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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: rbdwyer001

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Intro to AV Production PPT

1. BBrriinngg YYoouurr NNootteebbooookk EEvveerryyddaayy You will NOT be allowed to go to your locker once you come to class. If you forget your notebook you will write your notes on a sheet of loose leaf paper and staple them to the correct page later.

2. Unit 1 – Employability Skills Industry vocabulary Presentation/Communication/Listening skills Safety Copyright law/ethics/intellectual property Television History Changing Technology Software Applications

3. Interactive Notebook Class notes go on the right side (Even pages) Class assignments and activities go on the left side (Odd pages) Highlight and underline key words and concepts.

4. NNoottee TTaakkiinngg PPeenncciill Whenever you see a pencil next to a sentence or paragraph, write it in your notes. Right hand side (even pages of the interactive notebook).

5. NNoottee TTaakkiinngg PPeenncciill Whenever you see a pencil in the top right hand corner of a slide, write everything on the slide.

6. Intro. ttoo AAuuddiioo VViiddeeoo PPrroodduuccttiioonn IInntteerraaccttiivvee NNootteebbooookk PPaaggee 44 TEKS (11) The student develops a basic understanding of audio and video production. The student is expected to: (A) understand the industry, including history, current practice, and future trends by: (i) explaining the beginnings and evolution of audio, video, and film; (ii) describing how the changing technology is impacting the audio, video, and film industries; and (iii) defining terminology associated with the industry; Video: Digital Communication & Production (2008) Chapter 1 – p. 11

7. WWhhaatt iiss vviiddeeoo?? Video is a relatively new technology. Prior to video there was film and television. Video: An audiovisual medium that records on magnetic tape or other media by electronic means.

8. FFiillmm && TTeelleevviissiioonn Film: An audiovisual medium that records images on transparent plastic strips by means of photosensitive chemicals. Television: Studio-based, multicamera video that is often produced and transmitted “live”.

9. DDiiggiittaall FFiillmmmmaakkiinngg Digital Filmmaking uses film making style and techniques to produce films that are recorded and edited in a digital format. The final projects that we produce in this class would be considered digital filmmaking.

10. FFiillmm Film used to be the medium used for creating most audiovisual programs. Movies, television programs, and commercials were all shot on film. Film was and is an excellent medium for several reasons: ◦ Film equipment is relatively portable, so location filming is practical. ◦ Film produces high quality images. ◦ Film picture and sound tracks are recorded on separate strips of film so sophisticated editing is possible.

11. TTeelleevviissiioonn Television was the medium used for broadcasting studio programs as they happened “live”, and other programs previously produced on, or copied, to film.

12. WWoorrkksshheeeett –– PPrrooss && CCoonnss Attach to page 3 in your interactive notebook. As we continue through the next slides, complete the “cons” sections of your worksheet.

13. CCoonnss ooff VViiddeeoo 1. Video picture clarity is comparatively course because its resolution is relatively low. 2. Video color sometimes lacks a certain richness. 3. Until recently, video has offered less flexibility in sound editing. It is common for even simple films to mix as many as eight or more audio tracks.

14. CCoonnss ooff FFiillmm 1. Film is much more expensive to shoot and process. 2. Film is less tolerant of different light levels. 3. Film is more cumbersome, since it is almost always recorded on a separate tape recorder. 4. Film titles and effects must be created separately in the film laboratory.

15. Pros of Video and Film Use your textbook and class discussion to create a list of three pros of video and three pros of film. (Ch. 1 pages 9-16) We will discuss these in a few minutes.

16. Video Club School News Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_bwryau4LM&Student information card

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