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Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Valeria

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Mainstreaming :  Mainstreaming in Planning & Development Division and Departments Project Supported by: Gender Slide2:  Project Scope Slide3:  About Gender Mainstreaming Project In Planning & Development Division and Departments Project “Build the capacity of the government officials to mainstream gender in the… …of government policies, plans, programme and project in all areas of development”. Slide4:  Project Objectives Gender sensitization of senior and mid-level planning and development (P&D) officials at the federal, provincial and district levels. Developing capacity for gender analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation. Establishing gender disaggregated databases using information and communication technology skills and competencies. Establishing knowledge based networking, e-forums, and a community of gender mainstreaming practitioners. Developing institutional mechanisms and procedures for systematic gender mainstreaming and accountability in government. Slide5:  Capacity Development thru Gender Mainstreaming Project A high priority of the Project is to raise the awareness of senior officials and policy makers of the government. The training comprises of four categories, each with defined target group as follows: senior government professional civil servants working in the top tiers of government legislators managers and data managers Slide6:  Projects Supported by GSP Slide7:  Overview of Gender Support Programme Political Participation Women’s Political School, MoWD (mega intervention to make women councilors and local government more effective). Interventions – providing ToT, training 36000 councilors, building support link., sharing info. and institutional strengthening. Institutional Strengthening of NCSW Gender Responsive Budgeting, MoFGender Mainstreaming in the Planning Process, P&DD Achieving National & Int’l Commitments on Gender & Poverty Issues, MoWD Economic Empowerment Women’s Access to Capital and Technology (WACT). Enhance economic s tatus of urban and rural women through credit, promoting small and medium entrepreneurship, building capacity, facilitating ICT solutions and networking. Enabling Social Environment Gender Justice through Musahilat Anjuman (MA). Interventions – build capacity of MA members, enhance public engagement, promote women’s awareness of their rights, utilize services of the MA. 1 :  1 Introduction Session Slide9:  Introductions Icebreaker Norms Slide10:  To clarify gender concepts and provide policy makers with a rationale as to why gender should be mainstreamed in policies, programmes and projects To build some basic skills for gender integration in policies, programmes and projects, and to identify ways to take forward the gender agenda; To identify ways to take forward the gender agenda. Overall Discussion Objectives Slide11:  Agenda Slide12:  “Life is a do-it-yourself project” Your life today is the reflection of your attitudes and choices in the past. Your life tomorrow will be the result. 2 :  2 Why Gender Matters for Policy Makers Session Slide14:  Every 20 minutes a woman dies …. from preventable complications of pregnancy and child birth More women die of communicable diseases than men. The infant mortality rate from 1995 to 2000 was 98 for girls and 93 for boys per 1,000 births. The literacy rate for women (39%) is nearly half that of men ( 63%). The sex difference in child mortality is one of the highest in the world, with death rates for girls aged 1-4 years being 66% higher than for boys in the same age group. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world in which men outnumber women in the population and women have a lower life expectancy than men. At the bottom of the pile…:  At the bottom of the pile… UNDP’s Gender Development Index (GDI), Pakistan ranks 120th out of 144 countries (it is below both India and Bangladesh) The Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) it ranks 64th out of 78 countries Overview of GoP Commitments:  International Commitments MDGs – Millennium Development Goals (MDGs, 2000) CEDAW – in force on September 3, 1981 Pakistan ratified in 1996 Major Initiatives GRAPs – National and Provincial GRAPs (2004) Decentralization Support Program - TA2 GSP - Gender Support Programme (2003-2008) Overview of GoP Commitments National Commitments MTDF – Mid Term Development Framework (2005-10) NPA – by Ministry of Women and Development, September 1998. NPDEW – by Ministry of Women and Development, 2002 Slide17:  WHY Do the Disparities Persist? Slide18:  Case Studies Gender-Blind Development:  Gender-Blind Development Renovation of water courses in Mardan Aga Khan Education Services (AKES) in the Northern Areas Water supply scheme in Balochistan Sindh’s education policy for rural areas A rice research project in Punjab Unpacking Gender:  Gender refers to the economic, social and cultural attributes and opportunities associated with being a man or a woman in a given society. Unpacking Gender Slide23:  Society is Organized Around….. Engendering Development Means Recognizing….:  Engendering Development Means Recognizing…. Women and men often have different needs and priorities due to their different status and roles in society Development interventions have to be based on an understanding of gender roles Women and their needs and priorities have to be given as much importance as those of men Only then is humane, just and sustainable development possible Slide26:  What are Gender Issues? When gender roles result in: invisibility of either gender unequal burdens of work unequal result in access to resources unequal benefits and/or control of resources ? Slide27:  Message for Policy Development Professionals Resources and facilities usually benefit those who are best placed to exploit