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Published on March 12, 2008

Author: Danielle

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Slide1:  August 15, 2004 0730 hrs Please move conversations into ESF rooms and busy out all phones. :  Please move conversations into ESF rooms and busy out all phones. Thanks for your cooperation. SEOC LEVEL 1 ACTIVATION :  SEOC LEVEL 1 ACTIVATION SEOC OPERATIONAL HOURS 24 Hours:  SEOC OPERATIONAL HOURS 24 Hours EOC Staffing:  EOC Staffing STATE COORDINATING OFFICER - Craig Fugate SERT CHIEF – Mike DeLorenzo OPERATIONS CHIEF – Leo Lachat SAFETY OFFICER – Mark Fuller ESF 5 CHIEF - David Crisp LOGISTICS CHIEF – Chuck Hagan FINANCE & ADMIN CHIEF – Suzanne Adams PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER – Mike Stone RECOVERY – Charles McCool SEOC Safety Brief:  SEOC Safety Brief Fire Medical Stress Severe Weather EOC EVAC Routes:  EOC EVAC Routes N STATE COORDINATING OFFICER:  STATE COORDINATING OFFICER Craig Fugate Up next – SERT Chief SERT CHIEF:  SERT CHIEF Mike DeLorenzo Operational Objectives Hurricane Charley:  Objectives Re-establish Communication with Impacted area Initiate Search and Rescue Address basic human needs and life safety Restoration of essential services Begin Recovery operations Operational Objectives Hurricane Charley Up next – FEMA ERT-A EM Tracker Access:  EM Tracker Access Counties can access the EM Tracker system on-line through the State Division of Emergency Management’s web site www.floridadisaster.org FEMA ERT-A:  FEMA ERT-A Slide13:  Overnight Activities Working Base Camp issue with State First reception of MA water, ice and meals arrived at Lakeland LSA Aviation mission planning completed for RNA Infant food and formula MA progressing FEMA Up next – Meteorology METEOROLOGY:  METEOROLOGY This Morning’s Weather Map:  This Morning’s Weather Map Radar Image – 7:12am:  Radar Image – 7:12am Rainfall Forecast – Next Five Days:  Rainfall Forecast – Next Five Days Recovery Forecast:  Recovery Forecast Today: Partly cloudy. Scattered mainly afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Highs around 90. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Except becoming onshore near the coast in the afternoon. Chance of rain 50 percent. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Isolated showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the mid 70s. East winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent. River Flooding in West Central Florida:  River Flooding in West Central Florida River Flooding in West Central Florida:  River Flooding in West Central Florida Horse Creek near Arcadia – Peak 15.4 feet, 8am Sunday morning Royal Park estates affected (near state road 72), Access road and secondary roads to Hidden Acres impassable, Two homes become isolated Peace River at Arcadia Tropical Storm Earl Tracking Towards the Caribbean Sea and Expected to Strengthen :  Tropical Storm Earl Tracking Towards the Caribbean Sea and Expected to Strengthen Morning Computer Model Runs:  Morning Computer Model Runs Slide23:  Tropical Storm Earl Moving Toward the Lesser Antilles Up next – Operations Chief INFORMATION AND PLANNING:  INFORMATION AND PLANNING Up next – Operations Chief Slide25:  Information and Planning Current Issues – Unmet Needs – Future Operations – OPERATIONS CHIEF:  OPERATIONS CHIEF Up next – Emergency Services Operations:  Operations Current Issues – Unmet Needs – Future Opertations – EMERGENCY SERVICES :  EMERGENCY SERVICES Emergency Services:  Emergency Services Current Issues – Following up on emergency services requests Unmet Needs – Comfort needs for responders; establish better communications with local authorities Future Operations – Reassess current deployments; personnel replacement / backfill Up next – Human Services HUMAN SERVICES :  HUMAN SERVICES Human Services:  Current Issues – Responded to requests for food, water and/or ice from Charlotte, Lee, Desoto, Manatee, Hardee, Orange Seminole and Polk counties. ARC is bringing 98 Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs-canteens) into Florida. These vehicles are used to distribute prepared food and will be deployed in support of Hurricane Charley. 