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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Panfilo

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OVERVIEW OF THE INTERNATIONAL HELIOPHYSICAL YEAR (IHY):  OVERVIEW OF THE INTERNATIONAL HELIOPHYSICAL YEAR (IHY) October 2005 An international programme of scientific research to understand external drivers of the space environment and climate UK meeting at Burlington House, London Why IHY? Historical Perspective :  Why IHY? Historical Perspective First International Polar Year January 1875 at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna Carl Weyprecht suggested a coordinated study of the north polar region Polar meteorological and magnetic observations commenced on Aug 1, 1882 and concluded Sep 1, 1883 Second International Polar Year Scientific activities were significantly limited by the world-wide economic depression Polar meteorological and magnetic observations to be made in 1932-1933, fifty years after the first IPY The logical next step is to extend global studies into the Heliosphere to incorporate the drivers of Geophysical change into the global system-The IHY. International Geophysical Year In 1957 the IGY involved about 60,000 scientists from 66 nations To obtain simultaneous, global observations on Earth and in space Slide3:  Co-ordination of operations/data access of the fleet of solar, heliospheric and near-Earth spacecraft, and ground systems, as well as research programmes which we have – especially for specific scientific campaigns. This is a long way from IGY... International Heliophysical Year Objectives Understand the processes and drivers which affect the terrestrial environment and climate Global study of the Sun-heliosphere system outward to the heliopause Foster international cooperation in space science Communicate results to the public Why Now?:  Why Now? A large armada of existing or planned spacecraft are in place to provide the most comprehensive global measurements of the sun-earth interplanetary system yet obtained Earth based observatories provide measurements of terrestrial effects at the poles and elsewhere International collaboration is easier today than in previous international years with abundant and cheap electronic communication available No single country has sufficient resources to obtain all required observations The time is ripe for IHY global studies. STEREO ACE SOHO STEREO Slide5:  Plans for IHY have been under discussion since 2001, with early sessions at the 2002 World Space Congress in Houston, the 2003/4 EGU meetings in Nice and ‘local’ meetings in the USA and UK. The international IHY committee is led by Joe Davila (NASA/GSFC). IHY is endorsed by COSPAR, AGU, IAU, UN OOSA, NASA, IUGG, SCOSTEP etc… IHY is accepted as a project within the IPY, selected as a ‘lead project’ with a coordination role in several campaigns. IHY has been adopted by the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs for a series of workshops on Basic Space Science (www.oosa.unvienna.org) IHY – The Story so far… Slide6:  IHY is NOT designed to be another red-tape activity. It is being set up as an enabling activity for the grass-roots scientist to drive co-ordinated observations and to encourage international collaborations. The official IHY Web site is at ihy2007.org. The official European IHY Web site is at www.lesia.obspm.fr/IHY/; the UK site is at ihy2007.org.uk. We are in the process of setting up arrangements for the running of the IHY project and for this we need the community to say what it wants. How would you like to see such a project run? What should it include in terms of topical areas, instrumentation, facilities etc...? How can each country make the best use of this opportunity? To register an interest in IHY, go to the official Web site. IHY – The Story so far… Slide7:  So what does it do for me? Enables campaigns/access to instruments/data – Mainly through the COORDINATED INVESTIGATION PROGRAMMES (CIPs) Coordinates meetings to encourage collaboration (e.g. UN meetings in developing countries), in particular with developing countries. Acts as focus for information dissemination, operations planning, PR etc, etc… IHY – The Story so far… Slide8:  The Co-ordinated Investigation Programme THE SOHO JOINT OBSERVING PROGRAMMES (JOPs) AS A MODEL FOR THE PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE IHY Slide9:  THE MOST BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS Most basic, lowest-level building block of any campaign is the set of observations required by a single scientist or collaboration to satisfy a specific scientific question. It is suggested that the IHY activity, as with any similar campaign, ought to be seen as the sum of many such fundamental building blocks. Use successful SOHO JOP model – grass roots requests driving operation. The Co-ordinated Investigation Programme Slide10:  THE JOP LESSON The JOP scheme is driven by the ‘grass roots’ scientist, asking to do what he/she wants – no campaign manager dictates! The JOP ‘author’ is asking the question, so it is coming right from the community. It may be refined or he/she may be assisted by the SOHO operations team in designing the JOP or scheduling it. The JOP is submitted to the SOHO operations team and scheduled by the PI groups – see sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov (operations). The JOP is placed in a Web JOP library. With the JOP approach, the SOHO operation and its interaction with the non-SOHO groups is extremely efficient and tuned to the needs and desires of the World community. The JOP author knows where to submit JOPs, knows that he can find help in refining them, and knows that the SOHO team will schedule the JOP. This access is the key to success. The Co-ordinated Investigation Programme Slide11:  IMPLEMENTATION FOR IHY The user need not be bothered with the global IHY programme. He/she just needs to know where there is a Web facility or e-mail facility to allow the generation of a specific ‘JRP’. The CIP could be submitted to an IHY library and refined by a relevant contact in the IHY group. YOU CAN DO THIS NOW AT ihy200.org.uk. This approach reduces red tape, ensures that the IHY is not yet another monster red-tape activity with yet another list of meetings and working groups that have little influence on our research progress! It ensures that IHY is not just a celebration of IGY + 50 years! It has a practical use. In short, IHY has to excite the ‘grass roots’ - it is an enabling exercise – focused on 2007. The Co-ordinated Investigation Programme Slide12:  To Encourage Basic Space Science in Developing Countries UN Basic Science Workshops established in 1991. IHY adopted as theme from 2004. First dedicated workshop in United Arab Emirates, 20-23 November 2005. Fostering international coordination and communication. Major effort – to define and deploy instrumentation in the developing nations. UN Basic Science Workshops IHY Overall Schedule:  IHY Overall Schedule 2005: First UN/IHY Workshop; Basic CIP input activity; National and international meetings (EGU, AGU, NAM, RAS); Web site facility updates… 2006: IHY European General Assembly – January 10-13, 2006, Paris – calys.obspm.fr/IHY/IHY_colloque/. CIP refinement/campaign definition preparation 2007: IHY campaigns, establish data bases and tools Who?:  Who? Richard Harrison (RAL) Richard Stamper (RAL) Andy Breen (Aberystwyth) Barbara Bromage (UCLAN) Helen Mason (Cambridge)

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