want to get from your presentation.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Think about ways to simplify the relationship between your audience and your material.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Over the course of this presentation every tip will come with an example related to exactly this presentation.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “My audience is composed by people that - for their work - need to make presentations”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc For the next tips imagine that you step on the stage...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 2. Tell your audience who you are

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Make sure that everyone in the room has understood your name, but also that they are also able to describe who you are.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “Hello, I'm Matteo, visionary innovator and entrepreneur”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 3. Tell your audience why you are there

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Explain your motivation for presenting, let your unique knowledge and perspective show.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Help your audience understand how passionate you are about what you are going to talk about.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc ...will mean a lot to your audience too. If you care, chances are your presentation...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “Why am I here? Well, I’m a bit of a presentation freak...”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 4. Tell your audience why they are there

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Within the first minutes of your presentation provide your audience with a sample of the advantage they will gain by following your presentation till the end.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Show them what they will gain from your presentation and, more importantly, how it will change them.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “I bet you have found already something actionable among my tips. Well done!”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 5. Develop a story based on the transformation you wish to happen in your audience

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Your presentation should elicit a change in the way they see, feel or relate to your topic.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc If you are not eliciting a change, then you are not providing enough content.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc No change No presentation =

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “You are going to get much better at making presentations. Starting now!”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 6. Everyone reacts differently

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Every individual in your audience will react in a unique manner. And that’s totally fine!

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Some will just understand, many will reject your ideas, some will be confused, some will look for the the tweetable content, others will be all over your data & research.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc ...at the same time Don’t try to please everyone...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “Not everybody likes lists. These 10 tips are ment for the pragmatists among you”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 7. Clearly mark the moment you deliver your most important concept

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc I’m talking about a climax

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Imagine the climax as the summit, the peak, the high point of your narrative, the moment you deliver the most insight, the one concept that is most transformative.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc This is the moment where your audience understands that they have arrived at the core of your idea.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc It’s all down hill from that moment on...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Your audience knows that this marks also the beginning of the end of the presentation.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Don't disappoint your audience by remaining on stage too long after your main climax.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “Let’s check the fuel. We are at tip # 7. Do you already feel like opening PowerPoint and fixing your presentation?”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 8. Provide a summary of what you have covered

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Towards the end of your presentation provide a summary, a birds eye view of what you have covered.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc This will help your audience understand your material & aid them in making sense & remembering it.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “We climbed the climax and are getting ready for a smooth landing”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 9. Provide actionable to do’s

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Let your wisdom show through something actionable, that your audience can apply to their every day life.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc This is your gift to them!

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc You're allowed to end on a call to action, a hope, a wish, a word of wisdom. Make it quick though.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “You can apply most of these tips to your presentation, even if your presentation is tomorrow”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Last but not least...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 10. Be comfortable with your material

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Make sure you feel comfortable with your material. If you aren’t it will show and no trick will save you.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Presentations shed a spotlight on you and your abilities. Make sure you are ready.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Structure, design, delivery are good skills. Being knowledgeable about the topic is essential.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Know your stuff.

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Or go back to your desk & learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn...

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Example “I truly am a presentation freak. Does it show?”

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc To summarize

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 1. Know your audience 2. Tell your audience who you are 3. Tell them why you’re there 4. Tell them why they are there

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 5. Transform your audience 6. Everyone reacts differently 7. Mark your most important concept

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc 8. Provide a summary 9. Provide actionable to do’s 10. Know your material

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Presentation Hero is much more than this... Do you want more presentation advice?

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Subscribe to the PRESENTATION HERO email list to access more content like this! click: fbbr.co/preshero or scan:

fbbr.co/preshero@matteoc Thank you! Special thanks: Andrea Volpini, Tommaso Lana, Daniela Berto, Rafael Swiniarski, André Pankratz, Livia Patta, Davide Novelli, Stephanie Richards, Alessandro Pedori, Elisabetta Cassese Photo Credits: Stefano Corso Music: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 3.0) Lost Moon Cosmic Forest by Questiion Icons: Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 3.0) Projection Screen designed by Garrett Knoll from the Noun Project Crowd designed by Alex Kwa from the Noun Project Frame designed by irene hoffman from the Noun Project Transform designed by Daniel Hug from the Noun Project Independent designed by Griffin Mullins from the Noun Project Picture designed by Chris Clausen from the Noun Project Compass designed by Jens Windolf from the Noun Project Compass Rose designed by Proletkult Graphik from the Noun Project Book designed by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project PRESENTATION HERO is produced by LA FABBRICA DELLA REALTÀ Share on Twitter! 10 presentation tips in 10 minutes: a sneak preview of #presentationhero http://fbbr.co/preshero via @matteoc

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