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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: Hufflepuff

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Test Drive Moodle :  Test Drive Moodle Joan Van Duzer February 13, 2007 For audio call Toll Free 1-866-826-6337 and use PIN/code 63486546 Housekeeping:  Housekeeping Maximize your CCC Confer window. Mute your phone (*6) if you have visitors or noise in your office. Please note phone audio may be in presenter-only mode. Ask questions over the phone when the presenter prompts. Ask questions throughout presentation via the chat window. Presentation Overview:  Presentation Overview Introduction Why consider open source? What’s Moodle? Customizing your classroom Survey of Moodle features Questions Joan Van Duzer jmhrvd@yahoo.com:  Joan Van Duzer jmhrvd@yahoo.com Instructional Technologist at Humboldt State University Course designer/developer Experience using both Blackboard Basic Edition and Moodle 1.5 Why Consider Open Source?:  Why Consider Open Source? Freedom from vendor lock-in Customizable World-wide support Continual development Platform independent Most important of all - it’s Background on Moodle:  Background on Moodle Moodle started out as an exploration of how open source software could meet the needs of a social constructivist online learning community--the topic of Martin Dougiamas’ Ph.D. thesis. As of January 2007 there were over 20,000 registered Moodle sites from 163 countries. Martin Dougiamas founding developer of Moodle Slide7:  Moodle Overview:  Moodle Overview Available in 75 languages and dialects A free alternative to commercial software such as Blackboard, WebCT, or Desire2Learn Used by a growing number of universities, schools, and corporations. Moodle Can …:  Moodle Can … Be a complete online learning environment Be a focal point for online collaboration Be a repository of self-study courses and materials Contain collaborative, synchronous courses Contain independent, self-paced courses Basics of the Moodle Interface:  Basics of the Moodle Interface Customizable Interface:  Customizable Interface Slide12:  Customizable Interface Slide13:  Customizable Interface Slide14:  Customizable Interface Slide15:  Slide16:  Slide17:  Slide18:  Easy Editing of Content:  Easy Editing of Content Customizing Your Classroom:  Customizing Your Classroom The magic begins with Flexible Array of Course “Activities”:  Flexible Array of Course 'Activities' Forums for discussion Journal Assignment (drop box) Choice (poll) Chat Quizzes Surveys Interactive Lessons with branching Glossary Messaging Web pages Discussion Forums:  Discussion Forums Author’s photo attached. Can be viewed as nested, flat, threaded, oldest or newest first Every registered user can join, or be forced to subscribe Replies can be restricted Posts can be moved between forums Forum Post:  Forum Post Journals:  Journals Private between student and teacher. Open question guides each journal entry The whole class can be assessed on one page in one form Teacher feedback is appended to the journal entry page, and notification is mailed out. Assignment:  Assignment Assign online or offline tasks Automatically adds entry in gradebook Files submitted may be in any file format Assignment:  Assignment Can be specified with a due date and a maximum grade. Assignments are date-stamped and when late assignments are allowed, the amount of tardiness is shown clearly to the teacher Individualized teacher feedback is allowed for each student. Notification is sent by e-mail Resubmission of assignments can be allowed by teachers after grading (for re-grading) Quiz Basics:  Define a database of questions Categorize questions Automatic grading, and can be re-graded if quiz is modified Multiple choice, essay, true/false, short answer, calculated, description, matching, embedded answers (cloze), numerical Time limit and re-takes allowed Quiz Basics Quiz Options:  Quiz Options HTML, sound and images Feedback/correct answers may be revealed Shuffle questions or answers Variety of import formats Randomize questions Glossary:  Glossary Glossary terms can be highlighted within all activity module resources. Instructors or students can create dictionaries of terms, and import or export terms for re-use in other courses. Choice:  Choice Results can be published or kept anonymous Limits for each choice can be set Results can be displayed in a graph Lesson:  Lesson Allows instructor to create and manage a set of linked 'Pages' Each page can have a question at the end, and can lead to any other page. Pages can be presented in a linear fashion, like a slide show, or in a non-linear, branching manner, or a combination of the two. Learner can be graded upon completion. Lesson Example:  Lesson Example Lesson Example:  Lesson Example Slide34:  Lesson Example Other Interesting Features:  Other Interesting Features Gradebook with comprehensive array of options Detailed monitoring of student activity available for instructors Import Hot Potatoes activities Survey tool 'Book' creates a construct to 'chunk' instructional material with a built in navigation frame Wiki Workshop – creates framework for peer reviewed exercises Blog – feature added in version 1.6 Explore Moodle’s possibilities for your own course!:  Explore Moodle’s possibilities for your own course! Register for @ONE’s 4-week Introduction to Teaching with Moodle Course is hands-on with Moodle and fully-online March 5-30, 2007 Questions?:  Questions? Evaluation Survey Link:  Evaluation Survey Link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=907463126391 Upcoming/Archived Seminars:  Upcoming/Archived Seminars For upcoming desktop seminars and links to recently archived seminars, check the @ONE Web site at: http://www.cccone.org/de/07spr/seminars/index.htm Thanks for AttendingFor information on Distance Education Workshops go to: http://www.cccone.org/de/index.htm:  Thanks for Attending For information on Distance Education Workshops go to: http://www.cccone.org/de/index.htm

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