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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: asmediag13

Source: slideshare.net

The masthead on my magazine is bold and across the top of the page like the rolling stones magazine which is following conventions. My image is under it however, which may be challenging conventions in this case as the models face is not over the masthead. The cover lines on my magazine are similar to the ones on the rolling stones magazine as they both have a 2-colour scheme and black borders around some of the writing. I have developed mine however by adding shadows to make it stand out more. My main image is a medium shot of the artist which is used conventionally throughout other magazines. Like most chart magazines various artists are mentioned on the cover. Similarly to rolling stones, my magazine also has this feature to show their rank in the charts which is conventional for most music magazines. The main cover line is always bigger than the others on the magazine. This is to draw the readers attention to the artist featured on the cover and this has also been done on the real life media product. in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real life media products? The date line, price and issue number is featured very small in the corner of the magazine, which is extremely conventional of most magazines.

I chose a consistent house style of lilac, black and white to keep the magazine looking stylish and sleek. Most music magazines use various colours on their cover so my magazine may be challenging conventions. I chose to put a puff/pug on my front cover advertising a competition. Pugs are used frequently throughout music magazines but always include different types of information. This makes the magazine more aesthetically pleasing and fun. The majority of music magazines have a bold barcode on the front cover. I included one on mine but faded it so it doesn’t look too sharp and misplaced on my front cover. Many magazines have a footer but I decided not to include one as my main cover line covers the majority of the page and I didn’t want to make it look too busy. The date line on my magazine is above the barcode which is conventional for most magazines.

Like most magazines the title on the page is ‘Contents’ to show that it’s the page that all the information for the content of the magazine will be shown on. It is also a convention of magazines to have subheadings above the information to order the contents page and help readers find the certain information they are looking for. My magazine uses the conventional idea of the rule of thirds, the page is layout in a convention way as it follows this rule and is sectioned out neatly into three columns. Another convention is to have an article and another picture of the front cover artist featured on the contents page.

Similarly to the real life media product my magazine follows conventions as my picture of the artist in the article takes up the whole left side of the page with a puff in the top left corner. There is a drop cap at the beginning of my article which is also a usual convention of magazine articles. Like most magazines I have ordered my article into columns to make the layout look neater and more precise. If an artist is taking up the main story line of the magazine their name would usually be placed over the picture to give publicity for the artist. In this case I haven’t included that but instead my magazines logo which may be seen as challenging conventions.

I have used two different colours in my main article which are lilac and black; the ones I have used as my house style throughout. I did this so the readers can easily distinguish who is talking in the article at each time – lilac being the questions and black being the answers. This isn’t carried out in a lot of magazines which could make it a conventional feature to my specific magazine,

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