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Published on January 9, 2009

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Slide 1: Abacast - Confidential 1 Hybrid Content Delivery Network (CDN) Technologies and Services Online Video Delivery - CDNs : Online Video Delivery - CDNs Significant Investment Over $500 Million Increased Competition Now over 50 CDN type companies Need for IncreasedCapacity Declining Wholesale Bandwidth Prices Online Video Delivery – Users and Content Owners : Online Video Delivery – Users and Content Owners Increasing Demand – More Users Increasing Broadband Connections Increasing Ad Spend Increasing Content Increasing Demand for Higher Quality P2P Anyone? : P2P Anyone? Reduced Infrastructure and bandwidth requirement and costs P2P provides margin relief Increased competition narrows margins Cloud, Edge network emulation Higher Quality Connections – Closed Loop Less breaks, skips, and buffers Industry Trend – “Hybrid” The Prophecy : The Prophecy Our “Catch 22” : Our “Catch 22” Example Network Efficiency – SBS Live Olympics 8/08 : Example Network Efficiency – SBS Live Olympics 8/08 Over 12,000 simultaneous viewers 1.5Mbps Windows Media Video Over 80% efficiency, over 14Gb/s bandwidth savings Over 40% reduction in server and switching hardware Total Connections Unicast Connections Other Industry Progress : Other Industry Progress P4P Working Group Live P2P Trials December 2008 Abacast, Solidstate Networks, PPLive, Convivo, Live Station Modified protocol for live technology difference(s) PBPG P2P Best Practices Leveling the playing field for decision makers regarding use of Peer-to-Peer About Abacast : Full service, commercial quality Hybrid Content Delivery Network (CDN) Most widely-used live commercial P2P solution Hundreds of customers in 16 different countries 47,960,893 plug-in downloads(as of October 1st, 2008) ~10 million end-user hours/month ~6.7 million unique users/month Live and On-demand P2P combined P2P business experience Plug-in Installation, Sales Pitch, Pricing, EU Value Proposition About Abacast Positioning Statement : Positioning Statement Abacast offers the most options in the industry to distribute and monetize rich media, including live video, online radio, and video-on-demand. Abacast Solution Overview : Abacast Solution Overview The Best of Both Worlds : The Best of Both Worlds Hybrid Peer-to-Peer : Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Key Value Propositions – Publisher/Broadcaster : The most choices for delivery Live and On-Demand content types Hybrid delivery - Single-source (Unicast), multi-source (P2P) Windows, Flash, MP3, H.264 formats plus others Flexible delivery options Mix and match based on content value, customer type, content type, or business model Key Value Propositions – Publisher/Broadcaster Key Value Propositions (cont’d) : Key Value Propositions (cont’d) Real-time QoS leads to higher quality connections Abacast has proven higher quality stream connections than standard unicast stream technology. Smart Analytics Real time and historical metrics Closed system, can measure client perfand behavior Key Value Propositions (cont’d) : Key Value Propositions (cont’d) Seamless support for “Live Event plus Archive” After-event archive typically gets >5x traffic of live event Single vendor, single console for live and on-demand content management and reporting Key Value Propositions (cont’d) : Key Value Propositions (cont’d) Extremely Efficient No expensive equipment Significantly less IT staff time More efficient than hardware Multicast Drastically less expensive and unlike traditional hardware multicasting,it really works! All the benefits of Multicast and Edge Serving without any of the setup time, hassle, or expense. Corp Strategy : Corp Strategy Position Abacast as “The Most Complete Hybrid CDN” Focused on providing complete solutions Specialists in Hybrid CDN Client Installs, Sales Pitch, Pricing, EU Value Proposition, Increase Margins Everything white-labeled Exploit first mover advantage of unified live/on-demand peer-assisted delivery Questions : Questions

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