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Published on October 26, 2016

Author: spandane

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1. Sudhir Vaidya Identity Cards to Members 08) Identity Cards to Members – Flow Chart Sr. No. Particulars 1.0 Objectives of issuing Identity Cards to Members: 1.1 To ensure that only members would attend the meeting. 1.2 It has been mentioned in the Redevelopment Circular that entry for the meeting should be given to members after verification of Identity Card. 1.3 Moreover, it has also been clarified by competent authorities that Associate member has no right to work on the redevelopment committee, attend & vote in the meeting held to discuss any aspect relating to Redevelopment. 1.4 The said Identity card will also serve the purpose as ‘Location Proof’ for the member. 2.0 To Whom Identity Card will be issued? 2.1 Identity card will be issued to every member who has a right to attend the Society Meeting. (i.e. Flat Owner / Co-owners if any in absence of 1st Flat Owner) 2.2 Identity card will not be issued to Associate Members. (i.e. who is not the co-owner) 2.3 Identity card will not be issued to Leave & License tenants. 3.0 Documents to be collected for preparation of Identity Card? 3.1 Member’s Data Sheet (Format enclosed) The said format has been devised to obtain the minimum necessary data from the members for issue of Identity Cards. (Phase I) 3.2 Two Passport size Photographs. 3.3 Xerox copy of IT PAN Card / Aadhar card / Passport etc. 3.4 Identity card specimen / format will have to be approved by the society. (Phase II) 4.0 __________Society Identity Card Project – Phase I 4.1 Take assistance from ____ volunteers for collecting the data. One Volunteer per wing (consisting of ____ Flats) who is preferably staying in the same wing will be selected with his consent. List of volunteers should be displayed on Society’s notice board. 4.2 Member’s Data Sheet will be Xeroxed and ___ sheets will be handed over to each volunteer with one plastic folder for keeping data sheets & PAN Copies etc and one envelope to keep the photographs. 4.3 Once the scheme outlined in this document is approved, the Society should display the

2. Sudhir Vaidya Identity Cards to Members2 notice requesting members to keep ready One Xerox copy of PAN Card & Original PAN Card and one Passport size Photo. The notice should also state that volunteers would personally visit the residence to collect the same and for obtaining the necessary details. 4.5 Next weekend, volunteers would commence the visits for collection of data. 4.6 Volunteer would visit the residence generally by prior appointment. He would complete the format by asking the necessary information. He would collect the Xerox copy of PAN Card and would verify the Original PAN card and if found ok, he would pass the remark on Xerox copy as ‘original seen’. He would also confirm the signature on the PAN card with signature on the Data sheet and date of birth. 4.7 In case of Flats given on L&L, he would collect the address of the Flat Owner for our records and further action listed in Sr. No.6.1. 4.8 The data sheets duly completed would be handed over to Mr.__________ 4.9 The society should depute two committee members who are Flat Owners, to cross verify the data with society records (Register I, J, Share Register etc.) and to incorporate the details of share certificate no. – shares distinctive numbers - member since etc. 4.10 One passport size photograph will be pasted on the data sheet. Secretary or authorized committee member would verify the details, PAN card Xerox, Member’s signature on Data sheet & PAN Card (Xerox) and if satisfied would affix Society seal on the photograph and authenticate the data sheet. 4.11 Such authenticated data sheets can be used to verify the identity of the member at the time of entry for the society meeting, till the identity card is issued. 4.12 You will agree that this project execution is very challenging and timely success would depend upon the member’s co-operation. 5.0 _________Society Identity Card Project – Phase II 5.1 Once the data sheet verification is completed as per 4.09 / 4.10, Identity cards will have to be written. We will need volunteers with good handwriting for this job. Identity Card will be issued in English. 5.2 The Identity cards will be signed by Chairman & Secretary under the seal of the society. 5.3 Register should be prepared for obtaining acknowledgement for receipt of identity card to members/ co-owners. 5.4 Unused Identity cards & blank Data sheets will have to be stored safely to avoid the

3. Sudhir Vaidya Identity Cards to Members3 misuse. 6.0 Action to be taken on Flats given on L&L and Locked Flats: 6.1 The society will have to write letters to these flat owners about identity cards with a request to contact the Secretary by telephone and seek his appointment for completing the procedure for obtaining identity cards. 7.0 Estimated Project Cost: 7.1 The total cost per Identity card (handwritten with plastic jacket) would work out to approx. Rs. 10/- per card. 8.0 Specimen of Identity Card The card should have the following details such as 8.1 Name & Address of the Society, Registration Number. 8.2 Name of the Member 8.3 Membership Number as per ‘J’ Register. 8.4 Flat Number 8.5 Photograph

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