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Published on April 21, 2008

Author: Patrizia

Source: authorstream.com

Reagan’s Revolution Unfinished - Democracies in Danger :  Reagan’s Revolution Unfinished - Democracies in Danger Why we Fought the Cold War:  Why we Fought the Cold War Our way of Life was under existential threat 100s of millions of people were literally captives of a evil ideology Consequences of Victory:  Consequences of Victory Collapse of the USSR and the creation of new independent states The freeing of the captive nations, from the Baltics to the Balkans The whole-sale transition of nations to the ”market democracy” model An end to Mutually Assured Destruction Budapest: Paris of the East:  Budapest: Paris of the East Hungary: From Victory to Self-inflicted Defeat:  Hungary: From Victory to Self-inflicted Defeat Happiest Barrack in the Bloc The Pannon Tiger. 5% GDP growth NATO – EU membership Fiftieth Anniversary of the ’56 Revolution Hungary in more Detail :  Hungary in more Detail 1980s reform wing – economic collapse nears The Iron Curtain breachs No Shock Therapy Cyclical Politics, nostalgia No Lustration The Survival of Communist Elites:  The Survival of Communist Elites For full details see www.itdis.org Communism’s Legacy:  Communism’s Legacy Fear "Uncle State " Tax evasion Old Boy – Communist networks – SS Politics without ideology " I can’t change it anyway " : The Land of No Consequences The Balatonőszöd Speech :  The Balatonőszöd Speech “We lied for years. We lied about the economy” “This f..king country” “We have nothing we can be proud of.” Slide16:  The victory of the Cold War was only partial Huge lessons remain unlearnt; lessons relevant to anywhere where we want to see democracy take root Western foundations / individuals much re-engage The focus must be on the youth What Now? QUESTIONS?:  QUESTIONS? Sebestyen L. v. Gorka Founding Director Institute for Transitional Democracy & International Security (ITDIS), and Director of Policy Studies, EICEE, Washington www.itdis.org www.eicee.org gorka@itdis.org

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