24 will go to Sarasota for staging and 12 of these will go to the Orlando area. The deployment schedule for the rest will be completed today (8/15/04) The Salvation Army will deploy 6 of their cantees to Charlotte County Unmet Needs – All requests have been forwarded to the LSA but there has been little feed back on status of these orders. We will work on completing the loop to provide better accountability. Human Services Human Services:  Future Operations – We will continue to give priority to moving food water and ice into the most effected areas Up next – Infrastructure Human Services INFRASTRUCTURE :  INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastructure:  Current Issues – Most state and federal highways are clear 859,000 customers without electric service Peace River Electric Co-op will take weeks to re-build Fuel support to county operations Fuel support for state public safety and response mission vehicles available at following FDOT maintenance yards: Arcadia, Bartow, Fort Myers, LaBelle, Okeechobee, and Sebring Communications: EDICS to DeSoto and Charlotte Counties, COWs to Hardee and Charlotte Counties Numerous radio, satellite, cell and POTs telecom requests coordinated Unmet Needs – Fuel delivery resources Infrastructure Infrastructure:  Future Operations – Continue to support fuel and telecommunications requests Continue to monitor transportation, electricity, telecom, water and waste water system restoration Infrastructure Up next – Operations Support OPERATIONS SUPPORT:  OPERATIONS SUPPORT Operations Support:  Operations Support Current Issues – Receiving resource requests and informational updates. The Action Tracking function is up and running. Unmet Needs – None Future Operations – Continue staffing Response Liaison room. Monitor missions - don't forget to update your missions in Tracker as you go. Please do not “flick” missions without letting your branch chief know. Up next – Military Support ESF 13 MILITARY SUPPORT:  ESF 13 MILITARY SUPPORT Military Support:  Military Support Current Operations – Unmet needs – Future Operations – Up next – Logistics LOGISTICS :  LOGISTICS Logistics:  Logistics Current Issues – LSA #1 (Lakeland) & LSA #2 (Punta Gorda) Operational Unmet Needs – Count and Destination of Materiel From LSA#1 - Wayne Jones working. Future Operations – Increase Output - Both LSAs Up next – Finance & Administration MUTUAL AID :  MUTUAL AID Mutual Aid:  Mutual Aid Current Issues – Unmet Needs – Future Operations – FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION:  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Finance and Administration:  Finance and Administration Current Issues – Processed requisitions for additional equipment for Lakeland and Charlotte LSA. Processed requisition for MRE's to Lakeland Unmet Needs – None at this time Future Operations – Lease office equipment for LSA's Up next – Public Information ESF 14 PUBLIC INFORMATION:  ESF 14 PUBLIC INFORMATION Up next – Recovery Public Information:  Public Information Current Issues – Unmet Needs – Future Operations – Up next – Recovery RECOVERY:  RECOVERY Recovery:  Recovery Current Issues Supporting Recovery Operations in the impacted counties Providing support for overall EOC operations through ARLs Initiated debris clearance and temporary housing missions with USACE and FEMA Unmet Needs Need personnel through RRT and EMAC to backfill in counties and to provide support to staff Future Operations Gathering location and quantity information re: DRCs, feeding locations and related services Continue to identify personnel for deployment to the field Recovery:  Recovery Up next – SERT Chief ARLs in Charlotte, DeSoto, Hardee, Polk, Lee and Orange Counties County Cell Pager Lee Miles Anderson 591-4699 888-201-6816 Charlotte Winston Thaxter 591-1329 709-1669 Charlotte Gordon Radney 591-3809 Charlotte Solomon Ademuyiwa 591-3849 709-1535 Hardee Iris Stanley 591-1327 Hardee Joe Johnson 591-3853 800-792-3080 DeSoto Sonya Murray 591-1307 Polk Phil Worley 591-3841 709-1658 Orange Yusuf Mustafa 591-3802 SERT CHIEF:  SERT CHIEF Mike DeLorenzo Don’t forget to turn your phone’s ringer back on!:  Don’t forget to turn your phone’s ringer back on! Thanks for your cooperation NEXT BRIEFING:  NEXT BRIEFING 15 Aug 2004 at 1300

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