10 benefits of maintaining your HVAC Systems, Refrigeration Equipment and Appliances

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Published on September 28, 2016

Author: BQ2Trading

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1. The long and the short  Despite continued praise of preventative maintenance, when it comes to HVAC, Refrigeration and Appliances it remains not as prevalent as one would expect of something so beneficial and one can only assume the masses are not armed with the right knowledge to take advantage  Well, if you are one of those in the dark about how this can work for you, here are a few points to get you off in the right direction

2. Preserve Efficiency and Capacity  Wear and tear is inevitable, and your equipment will start to lose efficiency from the day you start to use it, with up to 5%/year in HVAC units.  The good news, regularly maintenance has been shown to keep up to 95% of efficiency throughout the life of equipment.  Even in equipment with a history of poor maintenance, the efficiency can be increased once maintenance is initiated thereby restoring much of the capacity the unit as originally meant for.

3. Boost Life Span  Equipment with faulty parts, blockages, leaks, poor connections and build up of dirt and grime has to work significantly harder to deliver the same results as its healthy counterparts resulting in a drop in its lifespan  As a result, regular maintenance can fix these problems, giving you equipment a boost in life of up to 8 years, as per some industry estimates

4. Energy Efficiency  Increased capacity and efficiency means well maintained equipment can deliver the same results for significantly less energy consumption.  This coupled with the advice that your maintenance technician will give you on best use practices like we do here @BQ2 Trading should result in a significant saving on energy consumption

5. Equipment runs quieter  All of us have heard that office with an Air Conditioner that hums an unflattering tune or the house with a washer that sounds like it’s going to explode and wondered how the occupants can stand that environment.  While we don’t have an answer to the how, we can say without doubt they do not have to.  Most of that noise is caused by wear on moving parts and a simple maintenance run will have them replaced, or even better, oiled before they begin to wear

6. Remove pets, particulates and allergens  All manner of “things” get caught up in your HVAC, Refrigeration and appliances and the result is usually sub-par performance  Vents tend to get stuck, fans circulate dirty air, all manner of blockages occur in you washers and these may not always be reachable to you in your own scheduled home maintenance  Regular maintenance can have these flushed regularly, getting you back on track

7. Diagnose and solve problems earlier  Problems beget problems, and nowhere is this truer than in machinery and tech.  Your equipment is finely tuned with many parts performing different tasks, and once one fails to do its part, it stresses other components and a domino effect ensues.  Long story short, a part that could have been replaced for next to nothing can damage one that holds the majority of the value of an asset.  By diagnosing problems early and dealing with them before the domino effect ensues, repair costs can be cut by as much as 95%

8. Warranty Considerations  Clients who service their equipment on a regular basis with certified technicians may enjoy extended warranty periods from their suppliers.  In some cases, this warranty may actually be dependent on this maintenance being conducted  Some HVAC, Refrigeration and Appliance companies, such as us here @BQ2 Trading actually give longer warranties for their repair work to clients who’s equipment is properly maintained

9. 10. There’s always the money thing  Combine all the preceding 9 factors and the equation leads to savings.  Reduced energy consumption means less utility costs, and with HVAC being the largest consumer of energy in commerce and industry while appliances do their best to break the budget in the household, these savings are considerable.  All of this combined with avoiding the cost of breakdowns, preventative maintenance saves you more than it costs to implement in the long run.

10. Invaluable advice  Perhaps the greatest culprit in most breakdowns and excessive equipment running costs is misuse and most of it is attributable to lack of knowledge.  Your maintenance technician will brief you after each maintenance run and this valuable information can mean the difference between regular breakdowns and constant piece of mind, and as such, the more optimally the maintenance is scheduled the faster this information can be disseminated

11. Bonus: Hygiene considerations  Consider the dirt that accumulates on your stove after you prepare just one meal.  Now consider you didn’t clean said dirt on a regular basis.  Point is, be it an appliance, refrigeration unit or HVAC unit, your regular cleaning schedule only tackles areas you can reach, and the hidden areas accumulate dirt through out it’s lifespan.  Now if that image grosses you out, then a maintenance contract is just the right investment for you, as many, including ours here @BQ2 Trading, include a thorough cleaning of internal components

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