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Published on March 12, 2008

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IEEE Communications Society’2007 Alexander D. Gelman, Ph.D. Director of Standards, IEEE ComSoc Member of IEEE-SA Standards Board:  IEEE Communications Society’2007 Alexander D. Gelman, Ph.D. Director of Standards, IEEE ComSoc Member of IEEE-SA Standards Board NGSN Study Group, Shanghai, September 19-20, 2007 Slide2:  … a diverse group of international communications professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. Toward that end it sponsors publications, conferences, educational programs, local activities, and technical committees that: Foster original work in all aspects of communications. Encourage applications for voice, data, image, and video communications and the integration of computing and communications. Promote the theory and development of end–to–end communications networking and systems. Advance communications infrastructure and technologies for systems including the Internet, personal communications, multimedia communications, enterprise networks, and optical communications. IEEE Communications Society Slide3:  Communications Society Vision To be the organization of choice for communications and related professionals throughout the world World-leading membership services Professional values, diverse volunteerism and sound management Magnet for presentation and debate attracting the best people and the best work in the world Financial strength with defined strategic directions Agility and response to member needs in a timely fashion Slide4:  Communications Society Mission The IEEE Communications Society promotes the advancement of science, technology and applications in communications and related disciplines. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among its members and the technical community throughout the world. The Society maintains the highest standard of professionalism and technical competency. Strategic Elements:  Strategic Elements Agility in response to member needs and world industry dynamics Applications of electronic processes Web, CD-ROM, other Electronic attendance Electronic commerce Information Gateway Experimental Innovation Membership “stretch” goals Accelerated globalization in all aspects Partnership with the world industry Cooperation with the IEEE Computer Society/other IEEE Societies/Sister-Societies Health of the parent organization and its smaller Societies Slide6:  Virtual Communications Society The expanded and extended community of communications industry professionals sharing the common interest of advancing communications technologies. Serving member and nonmember needs Interacting extensively with ComSoc's Information Gateway Offering electronic publication Developing online education and reference Facilitating electronic attendance Supporting electronic commerce Fostering global collaboration Slide7:  FORMATION 1952 IRE Professional Group on Communications Systems (PGCS) 1964 IEEE Group on Communications Technology (ComTech) – 4,400 1972 IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) – 8,800 MEMBERSHIP Members 33,902 Region 1-6 44% Students 6,831 Region 7 4% Affiliates 283 Region 8 24% Total 2004 41,016 Region 9 6% Region 10 22% US 44% Non-US 56% IEEE Communications Society Slide8:  Membership Growth Slide9:  Where Members Live Europe/Africa Middle East 42 Chapters 24% Latin America 22 Chapters 6% Asia/Pacific 27 Chapters 22% Canada 14 Chapters 4% US 68 Chapters 44% Slide10:  Member Employment Self-employed/Consulting 8% Students 17% Educational Institution 18% All Other includes retired and unemployed. Private Industry 45% Public/Gov’t 5% All Other 6% Slide11:  Members by Grade Slide12:  Revenue ($16 million budget) Expenses Conferences 43% Administration 17% (Salaries and facilities allocated to functions) Programs 9% Publications (including advertising) 42% Other 1% Membership Dues 9% Conferences 48% Publications 25% Membership & Marketing 5% Slide13:  IEEE Communications Magazine (Includes Global Communications Newsletter and supplements – Optical Communications; Radio Communications) IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine IEEE Network: The Magazine of Global Internetworking IEEE Transactions on Communications IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications IEEE Communications Letters IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management IEEE Transactions on Multimedia IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology Publications Slide14:  ComSoc Digital Library (and Digital Library Plus) (electronic access [pdfs/html] to ComSoc periodicals & proceedings; search & display metadata via the CommOntology, US Patent citations) IEEE Communications Interactive (electronic html edition of IEEE Communications Magazine) IEEE Wireless Communications Interactive (electronic html edition of IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine) IEEE Network Interactive (electronic html edition of IEEE Network Magazine) IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (online only publication) IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM) (online only publication) ComSoc e-News (free monthly message to members and requesters) Tutorials Now (online full and half-day