10 Best Apps for iOS 7

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Published on September 30, 2013

Author: techahead

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iOS 7 usage overtook iOS 6 usage in just 72 hours, but most developers are yet to update their apps for iOS 7. After looking at apps designed for iOS 6, running on iOS 7, we can say that things look out of place. Here we present to you a list of 10 apps which make best use of new UI & features of iOS 7. While few developers has used the release of iOS 7 as an opportunity to launch a brand-new version of an app, others took the tried-and-true update approach for their apps. These apps can be used as reference for developers looking to update their apps.

10 Best Apps for iOS 7

Apple  released  iOS  7  on  September  18  to  general  public,  and  along  with  it   debuted  a  huge  visual  overhaul,  biggest  one  <ll  date.  In  the  new  iOS   heavily  textured  backgrounds  and  dark  colors  are  out,  while  soB  gradients,   thin  sans-­‐serif  fonts  and  bright,  bold  hues  are  in. iOS  7  usage  overtook  iOS  6  usage  in  just  72  hours,  but  most  developers  are   yet  to  update  their  apps  for  iOS  7.  ABer  looking  at  apps  designed  for  iOS  6,   running  on  iOS  7,  we  can  say  that  things  look  out  of  place.  Here  we  present   to  you  a  list  of  10  apps  which  make  best  use  of  new  UI  &  features  of  iOS  7.   While  few  developers  has  used  the  release  of  iOS  7  as  an  opportunity  to   launch  a  brand-­‐new  version  of  an  app,  others  took  the  tried-­‐and-­‐true   update  approach  for  their  apps.  These  apps  can  be  used  as  reference  for   developers  looking  to  update  their  apps.

1.  Clear Clear   was   definitely   one   of   the   favorite   iPhone   apps   of   2012.   App   won   many   acclaims   for   its   simple   yet   effec<ve   design.   This   year,   it   has   a   more  refined  iOS  7  design,  and  also  supports  the   iPad. If  you  want  a  simple  to  do  list  that  you  won’t  hate   to  look  at,  this  is  one  of  the  best  produc<vity  apps   for  iOS7.  Clear  is  $2.99  for  iPad  and  iPhone. -> Clear

2.  TiltShi/Gen2 First  TiltShiBGen  is  considered  as  one  of  the  best   early  photo  apps  for  iPhone.   TiltShiBGen2,   created   specially   for   iOS   7,   which   adds   a   special   distor<on   to   a   photograph   so   it   looks   like   an   image   of   a   miniature   or   model,   instead  of  a  photo  of  the  real  world.   The   app   looks   great   on   iOS  7,   and  the  controls   are   all   simple,   with   intui<ve   gestures.   With   a   price  tag  of  only  $0.99,  it  is  a  must  have  have. -> TiltShiftGen2

3.  Evernote This   app   is   among   the   first   apps   that   does   a   tremendous   job   of   leveraging   the   new   AirDrop   technology  in  iOS   7   to  share   notes  instantly  with   people   close   to   the   user.   This   app   has   received   extremely   high   praise   from   the   users,   which   features     a   completely   redesigned   home   screen   with   update   no<fica<ons   similar   to   those   on   iPhone   itself.   Users   can   now   also   add   notes   to   images  and  PDFs  with  new,  clean  markup  tools.   And  yes,  it  is  s<ll  free. -> Evernote

4.  PayPal The   updated   PayPal   app   gives   customers   and   business  owners  many  features  they’ve  been  asking   for  a   while:  in-­‐store   payments,  money  transfers   to   friends,  and  the  opportunity  to  open  up  new  lines  of   credit  from   mobile.   Perhaps  most  interes<ng  of  all   the   new   features   is   the   ability   to  pay   for   items   at   thousands  of  restaurants  from  the  PayPal  app  itself,   rather   than   having   to   download   the   app   of   each   restaurant  first.   Updated  for  iOS  7   with  changes   to  its  UI,  this  free   app  looks  great. -> PayPal

5.  PCalc Many  of  us  have  no<ced  the  Euclidean   limita<ons   of  the   iPhone’s   na<ve   calculator   app.   The   PCalc   3   includes   exponents,   cubed   roots,   func<ons   and   other  tools  for  technical  folks,  for  anyone  in  need  of   a  great  scien<fic  calculator,  PCalc  is  a  fantas<c  app.   The  latest  version  includes  an  iOS  7  theme  for  both   iPhone  and  iPad. At  $9.99,  PCalc  isn't  the  cheapest  app,  but  it's  one   of  the  best  calculators  out  there.  There  is  also  a  free   Lite  version  of  app  as  well. -> PCalc

6.  Infinity  Blade  III One  of  the  best  tests  for  the  new  64  bit  architecture  of  iOS  7  (on  new  iPhones)  is   the  graphically  intensive  game   Infinity  Blade   III.  It’s  a   3-­‐D  fantasy-­‐bable   game  in   which   you   fight   your   way   through   a   mys<cal   world,   slashing   with   a   sword   controlled  by  finger  swipes. The  $6.99  app  was  even  showcased  by  Apple  during  the  iPhone  5S  and  5C  launch   event  on  10th  September.   -> Infinity Blade III

7.  Perfect  Weather Some   weather   apps   are   overloaded   with   informa<on.   Others   are   designed   to   be   preby   rather  than  useful.  Perfect  Weather  strikes  the  right   balance.   It   offers   a   minimalist   experience,   seven-­‐ day  forecast  and  radar  data. The  maps  are  animated,  and  this  $2.99  weather  app   looks  perfectly  at  home  on  iOS  7.   -> Perfect Weather

8.  Hipmunk Whether  you  want  cheap  flights  and  a  perfect  hotel   room  for  your  vaca<on  or  fast,  Wi-­‐Fi  enabled  flights   for  your  business  trip,  Hipmunk’s  goal  is  to  make  it   fast  and  easy. This   app   makes   it   easy   to   pinpoint   price   and   loca<on.  The  new  interface  is  perfectly  in  line  with   iOS  7,  and  now  even  easier  to  use  and  view. App  is  available  for  Free. -> Hipmunk Flights & Hotels

9.  Night  Sky  2 This   app   truly   shows   off   the   geo-­‐loca<on   and   processing  powers  of  your  iPhone,  an  augmented-­‐ reality  guide  to  the  heavens.  It  will  show  an  image   of  the  stars  and  planets  above  your  head  along  with   data  on  each  one  as  you  hold  your  phone  up  to  the   sky   and   move   it   around.   It’s   fun,   educa<onal   and   futuris<c. Apps  stunning  redesign  for  iOS  7  along  array  of  new   features   will   provide   a   wholly   more   stunning   and   awe  inspiring  experience.  We  recommend  to  try  the   $0.99  app  Night  Sky  2. -> Night Sky 2

10.  Cobook  Contacts For   those   who   find   it   hard   to   keep   their   Google,   LinkedIn,   Facebook,   Twiber   and   Apple   contacts   synced  and  without  duplicates,  Cobook  Contacts  is   a  great  solu<on.  It  comes  paired  with  its  excellent   Mac   companion.   The   app   makes   it   really   easy   to   pull  in  social  informa<on  from  various  sources  into   one  contact  card. The  new  look  is  very  iOS  7,  down  to  the  transparent   overlays  and  text.  Cobook  Contacts  is  free,  although   some  add-­‐ons  cost  money. -> Cobook Contacts

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