10 Best Resources for Inventors

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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: BobSchmidt3

Source: slideshare.net


10 Best Resources for Inventors. This slideshare details 10 resources that I use when I am transitioning my ideas into useful products. Check it out and let me know what you think. The list focuses on design, patents, prototypes, marketing and training.

1. #1-GOOGLE PATENTS www.google.com/patents Great resource to determine whether your invention is unique. www.inventorsworskshop.us

2. #2-EVERNOTE www.evernote.com Free software for PC and mobile devices that allows you to file, store information (pictures, audio, websites, notes, etc) and sync between devices. www.inventorsworskshop.us

3. #3-GOOGLE SKETCHUP www.sketchup.com Free software that allows you to sketch your invention. www.inventorsworskshop.us

4. #4-USPTO INVENTOR RESOURCE PG http://www.uspto.gov/inventors/index.jsp Great patent, trademark, copyright resources. Also scam prevention resources (don’t get burned by invention promotion companies). www.inventorsworskshop.us

5. #5-ENGINEERING & MFG SERVICES www.ems-usa.com 3D printing and prototyping services to test your initial concepts. Also 3D scanning capability. www.inventorsworskshop.us

6. #6-eMACHINESHOP www.emachineshop.com Free software to design, quote and order machined components for your invention. www.inventorsworskshop.us

7. #7-PROTOMOLD www.protomold.com Low volume injection molded prototypes and short production runs. www.inventorsworskshop.us

8. #8-AMAZON www.amazon.com Learn as much as you can about inventing. Amazon is a great resource for books for inventors. www.inventorsworskshop.us

9. #9-LEGALZOOM www.legalzoom.com Low cost patent services (particularly for provisional application for patent). www.inventorsworskshop.us

10. #10-INVENTOR’S WORKSHOP www.inventorsworkshop.us/inventors-workshop 53 page eBOOK + 103 PRESENTATION SLIDES + 1 hr TRAINING VIDEO FOR $19.99. Includes the eBook “Inventor’s Workshop – How to Develop and Market your Inventions”. This package also includes a 1hr. training video and slides that support the eBook. These slides further clarify the process and provide additional tools and resources to help develop, market and make money from your inventions. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied with the info after you receive this package then just email me your receipt and I will refund your purchase price. www.inventorsworskshop.us

11. #10-INVENTOR’S WORKSHOP-MORE INFO www.inventorsworkshop.us/inventors-workshop www.inventorsworskshop.us

12. The secret to getting Ahead is getting started - Mark Twain www.inventorsworskshop.us

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