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Published on March 21, 2018

Author: aliciabecker

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: DOES THE WAIST TRAINER REALLY WORK I am a major sucker for ads promising to make me look like a celebrity. Especially if it has to do with my body shape just picture: Winnie the Pooh—tada And that’s me specifcally the tummy part. Any seductive diet ads or body shaping propaganda catch my eye very easily. Like honey to a bear. Which brings me to the reason for this question - DO WAIST TRAINERS REALLY WORK I used a girdle back in high school and swore never again One day while waiting at the doctor’s ofce and reading a magazine I saw a news article about an actress looking drop-dead gorgeous and she admitted that she uses a Waist training corset. My mouth fell open as I gasped in shock I read further. The introductory picture of a real life Barbie Doll flled the page. She was wearing a body shaping waist trainer and her hourglass fgure was unbelievable. It reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ being laced into a corset. NO WAY I’m not going to fall for that and threw the magazine down in disgust. But the point of the story is that my doctor’s visit didn’t go too well. T oo much honey for me -the "Winnie the Pooh" look alike. Doctor’s orders: lose the fat around the waist. Not healthy. So I decided that it was time to research the "waist trainer" concept. I don’t do diets and I don’t do exercise but I love to enjoy life. My idea of a perfect day is relaxing in my sweats and maybe a little bit gardening. So maybe this would work Maybe it’s my magical secret to looking like the ‘Barbie doll’ woman whose picture was in the magazine. Internet browsing found lots of testimonials and advice. But maybe I thought – its just bait to catch the big fsh with the credit card. After all I have fallen for these ads and testimonials before. They promised to burn belly fat fast TODAY tone your abdominal area and tighten the stomach skin. The word used was exercise and sweat. Ugh not looking good for me. But reading on it says the secret is that it retains body heat and helps you sweat the fat of. HMMMM sounds easy. Watch a movie while sweating in your WAIST TRAINER And the words used were” fexible slide 2: free movement comfortable and guaranteed to lose inches”. I was hooked. And a money back guarantee. Customer reviews confrmed that the waist trainer does REALLY work Some of the comments were: “Lost inches around her waist in a couple of weeks”. “Wears her waist trainer for 8 hours while at work” “Yes you will sweat in it but that you will great results from it”. Following the advice of how to decide on the size to order I took the plunge. My WAIST TRAINER arrived nicely packaged with lots of instructions and it came with a book. The picture of the author was my Barbie Doll woman from the magazine. No way True Great motivation And provided great advice to learn how to use this sweat clincher. The concept has actually been proved to work and it has been used for many years. I was pumped Let’s do this Okay all kidding aside honestly it is an exercise just to get the thing on. Remember the girdle from high school. Same Just like a sausage- your fat belly stufed into the casing. Just imagine - Winnie the Pooh putting on a girdle holding in his ‘rumbly tumbly’. Honestly I thought I was going to die at frst. It wasn’t as if I was lounging in my comfy sweats and just letting the fat hang out. You are defnitely strapped into a walking torture chamber and it goes everywhere you do. Putting it on is the major hard part. And tight And eating NOT even tempted because of the results after eating—feeling sick sweating and not able to digest That’s the real secret of melting the fat of your belly---can’t eat But as is true with everything it does get better the more you use it. My advice: “Stick to it” The trick is that you are eating better you are sitting more erect improving your posture and your appearance improves because of this. Result of that is more self-confdence and when that hourglass fgure starts to emerge you start to actually believe you are attractive. All very positive results Just keep motivated though and stick to it and that hourglass fgure will be yours It happened to me ‘Winnie the Pooh’ so it can for you too. T o quote another successful Waist Trainer survivor—It really does work slide 3: Okay long story short—it did work My doctor’s follow up visit was just 4 weeks after I started wearing it and he was impressed. “You go girl”

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