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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: Reginaldo

Source: authorstream.com

1-800-MAR-TIAN:  1-800-MAR-TIAN Mrs.Gillespie’s Group- Jordan Hawker, Eric Heim, Steve Kleeman, Adam Larck, Toni Lona, Emily Montrose Human Info On Life On Mars.:  Human Info On Life On Mars. In 1984, the meteorite ALH84001 was found in Antarctica. In August, 1996, NASA scientists finally concluded that ALH84001 did contain evidence of ancient life on Mars. Slide4:  Mars Odyssey finds enough water ice underneath the surface of Mars to fill Lake Michigan two times over They used the Odyssey’s gamma ray spectrometer instrument suite to detect which indicates the presence of water ice in the upper meter The ice-rich layer is about two feet beneath the surface at 60º south latitude and only one foot beneath at 75º south latitude Large areas of Mars at low to middle latitudes contain slightly enhanced amounts of hydrogen, equivalent to several percent water by mass Mars Missions.:  Mars Missions. In 1996 the Mars Global Surveyor was launched from Kennedy Space Center. It landed back in 1997. It collected more info on Mars then all other Mars missions combined. Slide6:  http://marsweb.jpl.nasa.gov/ http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/missions/present/globalsurveyor.html Dr. David R. Williams, NSSDC, Mail Code 633 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD 20771 Made by Adam and Steve. Characteristics of Life:  Characteristics of Life Has a Metabolism Shows Growth Shows Motion Responds to Stimuli Reproduction Consumes Objects Metabolism :  Metabolism Converting Food Into Energy Growth:  Growth The Development of an Organism. Motion:  Motion Movement – (Ex.) Turning Toward Sunlight, Using Muscles to Walk Responding to Stimuli:  Responding to Stimuli Reaction –(Ex.) Reacting to Sunlight or Water, Running From Danger Reproduction:  Reproduction Has DNA, Copies DNA Consumption:  Consumption Absorbs or Consumes Resources Slide15:  Earth 78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen Mars 95% Carbon Dioxide 3% Nitrogen 2% Argon .1% Oxygen Slide16:  Earth Granite Basaltic Altered Materials Organic Materials Water Mars (by weight) Iron 11.2% Silicon 20.2% Oxygen 43.9% Magnesium 5.5% Aluminum 5.5% Sodium 3.8% Sulfur 2.5% Calcium 3.4% Slide17:  Earth Over 70% of the surface of Earth is covered with water. Mars 100M-400M beneath the surface between 30° and 70° in the southern hemisphere Evaporates in low pressure Frozen underground Slide19:  Eric Possible Life-Sustaining Water Liquid water, needed for life, existed on Mars Signs of flowing water Signs include canyons, wide stream beds, and floodplains Slide20:  Eric Possible Stream Beds on Mars Several Billion Years old Probably made by flash flood Several miles wide Craters Indicate Age Slide21:  Extremophiles Very Small Live in extreme conditions Get Energy from the surrounding rocks

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