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Published on April 16, 2008

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Slide1:  One world, one dream (Senior) Here comes the Beijing Games (P2):  Here comes the Beijing Games (P2) The Olympic Games are more than just a bunch of athletic competitions. This event is about _________________ _________________________________ It is also about ___________________ _________________________________ countries and regions from the world coming together to compete peacefully. all the individual athletes who have worked hard to be the best in their sports. Read the passage and fill in the blanks: Slide3:  Moreover, it will be a chance for Chinese people _____________________ ___________________________ It will be a chance for us to _________ _________________________ Besides, we can learn from __________ in international events as volunteers. participate to learn from the world’s most outstanding athletes. the champions. Your say (P3):  Your say (P3) What are you looking forward to most about the Games? A long tradition (P4):  A long tradition (P4) Read the passages and decide T or F: The ancient Olympic Games had only nine events. Le Baron Pierre de Goubertin is regarded as the founder of the Olympic Movement. “One world, one dream” is the Olympic motto. Olympic emblems are different in each Olympics. The Olympic Charter is made by the International Olympic Committee. F F F T T Olympic spirit and values (P4):  Olympic spirit and values (P4) Citius, Altius, Fortius! These Latin words are the Olympic motto and mean, “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.” All athletes come to the Olympic Games striving to do their personal best, but they also understand that the Olympic Games are about participation, fair competition, celebration, and friendship. Slide7:  A personal motto can help you stay focused on what you believe to be truly important and might describe how you want to live your life. Some well-known mottos include “Stop and smell the roses” and “Live life to its fullest.” Directions: Brainstorm a list of personal characteristics that are important to you. Choose one or two and create your own personal motto. It should be short, catchy, and easy to remember. Slide8:  Characteristics that are important to me: ___________ _______ ________ ______ _____ _____ ______ ______ example: honesty Values* of the Olympic Games: knowledge 2. Competitive spirit 3. excellence 4. Fair play … *Source: International Olympic Committee. Slide9:  My motto: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Remember to recite your motto often so that you stay focused on what is important to you. Try hanging your motto on your bedroom mirror or writing it on the front of your notebooks! One world, one dream (P5):  One world, one dream (P5) a. The black Olympic ring Match the mascots with what they represent. b. Showing China’s desire to protect nature c. The yellow Olympic ring d. Carrying the blessing of prosperity e. Symbolizing the Olympic flame f. Strong in gymnastics Torch relay (P6-P7):  Torch relay (P6-P7) Your show: pretend you will do a program on CCTV-9 about the Olympic torch relay. The roles include: one or two hosts/hostesses, one or two reporters (to interview the torch bearers), four torch bearers, and one torch relay expert. Olympic host cities (P12-P13):  Choose one host city where you want to attend the Games. Then read about its introduction. Now write your own introduction for your city. Olympic host cities (P12-P13) Olympic venues (P15-P18):  Train your scanning (扫读) skills: Scanning is a reading technique that is reading quickly to locate (找到位置) specific information. For example, if I want to find out in which venue the table tennis games will be held, then this is a good time to practice scanning. And the answer is: Peking University Gymnasium. Olympic venues (P15-P18) Olympic venues (P15-P18):  Now ask yourself: Which sport (???) do you want to watch? Which venue will it be held in? Then find it out. You may time yourself, try more sports, or you can make this a competition with your friends by timing each other. Olympic venues (P15-P18) Green Olympics (P19):  Four aspects (方面) are mentioned to ensure a Green Olympics. Sum up each aspect in no more than 5 words. The first one is done as an example. 1. Construction work 2. 3. 4. Green Olympics (P19) Cutting down of exhaust fumes “Defending the Blue Sky” program Requirements on construction sites Slide16:  Golden rules of a volunteer’s job (P21) Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the ones given below. There is an extra one. Respect others B. Kind acceptance C. Appropriate (恰当的) attitude (态度) D. Ladies first C. Volunteers should be confident enough in their abilities and qualities in order to behave decently (得体地): not overly restrained (克制的), but graceful and confident. They should present active spirits and positive attitudes. Slide17:  B. The world is full of diversity. Different countries or regions have different beliefs and customs. Volunteers need to accept the differences of foreign friends, admitting those differences, being strict on themselves but lenient (宽容) with others. Volunteers should be modest and gentle, showing respect and hospitality (热情) and creating a harmonious (和谐的) environment by not hurting people’s dignity (尊严) or insulting them. A. Be on your best behavior (P23):  The following items (项目) belong to different groups. Put the correct group logo (标志) before each item. Group logo: Before the game During the game After the game Be on your best behavior (P23) Before during after:  Before during after Don’t eat snacks in the stands (看台). Drink as little water as possible. Going to the toilet too much disturbs (打搅) other people. Take some time to learn about the rules and culture of the event you are going to see. Leave the stand in good order. Turn cellphones off or set them to vibrate (振动) before the game starts. Ask the officials or volunteers to give presents to your favorite player, if you want to. Before during after:  Clean up your appearance and dress well before leaving for the arena. You will be sitting close to other people. Clean your seat before you leave. Remember to take away your soft drink bottles and other trash. Do not stand or wave flags that may block the view of the people sitting behind. After an excellent performance, applaud (鼓掌) warmly. Before during after Rules of the Games (P24):  Rules of the Games (P24) Between touches.   Control your passion and don’t be rude. Don’t offer help unless asked for. Don’t wave flags. Wait until the ball is dead. Try to avoid moving. Whenever, but don’t disturb them. Don’t offer water or help unless asked for. When good shots are made. Help chase down balls that go off court.

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