10 Most In-Demand Professions in Canada

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Information about 10 Most In-Demand Professions in Canada

Published on September 22, 2014

Author: navut

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Are you moving to Canada and looking for a job? Or perhaps you live here and are wondering what the best industries are. Check out this guide to the 10 most in-demand professions in Canada. (navut.com)

blog.navut.com http://blog.navut.com/top-10-most-in-demand-professions-in-canada/ Top 10 | Most in demand professions in Canada A worker within the Energy & Utilities sector of Canada Most people move to Canada for educational purposes while others are looking to find their dream jobs. Indeed, the Great White North is home to many employment opportunities but each city has its own demand for jobs. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most in demand professions in Canada to get a better idea. Let’s begin the most in demand professions in Canada with: Professional Services Though the title itself is broad, what is incorporated in this designation is a wide variety of non-finance positions in fields such as Human Resources, Consultation and Law. You will be able to guide clients or employees and solve everyday problems. Financial Services If you’re looking for positions that involve finances and such, then your best bets are with banks, investment brokers, accounting firms, revenue agencies and etc. Basically any financial service that doesn’t involve insurances fall into this category. Luckily, major cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are home to large financial districts with these kinds of institutions.

Telecomm, Media and Tech Rather than making cold-call sales through the phone, positions in this field require the expertise of IT support workers and technicians. This area provides mainly high-tech professions that would involve software building and media creation in addition to research and development. Agriculture If you’re skilled in hard labour then producing agriculture/ manufacturing natural goods can be right for you. You also have access to jobs that involve assembly line and skilled trades. This field may be tough for some but the payoff is great for those who enjoy the more physical, environmental and outdoor side of work. Health Care If you’ve always wanted to be a doctor or nurse then Canada has the right opportunities for you. It doesn’t only include the physical angle, but also psychological, technical and administrative expertise within the country’s healthcare system. If you were already a healthcare worker prior to your arrival, it might be necessary for you to get further accreditation in Canada to be able to practice, unfortunately. However, the need for more experts in this field has made the accreditation process accessible through the universities and the government. Insurance This kind of field is distinctive from most financial positions as there are unique firms that do sell independent insurance packages. If you’re looking into becoming a claims adjuster or insurance broker then this is what you’ve been looking for. Government Working within the Public Sector generally means civil service jobs that help a municipality function properly. This involves jobs like a city’s transit system or the national postal service. Working for the government means to improve the logistics of the country’s functioning through its various public sectors (health, finance, social services, etc.) with usually stable, well-paid and secure jobs. Hospitality & Hotels Whether it’s managing a hotel or restaurant, this sector already provides many job opportunities with benefits attached and good pay. These jobs mostly involve the service industry, like waitering, food service, housekeeping, janitorial positions and the like, and can be great for work starting points or long-term careers. Education If you are into teaching kids from primary to high school or are looking to be a professor at a prestigious Canadian university, then this country has everything you need. This sector is also similar to public services. Canada provides as much as it can for it’s teacher with workshops to improve their skill set and more. Energy and Utilities If you’re looking for jobs that involve the production and maintenance of energy through means like oil or hydro-electricity, then have no fear because there are many jobs available. As these are areas always in expansion, it’s very probably that your expertise in this field would be very in demand. Overall, this is a broad look at what kind of employment opportunities Canada provides. Some cities rank which ones are highest in demand. According to websites like Workopolis or CanadianBusiness the following are the most demanding jobs for 2014: Toronto: Business Analyst

Winnipeg: Geotechnical Engineer Vancouver: Geotechnical Engineer Calgary: Electrical Engineer Montreal: Electrical Engineer Now the most demanding job doesn’t necessarily mean that it pays the highest. It only means that you have a better chance of finding a job if you specialize in that field. Canada is a land of employment possibilities and is willing to help you get started in finding your dream career. Best of luck on your search!! If you want to know more about the cities and neighbourhoods that provide access to great jobs then check out Navut’s neighbourhood profile to learn more. Happy Job Hunting!

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