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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: yurilahar

Source: slideshare.net

This is not an official slide (:

Introduction: Christina Kelman • Joined AIESEC in January 2011 as an Outgoing Exchange member in March 2011. • Vice President of Talent Management, 2012 • Local Committee President of AIESEC UNSW 2013. • Member Committee Vice President of Talent Management, AIESEC Indonesia 13-14 • I have attended 18 national and international conferences, representing myself, my entity and my country. NSW StateCon (Apr 2011), QCON (Jul 2011), NLDC (Singapore, Dec, 2011), NC (Cambodia, Jan 2012), NSW State Con (Apr 2012), NLDS (May 2012), NEWCon (Jul 2012), SPMs (Sep 2012), BeachCON (Nov 2012), NewLTCon (Dec 2012), APLS (Vietnam, Dec 2012), RadCon (Jan 2013), NLDS (May 2013), QCon (July, 2013), Ignite (Vietnam, July 2013), International Congress (Egypt, August 2013), September President’s Meeting (September 2013), National Election Conference (Indonesia, January, 2014)

But these titles are bullshit. ! What matters are the stories behind.

I joined AIESEC as an OGX member in March 2011. • Joined AIESEC not really understanding what it was or what I was doing. • Didn’t understand the concept of responsibility • Placed into a leadership role without warning/training, produced a conference for 200 young people.

I was Vice President of Talent Management in 2012 • Started with a Member Retention rate of 5% • I set up National Good Case Practices and created a standard from Talent Management across the country, moved away from the ‘culture people’. • Increased Leadership Pipelining by 160% and Member Retention by 250% • Lead a team of 8

I was Local Committee President of AIESEC UNSW 2013. • Led a team of 5 extremely capable and high-performing leaders. • Took ownership for 5 people’s development and performance for one year. • Top growth within cluster 1 within AIESEC Australia • Executive Board Retention Rate 40%

I am your Member Committee Vice President in Talent Management of AIESEC Indonesia 2013-2014. • Leading an entity with more than 1,700 people working for it. • Responsible for delivering leadership in 4,000 experiences this year. • Started my role in November, made a lot of mistakes but I’ve been pushing forward ever since.

But these stories are also bullshit. ! What matters is why I did them. What change I want to see in the world. !

So far, this change - I’ve made through this organisation called AIESEC. ! Explore it with me.

Why was AIESEC created?

what do we envision?

what is our impact?

Our international platform ! – ENABLES – ! young people to explore and develop their ! leadership potential ! for them to have! a positive impact on society.

In what way do we make that impact possible?

what are the AIESEC values?

Group Activity You have 5 minutes to discuss, & 2 minutes to present! Each  group  will  be  assigned  a     Different  AIESEC  value.   ! In  your  group  discuss:   ! What  is  the  Meaning  of     this  Value?   ! What  is  your  interpretation?   ! !

is the centre of our organisation. Our  Strategy Our  Goals Our  Activities Wherever we go, the AIESEC Way will remain at our centre. Acting as a compass to shape our decisions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDJQOJCFPng

Cool, Cool so this is all really REALLY awesome, but…
 How do we actually go about achieving this? DRUMROLL PLEASE…

Once upon a time… 
 there was a little boy, 
 named Eddie.

Now, Eddie really wanted to make an impact on the world & do something with his life.

But he didn’t know what to do… ☹

Then one day, at UDAYANA he saw a strange sign in the sky… WOW!

He decided to apply! Got selected! And is now part of the UDAYANA Expansions Team!

Now Eddie’s wondering about all the fantastic & exciting opportunities that AIESEC is offering to him, but doesn’t know what to choose!

... So he asked Christina + Yuri ☺

Glad you asked! Here is… The AIESEC Experience

Phase 1:

Engagement  with  AIESEC An   opportunity   for   a   young   person   to   be   introduced   and   interact   with   AIESEC,   without   having   joined  or  experienced  one  of  AIESEC’s  ELD  programmes.   ! In this phase, you will be introduced to the world of AIESEC and the different programs you can be part off in order to gain an integrated international leadership experience. You will learn about the WHY , HOW and WHAT of AIESEC and it will empower you to pick your path/program to kick start your AIESEC XP.