them. Although development interventions claim to be neutral, it tends to benefit those who are: better off educated well-informed more accessible having greater access All of the above are more likely to be men than women An unconscious bias against the disadvantaged, especially against women Slide28:  When water flows it takes the path of least resistance ….similarly to whom resources will flow is determined by our values, beliefs and commitments 3 :  3 Gender Mainstreaming in Policies, Programs & Projects Session Slide30:  How can policy makers & planners ensure that the needs and expectations of all members of society are met equitably? Understanding Gender Mainstreaming:  Understanding Gender Mainstreaming “ …the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programs, in all areas and at all levels. It is a strategy for making women’s as well as men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs in all political, economic, and societal spheres so that women and men benefit equally and inequality is not perpetuated.” Gender Mainstreaming in Policies, Programs and Projects:  Gender Mainstreaming in Policies, Programs and Projects Situation Assessment & Analysis Project Implementation Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy & Project Management Monitoring / Evaluation Gender Mainstreaming in …:  Gender Mainstreaming in … Situation Assessment & Analysis Project Implementation Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy & Project Management Monitoring / Evaluation Situation Assessment and Analysis:  Situation Assessment and Analysis Were gender disaggregated data and gender analysis used in the background and justification of the policy, program or project? Slide35:  Story behind the Numbers Slide36:  1. Once upon a time the sex-disaggregated data for a National TB Program Conclusion? Action? Case Study The question you did not ask::  The question you did not ask: Do these differences in notification rates reflect a true difference in TB incidence for women and men? Need for gender statistics Slide38:  3. Gender statistics were collected, followed by gender analysis and gender-related issues emerged as follows: Differences in clinical symptoms in women and men: Sputum test regime: women tend not to come back to the clinic to complete their sputum test Quality of sputum produced by men and women Understanding of and belief about TB Health-care seeking behavior and TB diagnosis Compliance with treatment and recovery after treatment. Information is Power:  Information is Power Gender Mainstreaming in …:  Gender Mainstreaming in … Situation Assessment & Analysis Project Implementation Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy & Project Management Monitoring / Evaluation Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy and Project Management:  Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy and Project Management Are the needs of both women and men reflected in the goals, objectives and strategies of the Project? Is there a clear policy for mainstreaming women? Has appropriate budgeting been assigned for sufficient for the development of both men and women? Does the strategy consider men’s and women’s practical and strategic gender needs? Gender Mainstreaming in …:  Gender Mainstreaming in … Situation Assessment & Analysis Project Implementation Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy & Project Management Monitoring / Evaluation Project Implementation:  Project Implementation Will both men and women participate in the implementation? Are those who will implement the Program or Project gender aware? Has adequate and appropriate resources been aligned to work with both men and women? Gender Mainstreaming in …:  Gender Mainstreaming in … Situation Assessment & Analysis Project Implementation Project Goals/Objectives, Strategy & Project Management Monitoring / Evaluation Monitoring/Evaluation:  Monitoring/Evaluation Does the monitoring and evaluation strategy have a gender perspective? Do the indicators measure the gender dimension of each objective? Have appropriate methods and resources been assigned to obtain information from both gender? Is there provision for a communication strategy? Does the project redress a previous unequal sharing? Government Officials Must Not Assume:  Government Officials Must Not Assume It means that all government officials…… at all levels, no longer simply assume that either gender (especially women) will automatically benefit from a proposed policy or program. Rather, it is consciously thinking about how this will happen. 4 :  4 Applying Concepts, Sharpening Skills Session Slide48:  A Collection of Case Studies 1. Disaggregating Gender Terms 5. Practical and Strategic Gender Needs 3. Spending Preferences 4. Community Data 2. Time-Use Study 1. Disaggregating Gender Terms:  1. Disaggregating Gender Terms 2. Time Use Study:  2. Time Use Study 3. Spending Preferences:  3. Spending Preferences 4. Community Data:  4. Community Data 5. Practical & Strategic Gender Needs:  5. Practical & Strategic Gender Needs 5:  5 Taking Forward the Gender Agenda ….. Session Gender Mainstreaming … What Does it Need?:  Gender Mainstreaming … What Does it Need? Strengthened Processes by Mainstreaming in Policy, Programme or Project Document Feedback:  Feedback Excellent Worthwhile Confusing Terrible Feedback:  Feedback Q.1. How would you rate the following sessions? (tick your feedback) Q.2 Please inform us of those aspects of the session that you found most useful (e.g. contents, concepts, use of case studies, participatory aspect of the event, material, etc). Q.3 Please identify one step that you would like to take in order to mainstream gender in your organization’s policy, programme or planning processes. Q.4 What support could the Gender Mainstreaming Project extend to your organization with regard to mainstreaming gender?

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