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Published on December 17, 2007

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Psychedlic Rock and 1970s Rock :  Psychedlic Rock and 1970s Rock Part 2 and Part 1 London Psychedelic Scene:  London Psychedelic Scene In 1965 Alan Ginsberb organized a poetry event at Albert Hall The 5,000 member audience was largely under the influence of LSD or marijuana This event inaugurates the London psychedelic underground World Psychedelic Center:  World Psychedelic Center Opened by Michael Hollingshead in 1965 Hollingshead introduced Timothy Leary to LSD Visited by celebs like William S. Burroughs, Roman Polanski and Paul McCartney The WPC became the center for the London Psychedelic scene London Scene:  London Scene Similar to San Francisco, a psychedelic scene sprung up in London with similar interests Drugs Eastern philosophy Experimental music Radical politics and philosophy London Scene:  London Scene Marquee Club Hosted multimedia events called “Spontaneous Underground” Similar to the “Acid Tests” of Kesey Indica bookstore John Lennon found Leary’s The Psychedelic Experience here Despite similarities, London’s scene evolved separately from San Francisco’s Underground Clubs:  Underground Clubs UFO club Not really a place, just an organization Originally met in a pub, then moved Center of psychedelic scene in London Saville Theater Owned by Brian Epstein “14-Hour Technicolor Dream” Acid party attended by 10,000 hippies Two Kinds of Bands:  Two Kinds of Bands Musicians who were popular in U.K. and U.S. Beatles Jimi Hendrix Rolling Stones Musicians who were only popular in London Underground Pink Floyd Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd British rock band formed in 1965 by Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wright Named after blues artists Pinkney 'Pink' Anderson and Floyd Council Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd They originally started out as playing R&B style rock Their first single, Lucy Leave, got them their first attention Soon they delved into psychedelic rock with their debut album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967 Includes the song Lucifer Sam By this time Syd Barrett’s LSD use was making it impossible to tour with him, and eventually he gets pushed out of the band David Gilmour is hired to take on the lead guitar role Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd By 1973 Floyd had found their sound and released their best selling album, Dark Side of the Moon D.S.o.t.M stays on the Billboard charts for over a decade When started on the 2nd roar of the MGM lion, synchs up uncannily to The Wizard of Oz How the heck did anyone discover this? Includes The Great Gig in the Sky Song about death with wordless vocals by Clare Tony Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd By the late 70s rumors of the band’s breakup were around, but they manage to release one of their best albums, The Wall Also released as a film Another Brick in the Wall ends up their only #1 hit Meanwhile, Waters manages to boot Wright from the band Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd With Wright gone their sound changes, with less of the electronic innovations he brought to the band Other internal strife between Waters and the other band made it look like Floyd was going to break up, but they released The Final Cut in 1983 This was more of a solo album for Waters, as the rest of Floyd had little to do with it Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd Shortly after the release of The Final Cut, they actually did break up and band members went off to work on individual projects In 1986 Gilmore and Mason decided to reform the band, this time without Waters Waters took them to court to stop them, but lost Since then Floyd has continued to record and tour “Waterless” Donovan:  Donovan Donovan Philips Leitch First brought to international fame with folk single Catch the Wind His style was strongly influenced by Woody Guthrie Donovan:  Donovan In mid 1965 Donovan followed suit with Dylan and electrified his music Developed into “Psychedelic Folk” Mellow Yellow is a good example Donovan:  Donovan By 1967 he is known for melodic sense, eclectic influences, and mystical sounding lyrics These appeal to the hippies Hurdy Gurdy Man is a hit single for Donovan Squarely fits into Psychedelic Folk style Features Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham as backup band Radio Split - AM/FM:  Radio Split - AM/FM By the late 1960s the radio industry split up their programming AM concentrated on singles Targeted towards teens FM targeted college age listeners Free form psychedelic approach AOR (album oriented rock) Psychedelic bands generally built their career on albums, not singles By the 1970s rock had changed :  By the 1970s rock had changed Led by the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan Shifted from music for dancing to music for listening Shifted from emphasis on the singles to emphasis on the albums Musical Expansions:  Musical Expansions Rock musicians began drawing on a range of influences Classical Jazz Electronic Artistic approach to rock Emphasis on studio technology Music should stand up to repeated listenings Lyrics should deal with important topics Musical Ability:  Musical Ability During the late 60s there began to be an emphasis on the musical abilities of the performers Opposite of the Garage Band movement Common in jazz fans, which was starting to influence and be influenced by rock This aesthetic can be seen in a