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Published on January 4, 2008

Author: miloung

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D-n@il water nail polish :  D-n@il water nail polish Product Introduction Natural、Environment-friendly、Health Slide2:  D-n@il Water Nail Polish is empowered by ABC company where is located in Michigan .We fetch in environmental protection material and pure water to make a new product-Water nail Polish, which is not smelly, tasteless, sight flower fragrance and does not injure human body absolutely, enables the decorating nail to become a kind of enjoyment. The brightness of this product reaches above 90%, the color is new tide and sharp, not easy to fall off. To dispel does not need to use the nail polish remover that including chemical materials such as the toluene, the acetone and so on, which can injure the nail, the skin and the lungs. According to the medicine reports that: if we use the nail polish remover including acetone repeatedly, it could bring to the nail dehydration, frailty that it’s easy to split and break off, moreover, infect the bacterium and mildew, even it is possible to cause onychorrhexis in the long-term use. Has scratched the water nail polish, only soak the finger in the hot water for 2-3minutes, then strips off the nail polish easily, it is extremely convenient, so you can change color what you like. Using environmental protection water nail polish is one kind of enjoyment, but not a bad thing, it cannot cause the nail to become crisp, yellow, cracked, and not contain the deleterious substance such as the toluene and o-phthalic acid ester and so on. If the density of material in human body is very high, it can harm the liver, the kidney, the cardiovascular and the reproductive system, it also affects the endocrine function. Professor Cheng Changmei from chemistry college of Qinghua University said that this matter in cosmetics can enter in into the human body through the respirometric system and the skin of feminine, the rate of suffering from beast cancer would be increased by using it more, it also can harm the reproductive system to give birth to spadger. The research shows that the phosphorus phthalic acid fat like female incretion in human body and animal, it can interfere the internal secretion, lead the semen to be little, low active ability and abnormal shape, what the worst is that Testicle Cancer, which is the imputation of the reproductive problem of male’s. Water nail polish is environmental protection, not smelly, tasteless, no toluene and not harm to human body. It has pasted by the International Cuticle Cream Examination and People’ Republic of China Cosmetics Sanitation Standard (2002) <Report No.SZF0609111175101>.The harmful chemical substance and microorganism's content will be 1% to 6% in the standard content, even is lower than the standard value. To dispose without using the nail polish remover, no scratch when using it and does not easy to dry from storing. If you felt it is too thick, you can add several drops of water to the bottle, sways it evenly, so that it’s easy to wipe and become more smoothly. It’s not a waste to use up. Traditional nail polish used organic solvent as main ingredient, such as formaldehyde, toluene. The principle of nail polish to adhere to the surface of nail is that it destroys the surface of the nail, which appears some coarse hole in the surface, so that the nail polish can seep into the hole. In the long-term use, the coloring matter is easy to deposit, and the nail is easy to become yellow and slope. Although the famous brands in the world use the traditional ingredient, many famines lose the healthy nail to beauty their nail. Contact D-n@il:  Contact D-n@il ADD:11/F,NO.749.ZHONGZHENG RD CHUNG HO TAIBEI,TAIWAN.R.O.C. Country/Region : Taiwan TEL: 886-2-2222-2828 FAX: 886-2-2226-1600 Email: Chien.tap@msa.hinet.net ADD:Room 217,A1 Golded Sand Building,Dong Laker 3 Street, Hui zhou City,GuangDong,Province,China Country/Region : China TEL: 86-752-581-0941 FAX: 86-752-581-0942 E-mail : d-nail@d-nail.com E-mail : fuyang168@163.com MSN : fuyang168@hotmail.com Skype : fuyang168168 Attn. : Tony Co, General Manager Url : http://www.latexband.com Url : http://www.d-nail.com Preface:  Preface Lately nail colored drawing is welcome by modern women .Since D-n@il water nail polish not contain venomousness solvent,and stress health environmental protection .It makes people DIY colored drawing at will.It breaks the tradition nail polish,bring the green revolutionary of water nail polish. The summer of 2006,Taiwan mode product extract oil nail colored drawing will introduce into home market ,which make the life culture of “health ,beauty and happy” extend to colors. A natural fragrance reveals from finger tips ,create a new generation of green environment protection in nail colored drawing. Make you like use lipstick ,easy to remove & exchange make up everyday.Make you “health body colorful day ,health nail beauty day” Slide5:  To know D-n@il D-n@il brand will scape:  D-n@il brand will scape D-n@il believe color has energy , expect D-n@il as a conversion station, Hope through the exchange of color will bring a 3D health lifestyle. D-n@il’s 3D lifestyle are -To Be Deference Flesh -To Be Dedicated Finish -To Be Defiance Atman D-n@il color nail new concept:  D-n@il color nail new concept The principle of D-n@il to adhere to is “environment-friendly & health”,water nail polish use water and water resin as its main component,easy to dry ,easy to use ,easy to remove,not use the nail polish remover , easy to DIY mix color and so on. The nail polish has a natural fragrance reveals itself,its high respirometric system,help nail to breath,bring beauty-lover “health decorating nail” new choice !! Offer consumer health decorating nail new choice in 21 century !! D-n@il Characteristic:  D-n@il Characteristic Water + Extract oil + Environment resin = D-n@il water nail polish Environment-friendly & health product save nail Rich in color,DIY at will. Easy use,can change nail color everyday‧ D-n@il water nail polish:  D-n@il water nail polish Use level-joint high respirometric & elasticity piamater ,have five excellence as following:

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