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Information about 10 blogging tips (slideshow)

Published on January 12, 2018

Author: YanksonSocial

Source: slideshare.net

1. 10 Blogging Tips Emmanuel Yankson +44 (0) 7598 818 480 http://yanksonsocial.ga For Local Businesses

2. TIP #1 Localize & SEO Your Posts Look for ways that you can incorporate your city name and keywords in your blog posts’ titles and content. To avoid over-optimizing and keyword stuffing, only include keywords where they make sense and flow well with the overall message of your content.

3. TIP #2 Create a List of Blog Post Ideas Want to post consistently without scrambling for content? Create a list of blog post ideas ahead of time so when you want to publish something, you can simply pick from your hot list of ideas.

4. TIP #3 Focus on Your Audience When choosing blog post topics, think about what drives your audience’s wants and needs. For instance, compile a list of questions you receive from customers and use them to create blog posts; give them valuable tips, educate them and help solve their problems.

5. TIP #4 Write in Simple Terms When creating blog posts, avoid speaking over your audience’s head or using terms and jargon that they may not be familiar with. Doing so will definitely cause many of them to tune-out of your posts, which is counter-productive.

6. TIP #5 Create a Publishing Schedule Once you start publishing blog content, it’s important to do so consistently. Not only is this a plus in the eyes of the search engines, but it’s a great way to keep your audience coming back for more information.

7. TIP #6 Reward Foot Traffic Want a way to keep your bloggers glued to your posts? Give them special discounts to try out your products or services. While everyone loves to save money, be careful not to “over-promote;” weave promotions into your content periodically because the main goal of your blog is to provide great content.

8. TIP #7 Link to Social Media Give your blog readers a way to join you on social media and/or share your content with their networks. Include share/join images near your blog posts to get even more readers to visit your blog. Also notify your social media network of any new blog posts you create.

9. TIP #8 Discuss Local News & Events Having a special event at your establishment? Your blog is the perfect place to tell people about it and invite them out. Is there other news going on in your local area related to your industry? Publish posts to open up discussions surrounding it.

10. TIP #9 Encourage Interaction Blogging platforms contain features that allow your readers to really get involved, such as a comment section. Take advantage of this by encouraging conversations. Ask questions at the end of your blog posts and invite readers to leave their comments and feedback.

11. TIP #10 Use Media & Visuals Blog posts are not limited to text alone. In fact, videos, images, and other types of visual content are proven to be extremely effective when it comes to conversions and interaction. Even if you don’t add them to every blog post, it’s a good idea to do it for most.

12. THANK YOU! Emmanuel Yankson +44 (0) 7598 818 480 http://yanksonsocial.ga

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