diverse group Yes, Eagles, Steely Dan, Alice Cooper British Blues Based Rock:  British Blues Based Rock American blues continued to have a profound influence on British bands Rolling Stones Yardbirds Cream Focus was on guitar Eric Clapton (b. 1945):  Eric Clapton (b. 1945) Illegitimate son of an Englishwoman and a Canadian soldier station in England, Clapton was raised by his grandparents Until the age of 9 he was a considered an above average student with an aptitude for art Eric Clapton:  Eric Clapton When Clapton was 9 he met his mother and 6 year old brother for the first time He thought his grandparents were his parents and that his mother was his older sister who lived in Canada This shatters his world and he stops applying himself at school He continues to study art, but his heart just isn’t in it anymore Instead, he becomes interested in the blues Eric Clapton:  Eric Clapton In 1961 he is admitted on probation to the Kingston College of Art He’s kicked out for not submitting enough work Instead of studying and working on his art he’s obsessed with playing the guitar and listening to blues For a while he supports himself as a construction worker with his grandfather Eric Clapton:  Eric Clapton At the age of 13 he was given a guitar for a birthday present He found it too difficult to play then, and put it away until he was in college In 1962 he got his first electric guitar after hearing players like B.B. King and Muddy Waters In 1963 he joined his first band, the Roosters The Yardbirds:  The Yardbirds In 1963 a British R&B band needed a new guitarist Their old one was only 16 and his mother wouldn’t let him go on tour Eric Clapton joined the Yardbirds and helped them record their first hit, For Your Love He quits after this because he was interested in the blues and the Yardbirds were getting too “poppy” Cream:  Cream In 1966 Clapton joined Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker and formed Cream Instrumental virtuosity placed at high level The band toured the U.S. and recorded three albums, Fresh Cream, Disraeli Gears, and Wheels of Fire WoF included the hit In the White Room Lyricist Pete Brown wrote about his new apartment flat Sunshine of Your Love Derek and the Dominoes:  Derek and the Dominoes Formed in 1970 by Clapton They record a concept album written by Clapton, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs The album is about Clapton’s unrequited and secret love for George Harrison’s wife He later marries her, but then divorces her They break up before recording a second album Eric Clapton:  Eric Clapton Hit hard by the breakup of the Dominoes, Clapton becomes addicted to heroin Kicking his habit after 3 years, he releases his classic album 461 Ocean Boulevard Includes a cover of a Bob Marley tune Replacing his addiction with alcohol, his work suffers on and off through the 70s and 80s Eventually, he kicks his addictions and is now a strong supporter of Alcohol Anonymous Eric Clapton:  Eric Clapton On August 26, 1990 Clapton was on the road with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Robert Cray when a helicopter crash kills Stevie Ray and other members of the road crew Coincidentally, I was at that concert Less than a year later, his son falls from a window and dies Clapton responded to his grief by writing Tears In Heaven and recording it on his Unplugged album Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin Formed in 1968 when British musicians guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones were left hanging after the breakup of the Yardbirds Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin Page was left with a contractual obligation to finish a Yardbirds tour and a singer named Robert Plant was recommended to Page Plant recommends his drummer friend, John Bonham to Page At first Bonham turns down the offer because he’s making more money in another band Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin Following their “New Yardbirds” tour they decide they need a new name Keith Moon of the Who suggests the name “Led Zeppelin” They begin to develop a style based heavily on the blues Getting a contract with the U.S. label, Atlantic Records, they launch a U.S. tour on a budget They get a whopping $200 for one concert on their first 1969 tour Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin Very quickly the band gets hot Their first album, Led Zeppelin, reaches the top 10 and they tour the U.S. and U.K. almost non-stop Blends blues rock with psychedelic rock (Dazed and Confused) Led Zeppelin II spent 7 weeks at the #1 spot, passing the Rolling Stones’ Let it Bleed and the Beatles Abbey Road Includes their hit Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III was released in 1970 With some exception, including the hard-driving Immigrant Song, this album is much mellower than their previous two Go to http://www.vikingkittens.com/ In 1971 they released their fourth album Their intention was to include no liner notes, no title - nothing at all on it Atlantic Records eventually forced them to add credits This album is now known unofficially as Led Zeppelin IV Includes Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin:  Led Zeppelin Throughout the 70s they would end up releasing a total of 8 studio albums and tour constantly In September of 1980 they were preparing for a concert tour of the U.S. when drummer John Bonham was found dead in bed after a drinking binge Knowing that they couldn’t be the same without him, the band broke up a month later

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