tutorials, originally presented at ComSoc conferences) Communications Society journals and transactions also available electronically through IEEE’s www site - Xplore On Line Publications Slide15:  Major Conferences OFC/NFOEC Optical Fiber Conference/National Fiber Optics Engineering Conference Joint with LEOS and OSA (Managing Partner) (March) Attendance 15,000+ CCNC Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (January) Attendance 300+ SECON Conference on Sensor and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (October) In addition, ComSoc sponsors or cosponsors an average of 60+ conferences, symposiums and workshops each year. IEEE DYSPAN Symposium on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (April) PIMRC International Symposium on Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (September) Slide16:  To join the IEEE and/or the Communications Society, complete the on-line application or request an application form via: web: www.comsoc.org or www.ieee.org e-mail: new.membership@ieee.org tel: +1 800 678 IEEE (USA or Canada) +1 732 981 0060 (worldwide) fax: +1 732 981 0225 mail: IEEE Admissions and Advancement 445 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 459 Piscataway, NJ 08855-0459 (USA) How to Become a Member Slide17:  Technical Activities Slide18:  Membership Development Slide19:  IEEE Communications Society Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award IEEE Communications Society Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award IEEE Communications Society Award for Public Service in the Field of Telecommunications IEEE Communications Society Publications Exemplary Service Award IEEE Communications Society Harold Sobol Award for Exemplary Service to Meetings & Conferences IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Industry Leader Award The Communications Society Best Tutorial Paper Award The Communications Society Leonard G. Abraham Prize Paper Award in the Field of Communications Systems The Communications Society Stephen O. Rice Prize Paper Award in the Field of Communications Theory The Communications Society William R. Bennett Prize Paper Award in the Field of Communications Circuits and Techniques Fred W. Ellersick Prize IEEE Communications Society/Information Theory Joint Paper Award IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications Awards Slide20:  Sister Societies & Related Societies Slide21:  Publications & Digital Library Chapter Support Education & Tutorials Recognition & Awards Meetings & Conferences Online Services Technical Activities Services Slide22:  Provided as a service to local Chapters and their members, Distinguished Lecture Tours can be arranged in response to a request from one or more Chapter Chairs; but they may also be initiated by a Regional Director, the Director – Membership Programs Development, or the Vice President - Membership Development. Tours are organized to benefit existing members and Chapters but can also be effective in generating membership and encouraging new chapter formation. Up to five DLTs in each Region can be supported each year. Funding is provided to enable a lecturer to address multiple groups on a lecture tour. Individual lectures are not funded. Tours involve a series of lectures, addressing at least three groups in three separate locations within reasonable geographical proximity to each other. “Grassroots” organizers may be Chapters or Sections, local conference organizers, or even a group of members in an area where no ComSoc chapter exists. Organizers work with their Regional Director, who facilitates arrangements and recommends the tour to the Director- Membership Programs Development. Final approval is the responsibility of the Director - Membership Programs Development. Lecturers are approved by him/her in conjunction with the appropriate Regional Director and, when needed, the Vice President - Technical Activities. All arrangements must be made in advance with local sponsoring groups. At least two months lead time is recommended to allow local groups time to advertise. Funding is provided, as required, to cover the lecturer’s travel expenses. Living expenses, such as lodging and meals, plus transportation to and from the airport, are generally the responsibility of the local Chapter. Distinguished Lecturers Program Slide23:  Board of Governors President Nim Cheung Slide24:  How to Reach Us Slide25:  Hussein Mouftah Director, Education mouftah@site.uottawa.ca Des Taylor Director, Journals taylor@elec.canterbury.ac.nz Tom La Porta Director, Magazines tlp@cse.psu.edu Fred Bauer Director, Meetings & Conferences fred@fredbauer.com Kazem Sohraby Director, Online Services ksinst@aol.com Bob Shapiro Director, Marketing rchapiro@comcast.net Shri Goyal Director, Membership Programs shrigoyal@earthlink.net Roberto Saracco Director, Sister Societies roberto.saracco@tilab.com Raouf Boutaba Director, Related Societies rboutaba@bbcr.uwaterloo.ca Alex Gelman Director, Standards adg@research.panasonic.com Daehyoung Hong Director, AP Region dhong@ccs.sogang.ac.kr Andrzej Jajszczyk Director, EAME Region jajszczyk@kt.agh.edu.pl Araceli Garcia Gomez Director, LA Region araceli@iteso.mx Scott Atkinson Director, NA Region scotta@ICSIconsulting.com How to Reach Us Slide26:  Staff Executive Director Jack Howell Information Systems