Engagement  with  AIESEC In  this  phase  they  become  aware  of  and  experience  the   following:   ! the  WHY,  HOW  and  WHAT  of  AIESEC   ! the  value  propositions  of  AIESEC’s  value  based  platform   ! interaction  with  AIESEC  around  topics  of  leadership,  management  and  global  issues   ! AIESEC’s  values  and  brand  experience

And  then… Phase 2: This  happens!

And then we get to…

Experiential Leadership Development

Team Member Programme “It is one of the most crucial ways in which you can start on your path towards leadership development. In this phase you will be introduced to a practical team experience, gain access to a global network and engage in practical hard skills development projects”

Team  Member  Programme A  Team  Member  Programme  (TMP)  experience  is  an  opportunity  for  a  young  person  to  develop  entrepreneurial  and  responsible   leadership  by  living  a  practical  team  experience  at  a  local,  national,  regional  or  global  level.     How  do  we  run  this  programme?   We   provide   a   practical   learning   and   development   experience   to   a   young   person,   who   takes   part   in   a   team   and   takes   responsibilities  towards  managing  AIESEC’s  performance  and  the  delivery  of  its  experiences. What  can  a  young  person  gain  through  this  programme?   With  this  programme,  a  young  person  gains  access  to  AIESEC’s  value-­‐based  platform,  and  he  or  she  experiences:   ▪A  practical  team  experience   ▪Practical  hard  and  soft  skills  development   ▪Access  to  a  global  network   ▪An  entrepreneurial  and  responsible  attitude  towards  being  a  better  leader   ! TMP   participants   can   have   different   types   of   practical   team   experiences,   such   being   a   part   of   a   project   team,   a   functional   team,   the  organising  committee  of  an  event,  or  an  executive  team  of  a  an  entity. Duration  of  a  Team  Member  experience:  8-­‐78  weeks

Team Leader Programme This experience will culminate in your personal and professional development through the concept of team building and management. You get to experience directing other members and guiding them in their work, thus becoming a crucial part of their development.

Team  Leader  Programme A   Team   Leader   Programme   (TLP)   experience   is   an   opportunity   for   a   young   person   to   develop   entrepreneurial   and   responsible   leadership  through  leading  and  guiding  others  in  their  work  and  experience  at  a  local,  national,  regional  or  global  level.   How  do  we  run  this  programme?   We   provide   practical   learning   and   development   to   a   young   person   through   the   experience   of   managing   a   team.   Team   Leader   Programme   participants   contribute   to   the   development   of   others   while   ensuring   AIESEC’s   performance   and   the   delivery   of   its   experiences. What  can  a  young  person  gain  through  this  programme?   With  this  programme,  a  young  person  gains  access  to  AIESEC’s  value-­‐based  platform,  and  he  or  she  experiences:   ▪A  practical  team  leader  or  executive  leadership  body  experience   ▪Personal  and  professional  development   ▪Practical  hard  and  soft  skills  development   ▪Activities   which   develop   an   entrepreneurial   and   responsible   attitude   towards   being  a  better  leader   ! TLP  participants  can  have  different  types  of  team-­‐based  leadership  experiences  such  as  leading  a  team  or  acting  as  a  part  of  the   executive  leadership  body  of  an  entity.   Duration  of  a  Team  Leader  experience:  8-­‐78  weeks

Global Internship Programme This programme offers internships that contribute to the professional development of a member and assist them to specialize in a certain field of work. They are normally long term in nature and involve working on diverse business projects and organizations.

Global  Community  Development  Programme A  Global  Community  Development  Programme  (GCDP)  experience  is  an  opportunity  for  young  people  to  develop  entrepreneurial   and  responsible  leadership  by  creating  direct  positive  impact  through  an  international  volunteer  experience.     How  do  we  run  this  programme?   We   provide   international   volunteer   experiences   through   which   young   people   develop   themselves   while   empowering   individuals,   communities  or  organisations.  We  focus  on  areas  and  issues  with  the  need  for  direct  social  impact  and  sustainable  solutions.   What  can  a  young  person  gain  through  this  programme?   With  this  programme,  a  young  person  gains  access  to  AIESEC’s  value-­‐based  platform,  and  he  or  she  experiences:   ▪A  cross-­‐cultural  living  and  working  experience   ▪The  opportunity  to  create  positive  societal  impact     ▪Personal  development   ! GCDP  participants  can  have  different  types  of  volunteer  experiences.  They  may  work  with  organisations  or  in  projects  which  focus  on   community  development,  as  long  as  their  experience  contributes  to  their  personal  development  and  positive  impact  on  society. Duration  of  a  GCDP  experience:  6-­‐78  weeks

Global Community Development Programme International internships are the most intense learning experience we offer and links together our global network. This programme encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through working abroad for social and community development projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement for the member undertaking the programme.

