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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: rbdwyer001

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Intro to Microphones

1. Introduction to Microphones Interactive Notebook Page 46 TEKS 11Bv Understanding various microphones based upon type and pickup patterns.

2. Microphones  Microphone (mike or mic): A device that converts sound waves into electrical modulations for recording.

3. Sound Converting Systems  There are three major types of sound-converting systems which are used to classify microphones.  Dynamic  Condenser  Ribbon

4. Dynamic Microphones  These are the most rugged.  They can be used close to the sound source and still withstand high sound levels without damage to the microphone or sound distortion.  They can also withstand fairly extreme temperatures so they are an ideal outdoor microphone.

5. Condenser Microphones  Much more sensitive to physical shock, temperature change, and distortion than dynamic microphones.  Usually produce higher quality sound when used at greater distances from sound source.  Can be used outdoors under certain circumstances.

6. Ribbon Microphones  Similar in sensitivity and quality to the condenser microphones.  Produce a warmer sound, frequently preferred by singers.  Strictly for indoor use.

7. Pickup Pattern  A pickup pattern is the directions (in three dimensions) in which a microphone is most sensitive to sounds.

8. Omnidirectional  Omnidirectional microphones have a pickup pattern in which the microphone can pick up sounds equally well from all directions.

9. Unidirectional  Unidirectional microphones have a pickup pattern in which the microphone can pick up sounds better from the front than from the sides or back.

10. Foldable  In your own words write a definition for  Dynamic Microphones  Condenser Microphones  Ribbon Microphones  Omnidirectional  Unidirectional  Attach to page 29 in your interactive notebook.

11. ACC Credit for This Class  80% final grade for the year.  80% on all practicums.  80% on final exam.  My approval.

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