David Alvarez , Mgr Finance and Administration Bruce Worthman, Supervisor Meetings & Conferences Brian Bigalke Advertising Sales Eric Levine, Mgr Marketing John Pape, Mgr Web Administrator Natasha Simonovski Network Administrator Joaquin Tejada Desktop Project Specialist Ting Qian Desktop Production Specialist Kerrianne Sullivan Assistant Publisher Joseph Milizzo , Mgr Associate Sharon McCants Digital Production Manager Sue Lange Associate Editor Catherine Kemelmacher Society Assistant Carol Cronin Publications Coordinator Jennifer Porcello Web Site Specialist Tony Ruiz Project Manager Gayle Weisman Executive and Volunteer Services Carole Swaim, Sr Admin Project Manager Joel Basco Senior Project Manager Debora Kingston Administrator Juan Torres Senior Administrator Phyllis Curran Senior Project Manager June Leach-Barnaby Slide27:  How to Reach Us IEEE/ComSoc Standards Board:  IEEE/ComSoc Standards Board Steve Mills, HP Chair-IEEE-SA/Standards Board Raouf Boutaba Univ of Waterloo ComSoc Dir -Related Societies Robert Fish NETovations IEEE-SA/CAG, ComSoc-M&C Curtis Siller ComSoc Past President John Barr Motorola Chair-IEEE802.15.3b Jim Hoffmayer Western Telecom Consultants, Chair-IEEE1900.1 WG Stanley Moyer Telcordia Technologies ComSoc-Treasurer Gerald Peterson Past president of IEEE-SA Director: Alex Gelman, NETovations, IEEE-SA Standards Board member Under TAC, Sergio Benedetto - VP ComSoc Standards Board sponsors Standards projects, individual and entity-based IEEE/ComSoc Standards Board Approach to Sponsorship of Standards:  IEEE/ComSoc Standards Board Approach to Sponsorship of Standards Project WG Individual or Corporate representation Liaison to TC (e.g. Request support) Relevant M&C Activity Workshops Conference (e.g. collocation with WG meetings) TC Support PUBs, TPC, WG liaison (e.e. formation of Ad-Hoc RGs) Technical Society’s major value add to WGs is based on its access to technical expertise pool Spectrum Management Projects :  Spectrum Management Projects 1. IEEE P1900.1 Title: Standard Terms, Definitions and Concepts for Spectrum Management, Policy Defined Radio, Adaptive Radio and Software Defined Radio Chair: James Hoffmeyer – Email: JHoffmeyer@aol.com 2. IEEE P1900.2 Title: Recommended Practice for Interference and Coexistence Analysis Chair: Stephen Berger (TEM Consulting) – Email: stephen.berger@cox-internet.com   3. IEEE P1900.3 Title: Recommended Practice for Conformance Evaluation of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Modules Chair: Andre Kruetzfeldt – Email: andre.kruetzfeldt@sun.com 4. IEEE P1901.4 Title: Architectural Building Blocks Enabling Network-Device Distributed Decision Making for Optimized Radio Resource Usage in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks WG Chair – Soodesh Biljore, Motorola (France) The project is entity-based (one company – one vote) ComSoc representatives to DYSPAN (SCC41) are: R. Chandramouli (Mouli) and Jim Hoffmeyer Broadband over Power Line :  Broadband over Power Line IEEE1901 IEEE1775 Conference – ISPLC TC –PLC Stefano Galli – Chair PUBs: ComMag FT, JSAC Special Issue Ad-Hoc Channel Model Cmtee Chair: Jean-Philippe Faure Chair: Aron Viner Sponsored Projects – Telephony:  Sponsored Projects – Telephony 1. IEEE P1329: Title: IEEE Standard Method for Measuring Transmission Performance of Handsfree Telephone Sets. Sponsor: ComSoc TAOS TC Chair: John R. Bareham (Consultant in Electroacoustics) – Email: jbareham@mich.com 2. IEEE P661: Title: IEEE Standard Method for Determining Objective Loudness Ratings of Telephone Connections. Sponsor: ComSoc TAOS TC Chair: John R. Bareham (Consultant in Electroacoustics) – Email: jbareham@mich.com ComSoc TC: Transmission, Access and Optical Systems TAOS, Chair - Mohsen Guizani Subcommittee on Telephone Instrument Testing -STIT, Chair-John Bareham <jbareham@mich.com>. Liaison to Standards Board - Stefano Bregni (Politecnico di Milano) – Email: bregni@elet.polimi.it  Co-sponsored Project – RFID P1902:  Co-sponsored Project – RFID P1902 Best Buy, Visible Assets, NS-Design Inc., Savi Networks, Epson Corporations WG Chair: John Stevens, Visible Assets Proposed (by ComSoc) number: P1902 Dual-sponsorship: ComSoc and IEEE-SA/CAG Corporate Entity based project Candidate Protocol: RuBee IV Application: Networks of thousands of tags in peer-to-peer mode LW: under 450Khz Speed:300-9600 baud Consumption: Few microamps in standby and less than 1 mA in active mode Designed to operate in “harsh” industrial environments New Project: Next Generation Services Network:  New Project: Next Generation Services Network Champion - Huawei Sponsors: IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Board IEEE Communications Society – Standards Board ComSoc Standards Board and CAG on the NGSN-SG Mission: Define the Project Scope Assemble Project Constituency Establish Project Positioning and Liaisons New Project: Next Generation Services Network:  New Project: Next Generation Services Network Champion - Huawei Sponsors: IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Board IEEE Communications Society – Standards Board ComSoc Standards Board and CAG on the NGSN-SG Mission: Define the Project Scope Assemble Project Constituency Establish Project Positioning and Liaisons Let’s Make It Happen !!!

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