10. Function I

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: JosephHenryMurphy

Source: slideshare.net

From last time… • Global vs. local variable scope! • Making static assets with saveFrame()

Functions I CAP

Functions Review void setup() {} void draw() {} • We can do two things with functions:! ! 1. call a function:! ! ! size(500,500); 2. define a function:! ! ! void size(int width, int height) {}

Defining a Function the type of value we expect to be ‘returned’ the arguments we can pass in returnType functionName( argumentList ) { // some code goes here }

the variable type we expect to be ‘returned’ the arguments we will pass in returnType functionName( argumentList ) { // some code goes here } 1. Function Name: a name! 2. Input: the variable types of arguments we will pass in! 3. Output: the variable type that will be returned ( void signifies that we do not expect returned value )

Demo! square() function

Why functions? • Functions organize code in a way that humans can understand! • Modularity: smaller, more readable, more manageable bits of code; it’s debuggable!! • Reusability: you can reuse code within a sketch (two pong paddles) or between sketches

Example Organized into functions vs. pure chaos

Time Permitting! Demo! Make Pong Functions

For next time… • Read Shiffman, p. 107–119 (Functions II)! • Continue (or start) working on Iteration 1 Quiz 2! Variables, Conditionals, & Loops

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