Global  Internship  Programme A  Global  Internship  Programme  (GIP)  experience  is  an  opportunity  for  a  young  person  to  develop  entrepreneurial  and  responsible   leadership  by  living  a  cross-­‐cultural  professional  development  experience.   How  do  we  run  this  programme?   We   provide   an   internship   in   a   host   organisation,   through   which   a   young   person   contributes   to   the   goals   of   the   organisation,   completes  a  job  description  requiring  special  expertise  or  skills,  and  receives  supervision  and  evaluation  on  his  or  her  professional   development. ! What  can  a  young  person  gain  through  this  programme?   With  this  programme,  a  young  person  gains  access  to  AIESEC’s  value-­‐based  platform,  and  he  or  she  experiences:   ▪A  professional  development  experience   ▪A  cross-­‐cultural  living  and  working  experience   ! GIP  participants  can  have  different  types  of  internship  experiences  as  long  as  their  role  and  supervision  clearly  contribute  to  their   professional  development.   Duration  of  a  GIP  experience:  6-­‐78  weeks

Phase 3:

A life long connection will ensure the essence of positive change throughout an AIESEC members life. In this way, AIESEC presents each of its alumni a platform for continuous growth thus enabling them to make a constant positive impact on society.

Let’s explore the organisation that we are leading. ! 2 Key Questions - What is the key relevance of AIESEC? (why) - How do we do it? (how) - What is AIESEC?

What we envision in AIESEC: Peace & Fulfillment of Humankind’s potential.

Did it occur to you: “It’s been 64 years, is this still relevant?”

Q1: What challenges does Indonesia/Bali/ UDAYANA face right now?

Q2: What do young people in Indonesia/Bali/ UDAYANA need?

Q3: How does AIESEC address those needs here in Indonesia/Bali?

The World needs New Models of Leadership. “Significant demographic and societal changes, fundamental technological advances and continuous globalization, as well as complex multi-stakeholder issues and resource scarcity define this emerging context. These changing parameters require new type of leadership” - At Davos 2013

“Three essentials for leaders in the new context of the world: business frameworks, conceptual skills and human skills.  ! Business frameworks are the knowledge to understand complex management through viewpoints such as strategy, marketing and operations. ! Conceptual skills are the ability to analyze the multistakeholder situation and decide what needs to be done. ! Human skills are the ability to be who you are to get people involved and lead them. ! But most importantly in the center of those 3 essentials, a personal resolve - Kokorizashi - a mission of your life.” ! - Yoshito Hori Chairman of Globis University !

“There are always different challenges and the world always needs different things.”

We believe the solution can be constant and fundamental.

The world needs Leadership.

What’s the key relevance of AIESEC?

We develop LEADERSHIP for a positive impact on society for peace and fulfilment of human kind’s potential

How does AIESEC do that?

Outerjourney Innerjourney We do GCDP/GIP because living powerful exchange experiences develops Strong Leadership

We do TMP/TLP because creating powerful team experiences for others develops Strong Leadership.

We enable and develop strong leadership through our Experiential Leadership Development Program

Developing these frontier competencies would require an inner and outer journey.

AIESEC is not an exchange organisation, we develop the kind of needed leadership through our exchange experience

What We Envision: Peace & Fulfilment of Human Kind’s Potential Our Impact Model Develop Leadership by providing Experiential Leadership Development Opportunities for Young People

AIESEC’s volunteering model allows us to develop the kind of needed leadership through creating experiences for others

AIESEC is not fast food.

We build to last.

1. The world we envision 4. Our fundamental contribution is to develop leadership 6. Is our model developing this kind of leadership? 2. The world it is now Yes/No? 5. What kind of leadership is needed now? 3. What can be our contribution? Yes/No? Step 7? The world we envision

7. You You are the impact.

What is your promise to be the best you can be.

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