10 Awkward Job Interview Scenarios and How to Recover From Them

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Information about 10 Awkward Job Interview Scenarios and How to Recover From Them

Published on August 18, 2018

Author: Brandurself

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slide 1: 10 Awkward Job Interview Scenarios and How to Recover From Them https://www.jobaxy.com Irrespective of whether it is your first or tenth interview the job interview process could give you nightmares. No matter how well prepared you are the hot-seat can give you jitters. So what if you make blunders in your interview believe me the recruiters are also humans and are aware ‘to err is human.’ But the important aspect here is how effectively you recover from the mistakes and bring back your interview on the right track. Let us discuss few common awkward interview scenarios and how to salvage. 1. Forgetting the Interviewers Name Forgetting or mispronouncing the interviewer’s name happens as not all of us are good with names. It is embarrassing but doesn’t make a big deal of it. Apologize immediately and change the topic so the awkwardness vanishes fast. 2. You are unable to Answer a question The interview could be intimidating and sometimes you go completely blank. No matter how well you have rehearsed the answers your brain just freezes and you are unable to recall anything. In such a situation buy some time to cool your nerves and figure out the answer. Politely request the interviewer for some time to think. A good employer will always give you some time to think and regroup yourself. 3. Not possessing enough knowledge about the company The employer can sometimes throw a googly at you by asking questions related to their company and you are unable to play it. Maybe because you didn’t expect it or you had not done enough research. You somehow muster the courage to provide a pathetic reply. Is it the end of the road Certainly not you still have one chance. After coming back home in your thank-you mail apologise for the not so good reply and include the list of good things you have learned. 4. You unknowingly make a negative remark about the previous employer This could happen. When you start promoting your skills and discussing the previous experiences you might get carried away and deliver a negative remark about your previous employer. This is very unprofessional how to handle this situation. Firstly as soon as you realise what you have done immediately apologise for the unprofessionalism and rephrase. This shows that you are aware of the blunder you made but you are quick enough to take control of the situation. slide 2: 10 Awkward Job Interview Scenarios and How to Recover From Them https://www.jobaxy.com 5. Your Phone rings This should not happen but sometimes because of the pressure of the interview we forget to silent the cell phone. Immediately switch off your cell phone apologise for the interruption and continue from where you left. 6. You Utter bad words Maintaining a professional image throughout the interview is imperative. But sometimes you get carried away and accidentally utter bad words. Apologise immediately for your misconduct and continue this time making sure to not repeat such performance. 7. A clichéd response In an interview you should be as original as possible. Avoid using clichéd phrases but if you use one try to make the situation funnier by saying ‘ I think you have not heard this before’ and continue with a more elaborate creative and personalized response. 8. You crack a joke While answering you crack a joke that does not receive the expected reply from the other side. It is possible the interviewer did not understand or couldn’t see the funny side of it. If such things happen quickly change the topic and drive away from the awkward situation. 9. Dressing issues It may happen that you are not as professionally dressed as the interviewers and this could bother you. But don’t allow it affect your moral. You can show your professionalism and seriousness in your body language and answers. And if you are called for the second round then make sure to dress perfectly. 10. Not asking questions The employer will give you a chance to ask any questions you have related to the job profile and if you fail to do so they may perceive it as a sign that you are least interested in the position and merely want to go out fast. Ideally you should prepare some questions related to the company or the job profile that you would be asking the employer. If you have not done try formulating impromptu questions during the conversation. And if you are unable to do so use your thank you note to ask some queries about the company or the job profile and express your interest. The success mantra is to maintain a dynamic confident and professional personality throughout the interview and even if there is a hiccup gather yourself and continue with the same professional poise. For all such interview tips and career tips go through jobaxy.com. Jobaxy is the best online job portal in the Philippines committed to assisting you in your job search. slide 3: 10 Awkward Job Interview Scenarios and How to Recover From Them https://www.jobaxy.com

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