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Published on October 2, 2007

Author: Abhil

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Slide1:  Hurricane Ivan Morning Briefing September 16, 2004 SEOC LEVEL 1 24 Hour Operations:  SEOC LEVEL 1 24 Hour Operations Slide3:  State Coordinating Officer Federal Coordinating Officer Craig Fugate Bill Carwile Up Next – SERT Chief Slide4:  Mike DeLorenzo Steve Glenn Up Next – Meteorology SERT Chief Slide5:  Meteorology Ben Nelson Ivan Touches Land around 3 AM EDT Near Gulf Shores, Alabama at Category 3 strength:  Ivan Touches Land around 3 AM EDT Near Gulf Shores, Alabama at Category 3 strength Category 3 Hurricane Ivan - 85 Miles Northwest of Pensacola:  Category 3 Hurricane Ivan - 85 Miles Northwest of Pensacola 5 AM Forecast:  5 AM Forecast 5 Day Rainfall Forecast :  5 Day Rainfall Forecast Tropical Storm Jeanne Moving Towards the Dominican Republic:  Tropical Storm Jeanne Moving Towards the Dominican Republic Slide20:  Up Next – Information & Planning Slide21:  David Crisp Information & Planning Up Next – Operations Chief Initial Reports of Damage:  Initial Reports of Damage Slide29:  Bay County Parker School Damaged 200 homes reported severe damage Franklin County HWY 98 washed out between Carrabelle and HWY 65 Escambia County 911 call center received reports of 30 – 50 homes w/significant damage West Florida hospital sustained severe damage NO INJURIES Baptist Hospital sustained severe damage to ER & roof damage affecting intensive care NO INJURIES Pensacola Regional Airport reports loss of wall in main terminal and 2 hangers Main roof on 2nd floor of county EM/EOC is falling apart Holmes County Reports of 3 tornados (Area 1 Coordinator) Tornado debris blocked roads isolating ~35 homes. Slide30:  Jackson County Tornado touched down in the town of Cypress several homes affected w/injuries Trailer park damage EOC w/o power, backup generators failed 30-40 buildings damaged including commercial structures reported by EMS Chief Robby Brown Santa Rosa County Heavy erosion and surf in Navarre Beach – pier destroyed Walton County Flood damage to structures east of Miramar Dixie County 8 roads under water Slide31:  Wakulla County 5 Roads flooded Marion County 1 home destroyed in Dunellon by tornado NO INJURIES Walton County Flood damage to structures east of Miramar Dixie County 8 roads under water Up Next – Operations Chief Slide32:  Operations Chief Leo Lachat Ginger Edwards Up Next – Emergency Services Slide33:  Emergency Services Slide34:  Emergency Services Unified First Response Operation 16 Sept 2004 Slide35:  Emergency Services Current Operations – ESF 16: Santa Rosa EOC sustained severe roof damage ESF 10: Marina & Area Assessments to be performed when conditions allow ESF 4&9: Two USAR teams staged in Quincy as soon as conditions are favorable 2 Strike teams of engines and 2 strike teams of ALS transports ESF 8: Extensive damages to several hospitals and shelters in the panhandle (Pensacola Civic Center, Baptist Hospital, Bay County Hospital, Pensacola Naval Hospital) 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) on standby 12 DMATs on alert 404 medical staff for multiple mission deployed and 875 in reserve Slide36:  Emergency Services Future Operations – Initiating first responder operational plan Up Next – Human Services Slide37:  Human Services Up Next – ESF 4&9 Slide38:  Human Services Current Operations – Ivan - Awaiting the passage of Ivan's windfield to move resources into the affected areas Frances - Working deliveries from LSAs. Currently Open Shelter Statistics 12,014 persons in public shelters, up from 3987 yesterday Slide39:  Human Services Current Operations (continued) – Total Hurricane Response Statistics to Date American Red Cross Meals and Snacks: 5,699,178 Shelters/ Evacuation Centers: 1953 Shelter Population: 294,824 ERVs Deployed: 229* Emergency Aid Stations: 24* Bulk Distribution Routes: 32* Service Centers: 30* Clean up-Kits: 8,114 Comfort Kits: 3050 Cases Opened: 12,830* Outreach Contacts: 5,914* Health Services