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Published on January 11, 2008

Author: Biaggia

Source: authorstream.com

located bodies – identity :  located bodies – identity Richard:  Richard his very identity in question John of Gaunt (2.1) - this England - this other Eden - this sceptred isle:  John of Gaunt (2.1) - this England - this other Eden - this sceptred isle issues of the identity of land, monarch, island, eden, birthplace celebrated by an old, sick and dying man Slide4:  Dunstanburgh - Gaunt’s land Slide6:  the body of England the ‘United Kingdom’ notions of ‘English heritage’ often identified with landscape, relationships with the land itself what is English heritage?:  what is English heritage? what stands for, represents England? what have they inherited that makes them English? … beer, the parish church, fish and chips, cricket played upon a village green in summer, the Tower of London, the monarchy itself, stately homes, Shakespeare, a cottage garden … are just some of the possible answers today Gaunt has pointed to some connections rooted in land and ownership, with references to Eden and England’s breed of men, England nurturing kings the material textures of identity are centered upon the located body:  the material textures of identity are centered upon the located body this is another way of thinking of notions like ‘heritage’ (literally what is inherited), the way identity is signified the photography of Martin Parr - his collection ‘Think of England’:  the photography of Martin Parr - his collection ‘Think of England’ dealing with the textures of identity location - people and their artifacts in an English summer Guillermo Gomez-Peña - border art:  Guillermo Gomez-Peña - border art dealing with language, material culture and identity an extract from his video ‘Border Brujo’

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