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Published on January 15, 2009

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Military Health System Office of Transformation : Military Health System Office of Transformation Military Health System Transformation1 Feb 06 Military Health System (MHS) Transformation is an Element of Defense Transformation : Military Health System (MHS) Transformation is an Element of Defense Transformation Defense Transformation A process that shapes the changing nature of military competition and cooperation through new combinations of concepts, capabilities, people and organizations that exploit our Nation’s advantages and protect against our asymmetric vulnerabilities to sustain our strategic position, which helps underpin peace and stability in the world.1 The scope of defense transformation encompasses three major areas— Transforming how we do business Transforming how we work with others Transforming how we fight The MHS Transformation addresses all three major areas 1 Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, Transformation Planning Guidance, April 2003 What is MHS Transformation? : What is MHS Transformation? MHS Transformation A process that shapes the MHS capabilities, processes, people and organizations to provide the Joint Force with best-in-the world warfighter support and high-quality health care for beneficiaries, while achieving management and system efficiency. What is the MHSOffice of Transformation (MHS-OT)? : What is the MHSOffice of Transformation (MHS-OT)? Project Office, chartered by the Deputy Secretary of Defense, to “accelerate and enhance the quality of organizational change” in the MHS Jointly staffed office Under authority of USD (Personnel and Readiness) Delegation to the ASD (Health Affairs) Work and recommendations reviewed for approval by the MHS Executive Review Committee (MHSER) Within the existing governance and organizational structure Sunset date – 30 Sep 07 What is the MHS-OT? (Cont.) : What is the MHS-OT? (Cont.) Catalyst leveraging Medical Readiness Review (MRR) Local Authorities Working Group (LAWG) study Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) law Joint/Unified Medical Command Working Group “Architect” providing seamless integration across organizations and functional competencies MHS-OT Focus Areas : MHS-OT Focus Areas Transforming the Medical Force Align with joint force concepts and provide optimum combat service support to the joint force Respond to the changing national security environment Transforming the Business Operating Model Customer-focused and performance-based organization Effective processes that anticipate and respond to the changing nature of health care Transforming the MHS Infrastructure Compliant with BRAC law Responsive to changing MHS requirements Sustaining the Benefit Effective patient partnerships MHS-OT Objectives : MHS-OT Objectives Achieve measurable improvement in MHS performance Develop integrated implementation plan Coordinate the development of directives to implement approved initiatives Monitor, coordinate, and integrate the implementation of plan initiatives Institutionalize MHS transformation activities Institutionalizing Transformation : Institutionalizing Transformation MHS-OT “Sunset” for the MHS Office of Transformation 30 Sep 07 Change Activity Time Offices of Primary Responsibility MHS Transformation Planning to Execution : MHS Transformation Planning to Execution Results of QDR, MHS Strategic Plan, MRR, LAWG and BRAC law provide the “what and why.” MHS-OT integrates inputs and assigns initiatives to OPRs for implementation (“who, how and when”). Institutionalize Transformation into the Department’s processes. Current Status Integrated Approach : DPG FHP&R Initiatives TMA Initiatives MHS Strategic Plan MHS-OT Implementation Plan MHS QDR Roadmap (Incorporates MRR, LAWG, and BRAC initiatives) BRAC 2005 Integrated Approach 28 Strategic Objectives Initiatives Priorities Targets 17 Transformation Initiatives Tasks Sequencing Responsible organizations Outcomes Milestones Resources required Execution Tracking Feedback for continuous improvement Strategic Initiatives Current Future Joint/Unified Medical Command ? Others ? Review/Approval Process : MHSER Review MHS-OT Develop Approach & Identify OPRs SMMAC Review MHS-OT Issues Tasking; Leads/Monitors/ Evaluates/Approves Completed tasking MHS-OT Reports Progress to SMMAC MHSER Review Transition Initiatives to Long-term Process Owners Approve Refer Approve Authoritative Implementation Guidance Issued Adjust Approve Review/Approval Process Transform the Force : Transform the Force Medical Readiness Review – DASD (FHP&R) ICW OSD (PA&E) & USD (C) Interoperability and agility of operational medicine Capabilities – JSS ICW DASD (FHP&R) Homeland defense and medical civil-military ops – JSS ICW DASD (FHP&R) Healthy, enhanced and protected force – DASD (FHP&R) Transform the Force : Transform the Force Joint medical education and training focused on performance-based management – METC FOSC ICW JFCOM Shaping the future Joint medical force – DASD (C&PP) Integrate graduate medical education – DASD (C&PP) Transform the Infrastructure : Transform the Infrastructure Transform the Infrastructure – DASD (HB & FP) Implement BRAC law Standardize measurement of facility condition Link to MHS business planning process Streamline medical MILCON process Submit legislation to: Compete design and construction work Adopt VA Unspecified Minor Construction threshold Raise threshold for Congressional approval for minor construction Transform the Business : Transform the Business Standardize process improvement – PDASD (HA) Performance-based planning – DASD (HB & FP) Performance-based financing – DASD (HB & FP) ICW USD (C) Eliminate utilization barriers for MTF staff – DASD (C&PP) Transform the Business (Cont.) : Transform the Business (Cont.) Management of Jointly-Operated Military Treatment Facilities – SMMAC Align IM/IT support with transformed business processes – PDASD(HA) Contracting for health care services – Dep Dir, TMA Develop Tri-Service contracts for medical professionals – Dep Dir, TMA Sustain the Benefit : Sustain the Benefit Effective patient partnerships – Dep Dir, TMA Progress to Date : Progress to Date SMMAC/MHSER approved implementation plan and OPRs assigned – 17 Jan 06 OPR Milestone 0 briefs to MHS-OT – 23 Jan 06 Mitigated cost growth through joint review and integration of BRAC business plans Coordinated Transformation Initiatives with the MHS Strategic Plan Coordinated Transformation Initiatives with DoD Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness Plan MHS Enterprise Architecture DoD Business Enterprise Architecture Business Management Modernization Program Way Ahead : Way Ahead OPRs Submit implementation timelines Complete implementation requirements analysis Detailed execution plans addressing Doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education,personnel and facilities Defense Planning Guidance & Medical Programming Guidance Draft required legislation MHS-OT Integrate transformation initiatives among OPRs to improve synergy Monitor progress of initiatives Draft required legislation Sunset: Transition remaining responsibilities to OPRs

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