Contacts: 286* Mental Health Contacts: 23,520* Calls Received: 128,361* Total Red Cross Workers: 16,374 ---- 635 (Ivan), 8,381 (Charley), 6,908 (Frances) *Denotes Last Figures Received on 9/14/04 at 23:00 Slide40:  Human Services Current Operations (continued) – Total Hurricane Response Statistics to Date Salvation Army Individuals Assisted: 1,581,153* Meals Served: 1,962,254* MREs: 345,602* Gallons of water: 686,251* Pounds of Ice: 2,430.473* Canteens: 47* Comfort Stations: 19* Mobile Kitchen Trailers: 3* Number of Daily Volunteers: 151* *Denotes Last Figures Received on 9/14/04 at 23:00 Slide41:  Human Services Unmet Needs – Working to resolve Unmet needs from Hurricane Charley, Frances, and Ivan (i.e. tarps on backorder from FEMA) Awaiting Additional MREs from other States. Florida MRE resources are tapped out. Future Operations – Sheltering of evacuees, Mass Care Operations, delivery of food, water and ice, coordination of volunteers and donations, and the handling of animal issues in the areas that may be affected by Ivan. Continue to provide mass care, deliver resources and volunteers, and assist with animal issues in the impact area of Hurricane Frances. Up Next – Infrastructure Slide42:  Infrastructure Slide43:  Infrastructure Up Next – Military Support Current Operations – Supporting post-impact responses for Hurricane Ivan Supporting fuel requests for LSA’s and County Emergency Response Ops Supporting county flood-fighting ops and sandbag requests 92,625 customers identified as out of power (Frances) (see msg 1549) 300,000 customers reported out (Gulfpower- Ivan) Reports of widespread power outages in Walton County Unmet Needs – Diesel and gasoline fuels Future Operations – Continue to monitor transportation, electricity, fuel and telecom systems Supporting preparations for Hurricane Ivan Slide44:  Military Support Up Next – ESF 8 Slide45:  Military Support Up Next – Logistics Current Operations – Strength: 4,348 including 508 from other States 2 Task Forces staging at Tallahassee 1 Task Force conducting all Frances missions statewide RECON elements in place LNOs in place in panhandle counties Unmet Needs – None at this time Future Operations – RECON of affected areas immediately after impact 2 Task Forces planning to move forward into affected areas to provide humanitarian and security support this AM 1 Task Force continues statewide support for Frances missions LNOs will remain in place as long as county needs Slide46:  Logistics Slide47:  Logistics Current Operations – Additional 249th Eng. Bat. Assessment Teams 150 ACOE Generators enroute 70 Vendor Generators enroute LSA support packages for North Florida LSA Lakeland Operational LSA #4 - North Florida Fair Grounds 441 Paul Russell Road Tallahassee, FL 32301 LSA #4 recieving lighting sets, generators, forklifts, and pallet jacks FLNG @ LSA # 4 -09/15/04 (overnight post storm moving west -400 trucks and 800 personnel) LSA #5 -Duke Field (Air Field #3) Highway 85 South 506 Drone Street Okaloosa County Operational - Post Storm Slide48:  Logistics Unmet Needs – None at this time Future Operations – Continue to support: LSAs (Charley - Frances) LSA # 4 North FL Fairgrounds LSA # 5 Duke Field Up Next – Finance & Administration Slide49:  Finance & Administration Slide50:  Finance & Administration Up Next – Public Information Current Operations – Assisting with deployment and relocation of staff to the Panhandle. Continuing to provide purchasing needs for all events. Unmet Needs – None at this time Future Operations – Continue to monitor and track costs. Continue to support EOC in any purchasing or deployment needs. Slide51:  Public Information Up Next – Recovery Slide52:  ESF 14 – Public Information Up Next – Recovery Current Operations – Unmet Needs – Future Operations – Slide53:  Recovery Up Next – SERT Chief Slide54:  Recovery Up Next – SERT Chief Current Operations – Unmet Needs – Future Operations – Slide55:  SERT Chief Mike DeLorenzo Slide56:  Next Briefing September 16 at 1830 ESF Briefing

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