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Published on January 28, 2012

Author: abhisheksngh555

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Fire =abhishek

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material inFire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion, releasing the chemical process ofheat, light, and various reaction products.Slower oxidative processes like rusting ordigestion are not included by this definition. combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.Slower oxidative processes like rusting or digestion are not included by this definition.

The flame is the visible portion ofthe fire and consists of glowing hotgases. If hot enough, the gases maybecome ionized to produce plasma.Depending on the substancesalight, and any impuritiesoutside, the color of the flame andthe fires intensity might vary.

Fire in its most common form can result inconflagration, which has the potential to causephysical damage through burning.Fire is an important process that affectsecological systems across the globe. The positiveeffects of fire include stimulating growth andmaintaining various ecological systems.Fire has been used by humans forcooking, generating heat, signaling, andpropulsion purposes.

The negative effects of fire include decreased water purity, increased soil erosion, an increase inatmospheric pollutants and an increased hazard to human life.

-Electrical Issues• Electrical hazards are the cause of numerous workplace fires each year.• Faulty electrical equipment or misuse of equipment produces heat and sparks that serve as ignition sources in the presence of flammable and combustible materials.• Examples of common ignition hazards: overloading circuits use of unapproved electrical devices damaged or worn wiring


Cracker Accident

Air Crash

Points To Remember• Housekeeping Issues – Keep your worksite clean and free of trash and debris. – Follow proper storage guidelines.• Flammable and Combustible Liquids – Use and store the minimum amounts necessary. – Follow correct storage guidelines.• Electrical Fire Hazards – Don’t use unapproved electrical devices. – Avoid improper uses of multi-plugs.• Compartmentalization – Maintain compartmentalization systems. – Don’t wedge or block open doors.

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